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  • Mick hires Morgan for a case of suspected infidelity. Meanwhile Beth investigates Morgan's past, and realizes she's encountered her before.


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  • Now that Beth's memory of the events surrounding her kidnapping by Coraline have returned, Beth is hopping mad. If Morgan is Coraline, Beth wants to know. So, she enlists Mick's help. Mick agrees to keep Morgan busy, even though he doesn't believe her to be Coraline, so that Beth can do some snooping. Mick has also been hired by Richard Haggans, CEO of a Forbes 500 company, to follow his wife Tina, whom he suspects of cheating on him. To kill two birds with one stone, Mick engages Morgan, after apologizing profusely for his previous behavior, to help him follow Tina and to photograph her activities.

    That very afternoon, Mick and Morgan follow Tina to a crowded shopping plaza, where Tina meets with a man. Morgan gets a shot of them kissing and is certain that she has made her money shot. Using a unidirectional microphone and his vampire ears, however, Mick overhears snippets of conversation in which the man says, "If he finds out..." and Tina replies, "...he'll kill us." Mick decides not to take the photos to Haggans, on the chance that he's conspiring to use this information to kill his wife rather than to divorce her. Since there was a lot of interference on the mike and it's hard to be sure what was really said, Morgan suggests that they have her soundman friend clean it up.

    Mick goes to talk with Haggans again, but Haggans won't see him. On his way out, Mick runs into Tina and her lover in the elevator. Mick overhears them planning to meet at the Biltmore Hotel, Room 713, in one hour. He and Morgan set up surveillance from a window across the street and photograph them in bed. During the close surveillance, Mick and Morgan also share a kiss. From the conversation between Tina and her lover, Mick learns that the man is actually Haggans' son, Owen.

    Going on what Mick told her about Coraline's beginnings -- that Coraline was made a vampire in the early 1700s when she was a French courtesan -- Beth has been searching the internet and learned that French courtesans were branded with a fleur de lis on their shoulders. She then picks the lock on Morgan's door and snoops through her apartment, eventually finding a photograph album. As she is fingering through the photographs, she comes upon one of Mick, dated 1952. Now, more certain than ever that Morgan is Coraline, Beth stops by to see Josef and asks him to tell her the truth about Mick and Coraline. Although Josef still doesn't buy that Coraline is alive, he shows her a photo of Coraline's "party house" in Hollywood, describes to Beth the nature of Mick and Coraline's torrid relationship, how Coraline drove Mick crazy, and how Coraline probably kidnapped Beth as a way of creating a family with Mick.

    Mick gets a phone call from Richard Haggans' assistant, Tucker, requesting a meeting at the Seville Restaurant in one hour in order to exchange payment for surveillance tapes and pictures. Mick collects everything, along with Morgan's memory card, and drops it off at his office prior to the meeting. He waits at the restaurant, but Haggans never shows. When Mick returns to his office, he finds that it's been broken into and that all the surveillance materials are missing. The meeting was a ruse, he realizes, to give Haggans time to break into his office and steal everything. Knowing that Haggans now knows everything about his wife's relationship with his son, Mick's first concern is to warn Owen, so Morgan looks up his address, then Mick heads to Owen's house.

    Morgan has gotten back the cleaned up tape from the soundman. She listens to the whole conversation and hears Owen say, "If he finds out that we're trying to kill him..." and Tina replies, "he'll kill us." Morgan realizes that the intended target is Richard Haggans, not his wife. Meanwhile, Mick is at Owen's house, attempting to warn him, when Mick notices Morgan's photos spread out on Owen's desk. He suddenly realizes that it was Owen, not Richard, who stole the tapes and photos, but it is too late. Tina steps forward and shoots Mick in the head.

    Realizing that Mick may be in danger, Morgan goes looking for him. She finds him lying in the garden, bleeding and stunned. Mick refuses hospital attention. Instead, they go looking for Richard Haggans, discovering from his assistant that he has just left the building in the company of his son. Mick follows them, stops Owen, and tells Richard about the plan to kill him. Suddenly, a car careens around the corner and heads for Morgan. Mick grabs Morgan and leaps, saving her. Mick and Morgan explain everything to the police, then go back to Mick's apartment.

    Although Beth's every fiber screams not to do it, she finds Coraline's "party house." It is still standing, although the furniture is covered in sheets. She picks the lock and goes exploring. She is stunned when she finds recent photos of Mick, some with him and Beth together. Morgan IS Coraline, Beth concludes, and she's been stalking both Mick and her. Then she finds the nursery room where Coraline held her captive, and Beth's blood begins to boil. She breaks the rocking chair and takes a wooden stake from it.

    Morgan is showering. Mick is drawn to her. He opens the shower door and kisses her. He notices the fleur de lis on her shoulder and realizes that Morgan IS Coraline. Coraline confesses that she has found a way to become human again and that she did it for Mick. They kiss and embrace and kiss and embrace some more. Suddenly, a knock on Mick's door draws him away. It is Beth. Beth holds up the proof that Morgan is Coraline. Mick says, "I know." Coraline comes down the stairs, freshly showered and wearing Mick's shirt. Beth stakes her with the rocking chair pole. Mick leaps into Coraline's arms. She's not a vampire, he cries. She's found a way to be human. She's found a cure! [Full synopsis by BJ Kuehl]

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