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"Moonlight" Fever (2007)

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Arms dealer Amir Fayed is on trial for the murder of police informant Jack Toland. When prosecuting attorney Josh Lindsey's surprise witness, Leni Hayes, once nanny to Fayed's daughter Mara, goes missing after a raid on the safehouse where she was being guarded by Officer Richard Colden, Josh hires Mick to find her. Mick, with Beth in tow, follows Leni's trail to Jack Toland's house where pictures of Leni and Jack show that they were lovers. Mail on the desk leads Mick to a cabin in Victorville, a small community out in the desert. Mick drives to Victorville and waits for Leni's bus to arrive, then he convinces her that he has been sent by Josh to protect her and the baby Mick senses she is carrying. Because the sun is shining brightly, they seek shelter in a restaurant. Mick calls Josh, who offers to send Victorville police to pick them up, but Mick says he can get back on his own. When a policecar arrives at the restaurant anyway, Mick stalls the officer, then he and Leni slip out a rest room window. They steal the policecar and drive off. Speeding down the highway, Mick and Leni are suddenly pursued by a helicopter and their car targeted by a missle. They manage to elude the missle and exit the car just in time to see another missle blow up their car. Assuming Mick and Leni are dead, the helicopter flies away, leaving Mick and Leni to walk in the hot desert sun.

Meanwhile back in L.A., D.A. Kevin Branch has informed Josh about a call to Fayed's cellphone made from Officer Colden's cell just before the raid. Josh and Kevin conclude that the officer was in collusion with either Fayed or one of his goons, so Josh obtains a search warrant. After rounding up all their cellphones, Josh dials the number, expecting one of them to ring, but nothing happens. Out in the yard, Beth runs into Mara, hears her cellphone ringing, and learns that it was she who Leni called from the officer's phone. Apparently, Officer Colden was not the snitch. Then Josh gets the news that Mick and Leni's car was blown up, and Beth realizes that only she and Josh knew that Mick was in Victorville, so the leak must be from within Josh's own office. Suspicion falls on the other two members of Josh's team -- Officer Novak and D.A. Kevin Branch.

After a couple of miles walking in the sun, Mick and Leni come upon a motel and take refuge in a room. Mick is in a bad way but still resisting the urge to drink from Leni. Instead, he immerses himself in an ice bath and instructs Leni to call Beth as soon as she can get a signal. As soon as Leni's call comes through, Beth hurries to the motel. Mick is dying, so Beth offers him her blood. Mick drinks from Beth's arm and is restored enough to knock out the Victorville cop when he catches up with them. When Josh learns that Mick and Leni are still alive, he tells Novak and Branch. Minutes later, Josh catches Branch calling Victorville P.D. Branch confesses to being the snitch.

Later that night, Beth calls on Mick at his apartment, but Mick doesn't answer the door. He has decided that his relationship with Beth puts her in danger, so it must end.


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