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  • After so many sad events in Betty's life, she can't seem to get her life into perspective. She denies that she is wrecked by the fact that Henry is leaving. Amanda on the other hand is shocked after discovering who her real mother is. Of course, Wilhelmina is right around the corner arranging to take advantage of everything going on around her.


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  • In the wake of Santos's death, Henry leaving for Tuscan and the Meade car crash, Ugly Betty returns with a bang. A grieving Hilda is seen in her room with Santos, only for the viewers to find out that it's all in her imagination, when Betty comes to offer comfort. The Meade car crash victims are in opposite state, Daniel is making his away round in a wheelchair with a few cuts and bruises, while Alexis' comatose statis seems to be stable. Claire Meade makes her move on Whilemina, in an attempt to stop the Slater/Meade wedding. As the episode draws to a close, we finally see Hilda without Santos and crying alone her her dark empty room, a heart-breaking moment for any fan. Betty is seen burying the memories of her and Henry, but who is the mysterious man stepping off the bus mere moments later?

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