Dark Shadows (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

witch vampire
maine psychiatrist
curse treasure
hidden room mansion
unrequited love 1760s
heart liverpool england
dysfunctional family family business
blood coffin
year 1776 1770s
immortal 20th century
18th century secret passageway
falling from height small town
sword immortality
corpse ship
underwater scene police
tape recorder crime scene
no opening credits cemetery
femme fatale montage
woods mental institution
diner flashback
police officer bar
mind control showdown
campfire fire
marijuana joint drunkenness
ship captain box office flop
fire truck good versus evil
supernatural power surrealism
abandoned factory warehouse
factory gas explosion
sabotage exploding building
cartoon on tv house fire
pump action shotgun red lingerie
building explosion splashed with water
triceratops dumping dead body
red dress electroshock therapy
go go girl mirror ball
reference to alice cooper chandelier
nightmare ambulance
smoking after sex wild sex
bank check fellatio
reference to erich wolf segal pocket watch
gold watch hypnosis
fishing village brushing teeth
hanging upside down renovation
grand piano passionate kiss
massacre waffle
secret room cane
troll doll pumpkin patch
exhumation bolt cutter
chain backhoe
torch castle
volkswagen bus hitchhiking
train station passenger train
buried alive falling off a cliff
construction site sailing ship
forced suicide gender confusion
star cameo psychedelic
pun blood transfusion
spurned woman wicked witch
teen bedroom changing one's name
reference to mcdonald's restaurant mephistopheles
dark magic magic spell
black magic year 1760
female werewolf shotgun
female seduction disco ball
lava lamp umbrella
red panties sunglasses
werewolf patterned pantyhose
red pantyhose female to male footsie playing
male stockinged feet female stockinged feet
playing footsie female stockinged soles
nude pantyhose suntan pantyhose
foot closeup camera shot of feet
pantyhose hippie
governess fishery
rock band disco
alcoholism family relationships
cannery year 1972
singing in a car cliff
madness imprisonment
mob chains
angry mob magic
fish out of water revenge
suicide ghost
1970s eighteenth century
party teenager
old house lost love
spoof two word title
gothic horror gothic
based on tv series title spoken by character

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