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Friends and colleagues remember Chris Collins

Colleagues including Elizabeth Karlsen, Adrian Wootton, Hugo Heppell and Amma Asante pay tribute to the late BFI Film Fund executive

I first met Chris at the Dinard FIlm Festival. I’d just watched Sarah Gavron’s beautiful rendition of Brick Lane, which Chris had produced. After the screening he, Sarah and I sat at small table outdoors in the brilliant sunshine talking about films, the pressures of being an independent producer, our daughters and how much I loved Brick Lane. I hope he knew that I was speaking from the heart. I was struck then by his quiet intelligence, his gracious and kind nature and his absolute devotion to and passion for independent film making. I could see that Sarah had enjoyed tremendous commitment from him as a producer on her first film. I was lucky enough, with my partner Stephen Woolley, to work with him consistently over the next eight years. He was unfailingly
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UK thriller Containment underway

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Exclusive: Bright Cold Day Films/Patchwork Productions feature begins in Southampton.

UK thriller Containment, the feature debut of Bifa-winning producer Casey Herbert and fellow Nfts graduate Pete Smyth, is underway in Southampton.

The Bright Cold Day Films duo is producing the thriller - about neighbours who wake one morning to find they have been sealed inside their apartments - with Patchwork ProductionsChristine Hartland (Wmd).

Cast includes Lee Ross, Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung, Gabriel Senior, William Postlethwaite, Louise Brealey and Pippa Nixon.

Neil West, director of short Undertow, makes his feature debut on the script from David Lemon (Faintheart).

The low-budget film is financed by Bandoola Productions, a new finance vehicle set up by entrepreneur Simon Sole.

Herbert won a 2012 Bifa for short Volume [pictured]. The duo’s current slate includes Heists, a 13-part television series in development with Norwegian television network TV2, and the debut feature of Screen Star of Tomorrow Mahalia Belo, which is in development
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UK thriller Containment readies

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Neil West’s debut feature is based on a story he co-wrote with David Lemon [pictured].

Fledgling UK financier and production outfit Bandoola Productions is gearing up for an April shoot on UK sci-fi thriller Containment, also produced by Casey Herbert and Pete Smyth’s Bright Cold Day Films and Christine Hartland’s (W.M.D) Patchwork Productions.

Containment tells the story of an artist who wakes one morning to discover that the doors and windows of his apartment have been sealed shut.

The film will be directed by debut feature director Neil West. David Lemon (Faintheart) has written the screenplay from a story he co-wrote with West.

Bandoola Productions’ Simon Sole and Hartland are talking to potential backers at the Efm.
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13th Annual EU Film Festival Highlights, Week Three: ‘Rembrandt’s J’Accuse,’ ‘Disengagement’

Chicago – The third week of the 13th Annual EU Film Festival at the Siskel Film Center has arrived, and we’re back to give you an idea of what to expect in the second half of arguably the best fest in the Windy City. We profile several of this week’s hottest tickets, including an anticipated screening hosted by Chicago’s own Jonathan Rosenbaum.

The first half of EU 2010 (which you can read about here and here) produced some memorable films including Sweden’s taut thriller “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” Italy’s sumptuous romance “I Am Love,” and France’s exhilaratingly off-kilter re-telling of “Bluebeard.” As good as all of those films were, the festival has generally been offering stronger programming each week, and this is the best one yet. Out of the next four highlights, there are at least two that absolutely should not be missed.

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Tormented and Terrorized: Part One

  • Fangoria
A poolside catfight is taking place in a suburban British garden on a balmy summer’s day. Verbal abuse, accusations and recriminations charge the air as actresses Tuppence Middleton and April Pearson start pushing each other around, edging ever close to the water. One is going to get a real soaking, emerging from the swimming pool in full wet-t-shirt mode. It’s another deliberately ironic scene from Tormented, a British horror/comedy determined to take on the archetypal American high-school shocker. IFC Films gives the film its U.S. debut via its on-demand service this week.

On the location in Birmingham, England this September day, producer Tracy Brimm sums up the Tormented mission statement. “It’s an irreverent horror movie in the style of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer,” she says, “about a bullied boy returning from the dead to take murderous revenge on the classmates who were responsible.
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Summer Preview: Anywhere But a Movie Theater

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Whether you're tired of people texting during the movie, want to relax on your couch or have a fear of catching swine flu, there's plenty of entertainment options that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home this summer, whether it's On Demand, Online, or On DVD. A helpful guide is below, and don't forget our look at the indie films that are hitting theaters this summer.

On Demand

Our sister company IFC Films will have quite the busy summer, providing at least one film a week to watch on demand and nowhere else. The company's Festival Direct summer schedule recently kicked off with the Robert Pattinson teen drama "How to Be," and will be followed on May 6th by the premieres of Pablo Proenza's haunted house thriller "Dark Mirror" and the Patrick Wilson-Amy Smart romantic dramedy "Life In Flight," which premiered at last year's Tribeca Film Festival.
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IFC raises VOD platform with help from SXSW

More Sundance coverage

Expanding its VOD offerings, IFC Films is partnering with the South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival to present five movies on IFC Festival Direct simultaneous with their appearance at the March film festival.

Joe Swanberg's "Alexander the Last," which is having its world premiere at SXSW, will be the first film to have a fest premiere the same time it becomes available on-demand.

In addition to "Alexander," produced by Swanberg, Noah Baumbach and Anish Savjani, the other SXSW titles bound for Festival Direct are Javor Gardev's "Zift" and Matthew Newton's "Three Blind Mice" as well as two films that played SXSW last year and are set for encore screenings this year: Barry Jenkins' "Medicine for Melancholy" and Joe Maggio's "Paper Covers Rock."

IFC Entertainment president Jonathan Sehring unveiled several other initiatives Monday at the Sundance Film Festival.

They included several new
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'Faintheart' battle plan set

'Faintheart' battle plan set
London -- MySpace, Vertigo Films, the U.K. Film Council and Film4 have teamed up for a newfangled dual Web-theatrical showing of "Faintheart," a romantic comedy about people who re-enact Viking battles.

On Jan. 27, the Vito Rocco-directed film will be released simultaneously free of charge for one day in cinemas and online. It will be available for sale on DVD on Feb. 2.

At the core of the plan, MySpace, together with developer Third Eye Labs, has created the U.K.'s first theatrical Web screening, which will allow MySpace fans to decide in which towns the film is shown.

"Faintheart" followers will be able to enter their postcode at MySpace.com/faintheartthemovie and vote to select the locations in the U.K. that would screen the film Jan. 27. On the same day, "Faintheart" also will stream for free on the MySpace page.

"In 'Faintheart' we have created
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MySpace movie shooting this week

LONDON -- What is billed as the world's first user-generated movie -- launched by MySpace, Vertigo Films and Film4 and backed by the U.K. Film Council and Screen WM -- will begin shooting this week, backers said Tuesday.

The backers for the project, titled Faintheart, launched an Internet-wide search for a director and wannabe movie stars from among the great unwashed to star alongside a British who's who of indie talent including Eddie Marsan (Miami Vice), Ewan Bremner (Hallam Foe) and Jessica Hynes (Shaun of the Dead).

Vito Rocco, who won MySpace's £1 million ($2 million) directing competition -- voted on by the MySpace community -- is behind the camera for the shoot. More than 500,000 voters selected Rocco's winning short film, Goodbye Cruel World, in the race for the canvas seat.

Faintheart is billed as a romantic comedy about people who re-enact Viking battles as a hobby.

It centers on a "weekend warrior" who goes on an epic quest to win back his wife after she leaves him, branding him childish and irresponsible.

U.K. talent search is on via MySpace

U.K. talent search is on via MySpace
LONDON -- It has been done with pop stars, wannabe rock acts and West End musical divas, and now the U.K. is trying to find movie stars from among the great unwashed.

Platformed on social networking site MySpace and backed by British production banner Vertigo Films and Film4, the filmmaking arm of U.K. broadcaster Channel 4, the MyMovie MashUp is "hoping to uncover new acting talent in the way new artists and musicians have been discovered on the site."

Tuesday saw the launch of a nationwide talent search for stars for its first movie titled Faintheart, billed as a romantic comedy about the lives of a group of people who re-enact Viking battles as a hobby.

Casting for the lead roles in the film will take place via MySpace at MySpace.com/mymoviemashup, with wannabe celluloid stars asked to upload a video of themselves acting out one of the roles from the film.

Eight parts are available as outlined on the film's MySpace profile, and the project's casting director, Gary Davy, said the idea gives "professional and amateur actors an unprecedented level of access to the industry."

Video auditions must be uploaded to the site by Sept.

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