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13 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.1
When a new baby is born into the family, eldest daughter Laura Timmins is told by her parents that she will have to make her own way in the world. Arrangements have been made for her to move to the nearby village of Candleford where she will be apprenticed to her cousin Dorcas Lane. Dorcas is the postmistress and a very successful businesswoman. Laura is quite sad at the prospect of leaving Lark Rise and her family, but her cousin is very kind and sets about teaching her the business. Trouble is brewing between Lark Rise and Candleford, however, when residents of the ...
20 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.2
Dorcas Lane is apt to say that all secrets are bound to come out in Candleford and that seems to be the case with Mrs. Macey. She's been living in the village for five years with her son Freddy, who is a bit of a hellion. Her story has always been that her husband is a valet and away traveling. The truth is that her husband, Dan Macey, has been in prison but a letter brings her shocking news that is soon spread to every corner of the village. Caroline Arless has a date in court when she fails to pay for the barrel of beer she bought. With no husband, no money and ...
27 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.3
Dorcas Lane arranges for Patty, a young woman from the workhouse, to work as a housekeeper for Old and Young Amos. She is an honest and hard worker who found herself in the workhouse through no fault of her own, but that doesn't stop the village gossips from having their say. Problems do arise when both Amoses decide that they want to marry her. When the residents of Lark Rise decide to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sir Timothy Midwinter's family presiding over the area, his wife, Lady Adelaide, is not sure she wants to participate. His asking Dorcas to take her ...
3 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4
A debt-collector arrives in Lark Rise looking to seize Caroline Arless' property and send her to debtors' prison. A Mr. Ashlow arrives in the village looking for his two daughters, who turn out to be the Pratt sisters. Ruby is not pleased to see him and will have nothing to do with him. They also shock Candleford with their new window display. Ashlow engages Caroline as a prop in selling his patent medicine, which proves to be quite popular, and in his gambling, which proves equally lucrative. Dorcas shows Laura her dead letter box containing correspondence that ...
10 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.5
A new postal inspector, Mr. Rushton, arrives in Candleford to conduct the annual inspection. It's the man's first visit and his no-nonsense approach does not sit well with Dorcas Lane, who is convinced he doesn't approve of a woman running a postal station. Rushton insists that Thomas, who has been asked to preach a Sunday sermon, collect the mail that day as required by regulations. Laura makes a great error when she misplaces the Pratt sisters' much-anticipated parcel. Lady Midwinter thinks she might be pregnant.
17 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.6
Having secured a month's work at the manor house, Laura's father takes in a homeless family. It's only meant to be for one night but when they wake the next morning, they find the family has gone on having left their little girl, Polly, behind. He takes her to work with him but when Lady Midwinter finds her in the garden, she proposes to her husband that they keep her as their own. He doesn't agree and raises eyebrows, especially those of the Pratt sisters, when he takes the girl to Dorcas' house late in the evening. Dorcas and Laura plot to move true love along by ...
24 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.7
The hamlet of Lark Rise is divided when Susan Brady brings charges of wife beating against her husband Sam. He hit her while drunk but she had always warned him not to raise a hand against her and now she is being true to her word. Emma Timmins tries to convince her otherwise, but she won't budge. Sir Timothy and Lady Adelaide have a major row when she dismisses the local workmen in favor of hiring someone from away to complete the new front gates. Laura brings home her young beau, Philip, for Sunday dinner but her father doesn't like his politics very much.
2 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.8
The new "school mistress" is an attractive man, causing emotional upheaval among the ladies of Candleford and some concern at the manor.
9 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.9
Queenie finds a beautiful hand-embroidered panel depicting Adam and Eve wrapped in a 40-year-old newspaper. It was lying atop the grave of someone named Harold Wigmore and both Dorcas and Sir Timothy takes an interest in the origin of the piece and investigate. The Pratt sisters believe they have dreamed an important clue. Alf Arless decides to take on the gamekeeper by poaching on the estate. As an act of defiance against his father, Laura's brother Edmund also takes up poaching but is seriously hurt in the process. Caroline Arless returns from her stint in the ...
23 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.10
Having spent the night in the pouring rain searching for Edmund Timmins, Twister Turrill finds his health in serious decline. He decides to distribute some of his personal effects to friends in Lark Rise. Knowing that her love for Sir Timothy can never lead to anything, Dorcas Lane announces that she is selling the postal outlet and will be traveling abroad. Philip the gamekeeper tells Sir Timothy that Robert Timmins knows who is poaching on the estate but Robert won't reveal the name and soon finds himself out of work. Laura and Philip subsequently argue. Caroline ...
21 Dec. 2008
Episode #2.1
When Dorcas and Emma each want to give Laura the same gift for Christmas, an old family wound is opened up and Laura finds herself torn between two mothers. As the inhabitants of Lark Rise and Candleford prepare for the festivities, loyalties are tested and, amid the gift-giving and carol-singing, tensions are building. However, the arrival of a ragged, barefooted young woman, who goes by the name of Cinderella Doe, introduces a note of Christmas mystery. Dorcas also receives a Christmas letter from Sir Timothy.

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