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Season 2

15 Nov. 2008
The Wedding
Even before the Brockmans have set out for cousin Julie's wedding 'Executive Bridesmaid' Karen has got locked in the toilet and Ben needs a lecture on behaving himself in public. Arriving for the big day Karen asks the bride awkward questions about her previous lovers and Ben quizzes the vicar on how Jesus would fight off a polar bear. Whilst Ben dips sardines into the chocolate fountain Sue tries not to argue with Angela but finds her sister has stabbed her in the back by expressing her opinion of her family to a bride already unhappy that her love life seems so ...
22 Nov. 2008
The Dead Mouse
Having stood up to her friend Jane for using her as a free baby-sitting service Sue compares herself unfavourably with Barbara,the seemingly perfect mother from next door. Karen wants a pet and calls her mother a murderer for killing a mouse whilst Jake worries that the family's money problems will see them all on the streets. Karen comes up with economy tips of her own,such as not buying broccoli,but Pete's efforts to stop Ben and Karen from swearing - "Mother-fudger" is a particular favourite - lead his using the B word.
29 Nov. 2008
The Old-Fashioned Sunday
Sue and Pete's Sunday morning lie-in is interrupted by Karen and Ben at six twenty-five with questions about death and the day gets worse as Grandad arrives,having set his house on fire after putting a tin of beans in the microwave. It really looks as if the family will have to take him on their Spanish holiday as he seems unable to cope alone. Pete and Sue decide that they should have a 'screen free day' with no computers or television. However the inevitable rivalry at card and board games, Ben's desire to turn Stone,Scissors,Paper into Dinosaur,Teddy,Robot and ...
6 Dec. 2008
The Airport
Returning from their Spanish holiday with Grandad the Brockmans arrive at the airport early but find themselves subject to a delay. Ben gives stark answers to Karen's questions about baggage checks,leading her to suspect the man opposite of being a terrorist,and is himself the subject of a check which reveals he has a butter knife. Pete accidentally knocks flying the same woman whom Ben previously hit with a trolley and Jake spilled coffee on. When the departure is announced the family run through the gate believing that they are organized at last but unfortunately ...
13 Dec. 2008
The Night Out
For the first time in ages Sue and Pete are going out for a meal,to celebrate her new job. Grandad is living with them but,not trusting him to baby-sit,they hire Croatian Drexi,who runs the gauntlet of Karen and Ben's questions but proves popular with them. The meal does not go smoothly as the couple have left Jake smarting since they refused to let him go to the pictures,Pete is suspicious of Sue's wonderful new boss and checked his details on the Internet and they worry about Grandad's future. Next day they try to persuade him to give them power of attorney but ...
20 Dec. 2008
The Football Match
Pete struggles to convince his headmaster that he is worthy of promotion and falls foul of Ben after sending him and his entire team off whilst refereeing their football match. Karen expounds on Satanism after claiming that a teacher saw the Devil and Jake continues to fret about the family finances. Grandad is still living in the house,perplexed by television shows where people examine toilets, and Sue and Pete are apprehensive as they gingerly broach the subject of his going into a retirement home. However he is only too pleased to go since he is finding the kids a ...
27 Dec. 2008
The Long Night
After Ben's vampire bat impression goes wrong and he is rushed to casualty Karen decides she is also ill,as well as writing to the prime Minister to complain about the teacher who has made her an atheist. Listening to the 'perfect' Barbara from next door argue with her husband whilst Sue does Karen's school project for her provides a long night for Sue and Pete. At least he is right to be suspicious of Sue's boss,who turns out to be a con artist though his own integrity is questioned at his promotion interview.

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