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If you like Drama mixed in with personal problems then have a look
smallrage111 August 2009
If you like Drama mixed in with personal problems then have a look, I myself love these types of shows Rescue Me The Closer, In Plain sight are a few that come to mind how I would describe The Guard. They really hit the nail on the head on how our Government under funds the Coast Guard, Border Patrol for example.

The Episode Fight or Flight takes a good hard look at the men and women of the guard face, such as a rescue helicopter that doesn't have a hoist or it takes hours to arrive if one is available. People haven't rated this show very high and I can understand why they would it because they aren't from Canada and don't realize how bad the situation is with civil servants. Our Government thinks the people are better serve by having pencil pusher rather than I Helicopter that's 40 to 50 years old and spends more time with the mechanic than actually doing what its suppose to do that would be to "fly".

I sure to some might not believe that this really happens or that I am exaggerating, well I'm sorry but the truth what it is grim. Now the show does show many different situations and I am sure some do happen frequently but I'm also sure there are more days that are quiet then action packed. Just like any civil servant job where human being risk their lives to save someone's else life.

Just for honoring the brave men and women I give this show a 7 because guts the writer have of showing the viewers the truth and isn't afraid to do so. Its also one of the better Canadian made shows that I wouldn't even dare to watch
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I was just goofing around
bangskij687 November 2009
on IMDb, -and I had just seen some Andromeda episodes and I had nothing to watch so I looked up the actors and I found The Guard which had just begun airing, followed the show since and I much enjoy it. The Guard feels "real" for lack of another word, the drama is usually high tension and the interpersonal banter is just great writing. I hope they make more of this. Specifically I was following comedian Gordon Michael Woolvett for his on-screen presence and charm, while a regular his character does not have the most screen time, -his character is in a wheel chair and I think he's selling it well. There's a certain moodiness over the show that I enjoy, the feelings are as large as the landscape as they say and the landscape sure is magnificent.
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The Guard on ion TV
KevinA56415 April 2010
Zoie Palmer is excellent in this role. she doesn't miss a beat in this Canadian "coast guard" type show with no policing powers. It's more of a search and rescue drama, and a good one at that. Good mix of interpersonal and job related story lines; In which i must say is very well done by Zoie Palmer. Zoie plays Carly on the show and has been through hell, being raised on a boat by an abusive father and making her way back up to what can only be described as a search and rescue type emergency medical Tech. In the states that would be an EMT-Basic. She picks terrible partners and is insecure yet tough and a "stand up" gal who is loyal to her workmates. You have to watch a few shows to see and understand all the relationships going on in the great series!

It deserves to remain in production / syndication here in the USA.

Well done to all.
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Love this show.
eyecu2983 May 2015
I just found this show on HULU and binge watched all the episodes! The mix of action and entertainment is a very good balance. I wish it was still being aired. If you are a fan of any of the CSI's, this is a good watch. I did find it strange that the Canadian Coast Guard wasn't armed, it was something I didn't know. I found myself wishing they had more say in how they "did their job" but it is a show, and it was realistic enough to enjoy every episode. I found the human interest part of the show to be realistic also, the characters made you want to keep watching to see what the next day would bring in their lives. Will there be more?
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Hated It
Rachel Woodruff24 October 2017
This show suffered from a lot of the same problems of other Canadian drama TV series.

The acting was really bad. I don't care if a show has stars or anything like that but acting ability is a must and none of the characters in this show interested me or were particularly well acted. A lot of that has to do with the awful writing though.

The writing was some of the worst I've seen in a show. I only lasted a few episodes expecting and hoping it would get better but it never did. Even if the actors were great there's not much they could have done with the hammy story lines and awful, unbelievable dialogue they were given in this show.

Happy it got canceled.
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