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18 Jun. 2007
North Hollywood Shootout
When two policemen noticed two heavily armed criminals with body armor robbing a branch of the Bank of America in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, they called the local police department for support. A gun battle lasting almost 45 minutes ensued; one criminal committed suicide, the other was killed by the S.W.A.T. team. 18 officers and civilians are wounded.
24 Jul. 2007
Taliban Uprising
A National Geographic documentary about the Battle of Qala-i-Jangi (War House) located in Northern Afghanistan, from Novermber 26, 2001 to December 1, 2001.
15 May 2007
Downed Pilot
The dramatized account of an USAF pilot shot down behind enemy lines in Bosnia in 1995 and his struggle to evade capture and get rescued.
25 Oct. 2007
Moscow Siege
Chechen terrorists storm the Dubrovka Theatre in central Moscow in 2002. With 900 people trapped inside, President Putin refuses to negotiate and a top secret plan is hatched to rescue the hostages.
12 Jun. 2007
Entebbe Hostage Rescue
When Palestinian terrorists hijacked air France plane flying from Israel to France, Israel launches daring rescue mission
20 Nov. 2007
Al Qaeda Ambush
Detailing the March 2002 battle of Takur Ghar in southeastern Afghanistan, when a group of US Special Forces came under attack from Al Qaeda fighters while trying to secure a remote mountain-top observation point, leading to an ill-fated and dramatic rescue mission. Seven soldiers lost their lives in what is considered one of the bloodiest battles for U.S. forces in the Afghan war. These dramatic events are shown through key first-hand accounts, reconstructed drama, advanced CGI and archive footage.
Oct. 2007
Nightmare on Mount Hood
One wrong step by a climber on Mount Hood in the US leads to one of America's worst climbing disasters.
Miracle At Quecreek
Deep inside Pennsylvania's Quecreek mine, 18 workers descend for their evening shift on 24 July 2002. A few hours later, their lives are plunged into peril when one of the miners accidentally breaks through into a long abandoned mine.
Russian Sub Rescue
A Russian mini-submarine runs into trouble in 2005 in the North Pacific. With the crew trapped deep underwater and running out of oxygen, international rescuers begin a desperate race against time.
SAS Jungle Rescue
Elite British soldiers must mount a daring rescue in a diamond rich African trouble-spot to save British peacekeepers and a Sierra Leone Army officer kidnapped by a notorious rebel gang.

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