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The summer season finale of "Burn Notice" brought Mike as close as he's been to figuring out who burned him. But did he figure it out? Let's find out...

Mike sat outside the building where the sniper gun guy had gone in last week. He was to decide whether to learn more about it by watching from a distance ("slow and safe") or going inside and taking a look ("quick, but potentially fatal"). Sam was trying to talk him out of the latter. He didn't. Mike figured that since the people who burned him killed someone for the access badge to the building, and he went through all that trouble to steal it, it'd be a shame not to use it. He went in.

Security guards were all over the place, but he breezed to the elevator and on to the fourth floor, where the sniper had gone. Mike figured out that the sniper was scouting a perch, but the only direction out the window was toward the ocean. Then a cruise boat passed by and Mike found the sniper's target. Mikes new handler, Carla, showed up on a motorcycle and walked inside the building. Sam warned Mike she was on her way in and Mike strolled out. When he got back to the car, Sam told him he'd just planted a tracker on Carla's bike.

"I could kiss you," Mike told Sam.

"Get in line," Sam said, as they drove away.

After some more than cursory shots of bikinis around a hotel pool, we found Sam sitting at a hotel room window watching Carla, who was poolside. "You gotta love it when you tail someone to a place that makes a good mojito," Sam said. Sam gave Mike some intel on the boat. There's no passenger list and you've got buy a ticket the day of travel, so there was no telling who the target could be. Sam told Mike he should hide the access card in case Carla caught, so he cut a slit behind the hinges on a door in the loft and slipped it in just as Fiona arrived ... with Campbell, her new boyfriend.

Campbell, a paramedic, asked Mike if he and Fiona could help out a guy who'd been beaten up pretty badly. Mike first hesitated, saying the timing couldn't be worse. When Fi suggested she'd do it alone, Mike agreed to help. They met with Henry, the client, who explained that he worked for a private security firm and a would-be kidnapper wanted information on security guards who would be assigned to protect a Venezuelan oil family when the family came to the United States. The kidnapper wanted files on every security guard assigned to the Venezuelans so they could breach the security team and kidnap Isabella, the oil family daughter. They threatened to kill Henry's loved ones if he didn't cooperate. Mike wanted the files.

Mike decided he'd pose as one of the security guards and Fi started working up his profile, saying he'd have some drinking and family issues to make him an easy target for the people trying to crack into the security team's plan. Mike asked Fi if she was serious about her new boyfriend, Campbell. She said, "Maybe," and asked Mike what he thought of him. Mike said, "He's nice," and said he had to go to his mom's house, which gave Fi a moment of pause. She so totally still loves Mike.

Mike showed at his mom's and found her celebrating with his brother Nate. He'd decided to start a limo company, despite not having a car. Maddie took a loan out on the house to get him a limo. "What if he screws it up?" Mike wondered. Nate got mad. Celebration over.

Mike took the files to Henry, who was going to hand them over to Lesher, the kidnapper. Henry met Lesher and handed him the files. Mike set himself up at a bar where Lesher was that night and stumbled into a conversation with him and got Lesher to offer him a job.

Back at Carla's hotel, Sam gave Mike a master key to the rooms so that he could break into Carla's. Her room was equipped with a face recognition system that only allowed certain people to enter, even with a key. Mike used a photo of a room service guy's face, breezed in and found a tube that contained a bunch of files that he called "the jackpot."

Mike held what seemed to be the entire file on the season-long operation, but the name of the sniper target wasn't in it.

Henry became nervous about giving Mike and Lesher too much information on Isabella's security. Mike promised he'd tell Lesher things he didn't want to hear that would make him rethink the kidnapping attempt. Mike told Lesher that night that there are two extra security guards watching the visible security on isabella, which seemed to worry Lesher. Then Mike got a ride home and put a bug in Lesher's car.

Mike went back to the loft and told Fi about the plan and said he was considering asking Nate to pose as the second security guard, with Sam. She'd eaten his last yogurt so Mike had to go get some more. On his way out, Carla called and told him she'd seen a report that someone broke into the fourth floor of the office building with a key card. He claimed he knew nothing and she told him there are things going on that were way over his head, and he should stay out of them.

Back at Carla's hotel, Sam was stocking up on hotel toiletries and mints. Mike asked Sam to come along for the other job. Nate said he was surprised Mike asked for a limo job. Mike picked up Isabella to drive her to a tennis match. Lesher watched as Mike rolled up, and Sam and Nate rolled up and played extra security. Fi listened to the bug in Lesher's car, which made it clear he was very worried about the extra security but that the kidnapping had to be done anyway.

Mike tried to warn Lesher there was no way he was getting near Isabella with that security team in place and Lesher became upset and told Mike he would help her get the girl. Lesher pulled a gun on him. Lesher wanted Mike to get Isabella isolated so they could swoop in for the kidnapping. Mike refused and Lesher hit him with the barrel of his gun and threatened Mike's pretend family. Mike finally succumbed and got that angry look in his eye.

Sam contacted Mike and told him that the sniper guy was back in town and Carla had been in a busy meeting most of the day, meaning that the job was likely going down soon. Mike wanted updates.

Mike called Lesher and told him he wasn't going to help kidnap Isabella. He thought that if he made Lesher think he wasn't afraid of dying, Lesher would lose his only asset. He called Lesher at 3 a.m. and told him he'd watched a Bible show on TV that spoke to him and that it set him on the right course. After a lunchtime confrontation with Lesher, where Mike claimed he was ready to be judged and told Lesher that if he was going to kill him he should get it over with, Mike succeeded. He called off the kidnapping. Or so Mike thought.

As Mike went back to his car, a hitman came at him but Mike handled it, flipped the script on the dude and told him to tell Lesher he did the job but got hurt and had to go to the hospital. Then Mike was going to stick the guy in the trunk of his own car. Henry then called Mike to tell him the kidnapping was back on. Lesher planned to hire a new bodyguard for Isabella, kill him and take the girl.

Henry was nervous as he laid out the new plan, but Mike told him to just do what Lesher said. "When you see me, run," Mike told Henry. At the tennis courts, Lesher and his muscle waited for Isabella to emerge with Henry. When she did, they got ready to make their move. Just then, Mike came up the driveway in an SUV, barreling right toward Lesher's car, slamming into the driver's side door. Mike made a big, Biblical speech about having given Lesher a chance to make up for his sins, and telling Lesher that he was the one who'd be judged. Mike placed a list of Lesher's "sins," his kidnapping plan, on the car's windshield. As police sirens came closer, Mike walked away.

Fi again asked Mike what he thought of Campbell and he finally asked her why it was so important to her. He said he was glad she was happy just as his mom called saying Nate was being arrested on suspicion that his limo company was a front for laundering money. Maddie also had gotten a call from Carla, who said Nate was in trouble and she could lose her house. She said Carla wanted Mike to stay out of other people's business. Mike checked with Sam, who said Carla was on the move and Mike took off.

Mike, Fi and Sam sat at the docks watching Carla. Mike's voice-over said there's a reason they call the spy trade "the hall of mirrors." You never if you're in control of the situation or if you're the one being watched. He looked around and got the sense that it was a set-up. He thought Carla knew he was there and was going to have the sniper take out his target immediately so that Mike would see it happen. "That's what I would do," Mike said.

He made his way out, stealing a motorcycle to do it, and setting off a multi-car chase. Mike had Fiona join in, and she blocked a couple of the cars that were chasing Mike. But Carla, on her own motorcycle, was the last one tracking Mike through the requisite overpasses and busy streets. Mike slid under a semi-truck to evade Carla and eventually made it home.

When he got home, Sam called to let him know that the sniper was dead. The front door to his house had been booby-trapped and blew him up. Sam said this just as Mike was opening his own front door, causing Mike to jump from the top of his second-floor front door as his loft blew up.

To be continued...

New episodes will return this winter.


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