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30 Days of Night in 30 minutes.
ElijahCSkuggs26 August 2008
Story revolves around this dude who seems to be some type of secret information delivery boy. Well, sh!t hits the fan and he finds out this secret information concerns the secret life of vampires. And the Vampires want him and everyone who concerns him "ka-put". Or something like that.

Basically this lil preview/short film was a way to entice people for the upcoming series. And what's the best way to do that? To be just as bloody as the movie. And I do have to admit, it was pretty damn violent. And there was, I think, a boob shot or two. Ya can't beat boobs and blood.

But where the movie succeeds in violence, it pretty much falls flat in everything else. Honestly I was pretty bored by this lil short. If there wasn't any violence on screen (thankfully there was a lot), I was just kinda nit-picking at everything else. The acting, the casting, the writing it's all damn mediocre. One thing I seriously dislike in flicks these days is awful casting, which basically is just a bunch of pretty faces given the green light. Which was almost the case with this. Thank God for the fat nerd computer guy....hahaa.

But the biggest problem lies with the direction and editing. Now that was not up to snuff. The editing especially was this ultra fast stuff that's just a cheap way to entice scares. Scares by cheap editing is the norm these days, and it drives me crazy, but it seems most people are fine with it.

This flick was alright only because of the high amount of gore. But besides that, it was plagued by a number of problemos. But I'm sure it'll have a bigger following than the Blade series. And hey, if it keeps up the boobs and blood ratio, I think I may watch the series as well.
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A good DVD extra
DocEmmettBrown3 October 2008
Blood Trails is a collection of short movies, originally shown on-line as an accompaniment to the main movie. Don't buy this expecting a new movie or even a full TV series, the whole thing runs at a little over 30 minutes.

Overall it's quite well put together and pretty gory, also it covers some of the New Orleans storyline from the original comic book (sorry, graphic novel) that was excised from the main movie, which is cool for fans of the source material. What annoyed me most however was that the whole thing was not edited together into one long episode, instead I was having to fast forward the opening titles and the "Next time on Blood Trails" endings every two or three minutes which took me out of the story somewhat.

As my summary states this would have made a great extra on the original movie's DVD but as a stand alone piece it doesn't really hold up. For die hard fans only.
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kosmasp29 November 2010
It is a decent effort. It has checked the boxes it needs (nudity and blood), but of course has also flaws. Quite a few, especially if you think of the format. Every few minutes it stops, just to start again. Even on the DVD they didn't care to put them together and still had the "next episode" tag end.

The actors do their best, in the short time span they have. It is connected to the movies (especially the first one), with a "killer" ending as some would call it. And though it does fill in some blanks, the question is, if you really wanted and needed to know all those things. On the plus side it does feel like a comic book adaptation though. I might watch the follow-up Dust to Dust later on ...
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30 Days of Night: Blood Trails
jpatton985 March 2010
What do these short stories have to do anything with the movie? First of all the movie happens in Alaska hence the 30 days of night title. These short films are based in New Orleans says nothing about whats going to happen in Alaska nor does it direct in anyway to whats going on or is going to happen in the movie.. These are bad mini movies and I wish i hadn't watched them.

THE MOVIE 30 Days of Night is great but skip the mini movie it is confusing and doesn't really make any sense.

I give these mini movies a zero. 30 Days of night: blood trail

I give the movie a four as it is good for killing an hour. Lots of blood.
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A somewhat pointless endeavor.
Jan Strydom29 March 2009
This is basically a short story consisting of a series of 2 minute episodes, which of course annoyed the hell out of me because it starts, the it ends, then it starts again, but by the end of it all, it seemed rather pointless to put something like this on DVD, because the only thing it had going for it was the gore, and a boob shot on episode 3.

The acting was okay but nothing to tell your friends at school about, the cast seemed a little confused at times by clearly not having much to work with.

Overall, it would've served a better purpose as a DVD extra, but as stand alone feature, I reckon that they could've found a better use for the disc.
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Only for the very biggest fans of the film
Warning: Spoilers
"30 Days of Night: Blood Trails" is one if (I believe) two mini-series closely attached to the well-known movie "30 Days of Night". First of all it needs to be stated that the runtime of 40 minutes here applies to the entire thing and not to each of the seven episodes. Then again, this is only partially true as after having watched all the episodes with a runtime of 4 minutes or slightly over or slightly under, it can be stated that a total runtime of 30 minutes is more on the point. The apparently exclusively American cast of this production does not include any actors known to me and same applies to director Victor Garcia as well as writer Ben Ketai who adapted the graphic novel by Steve Niles. Overall, I would say that this is just another movie (lets call it that to make things less complicated) that focuses on zombies, but has very little to offer that wasn't been done, frequently better. That's why I would say that only fans of 30DoN may want to check this out, the very biggest fans perhaps only, and I am sure that many will still be disappointed. I give it a thumbs-down and it is eventually as underwhelming as the other mini-series attached to this film. Watch something else instead.
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A blood trail into the night.
morrison-dylan-fan6 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
As i was leaving my local CEX store with 30 Days of Nights,i spotted a disc on the side of a shelf,that was a prequel to the film,the was being sold for £1!.After having seen the short film(s),i feel that whilst there are some enjoyable moments in the movie,the film is ruined by very annoying stop/start "breaks" The plot:

A guy that is struggling to be a recovering drug addict (George) discovers a dying man outside a bar.Who,has been badly attacked by a vampire.In the last few minutes of the mans life,he writes a strange number patten on Georges arm.Due to this,George rushes to see one of his friends,who is an internet hacker,who has been trying decode a vampire website, with another friend of his.Though George has hardly any time to rest,when just as they have unlocked the code,the hackers get hacked to death by a murderous vampire.He decides the he needs to let everyone know about the information as fast as possible,whilst also trying to protect his girlfriend (Jenny).Though with the vamp catching up to them,they are going to have a very long night,to fight for their survival.. View on the film:

One of the things that surprised me was that,even though it looks like the film was shot on a very low budget,there are still some surprisingly fun splatter-gore moments in the film,from the director Victor Garcia (The decapitation of a internet hacker,being the most enjoyable part.)With the performances,i think that Andrew Laurich and Dani James Owen gave,some pretty good performances as two people,who seemed to be trying to out-run the night!.Though i was a bit sad when the best character in the film (the internet hacker) died way to early in the film(thankfully,they also gave him the best death scene,which involve a samurai sword.)Whilst i feel that the film had a fun plot,almost any sense of tension got completely diluted,with the constant appearance of opening and closing credits almost every 3 minutes!!.And though i can understand the need for them,when the film was getting put on as weekly pieces on the internet,i don't understand why no one at the studio could be bothered to just edit out most of the credit breaks,and just have them at the beginning and at the ending of the film. Final view on the film:

A good film,with some fun splatter,let down by very constant credit breaks.
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aha, bad episode.
keylac12331 August 2009
okay ... so i don't know how how many people have seen the MOVIE 30 days of night but this series was based on that, or the movie was based on the series was based on the movie i don't flipping know, but the movie kicks ass and this was terrible. :]

yeah it was bloody and gory but that's not what makes a good horror movie. good storyline is and this story line was just *beeping* terrible.

i love the vampires though, there kick ass and defiantly not something i would ever want to deal with. i would scream like a little kid if i saw one and probably pee myself. aha, just saying.

i don't recommend this series but you should totally watch the movie "30 days of night."
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what an utter bore
jasminnights16 February 2008
I'm so bored i don't even know where to start...having read a review from IMDb, i eagerly awaited this movie only to find myself, bored out of my mind.

The dialog is poor, the plot unimaginative, and the acting mediocre.

There was no story line that could keep you interested and one was left with no clue as to what was going on.

Apart from some gore and blood (which I do enjoy in horror movies) there was little to keep from yawning.

My wife was equally bored, wanting me to skip ahead in the movie, just to get to something exciting. However, I wanted to know why these vampires rocked up in the first place, where did they come from, and why they were doing what they did (apart from just being vampires). Answers I never got either

Sadly, I do not recommend this movie and would have given it a lower than 1 if there was one.
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