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  • Josh starts to prosecute a drug lord with a habit of intimidating prosecutors's loved ones. But Beth convinces Josh to go ahead. Now his men kidnap Josh, and it's up to Mick and Beth to save him.


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  • El Salvador drug lord Chemma Tejada has refused to cooperate with Josh's offer for immunity. Because Tejada has a history of going after prosecuting D.A.s, Josh has asked for protection. When Josh is attacked on the way home and given a marked photo of Beth, he also requests protection for her. Until the protection squad can be assembled, Josh asks Mick to watch over Beth. Just to be safe, Josh sends a police squad to Tejada's house to arrest him. They do so during the middle of a father-daughter dance at the Sweet 16 birthday party of Tejada's daughter Nicole. Unfortunately, the judge sets bail at $5 million, and Tejada is out by dinnertime. Supremely P.O.ed over the disruption Josh caused at Nicole's birthday party, Tejada sends two of his thugs to pick up Josh.

    In the meantime, Mick has taken the blood sample he drew from Coraline to a Bioanalysis lab where a friend of Beth's has agreed to run an analysis. She finds nothing unusual in the toxicology test but notices that the blood is unusually pure for an adult and that the blood type is AO-, extremely rare. Oddly enough, Beth also is AO-. Beth wonders if AO- blood might be connected to the cure, but Mick thinks it is just that a vampire's favorite meal is blood from a child whose type matches that of the vampire. As Mick and Beth wend their way through the parking lot to their car, someone fires shots at Beth. Mick is able to push Beth safely aside and run after the shooters, but they get away. When Mick searches his chest for the bullet hole, he discovers that the blood on his shirt isn't his, that a bullet smashed the vial of Coraline's blood he had placed in his pocket.

    When Josh hears about Beth and Mick's close call, he rushes over to Beth's apartment, bringing the protection team with him. As he leaves the apartment, he turns to wave to Beth who is watching from her window. Right before her eyes, Beth sees two men with guns knock out Josh, tape his mouth shut, tie his hands, and toss him in the trunk of their car. By the time Beth can scream, they have already taken off down the street. Mick chases after them, but they're too far ahead, so Beth picks Mick up in Josh's car and they give chase. Unfortunately, they lose the car somewhere along Lucas Avenue, so Mick makes Beth pull over and dial Josh's cellphone, hoping that it is turned on. The call goes through, but Josh is tied so securely that he can't answer it. While Beth listens to it ring, Mick phones computer techie Logan Griffin and has him do a GPS triangulation. Logan traces the phone to Griffith Park, close to the observatory. Hot on the trail again, Beth heads to Griffith Park while Mick phones Lt Carl Davis with their whereabouts. As they enter the park, they see the thugs getting out of their car and opening the trunk. On Mick's order, Beth drives alongside their car, cutting them off. Mick leaps from the car and knocks out one of the thugs. He tosses the other thug across the road and into the trees.

    Beth runs to the trunk and removes the tape from Josh's mouth. As she is helping him climb out of the trunk, the first thug comes to and fires off a round of bullets into the trunk, hitting Josh in several places. Mick carries Josh from the trunk and places him on the ground while Beth calls 911. Having been a medic during WW2, Mick tends to Josh's wounds, having Beth place pressure on the hole in Josh's abdomen while he applies a necktie as a tourniquet to Josh's thigh and tries to cauterize Josh's severed carotid artery with the cigarette lighter from the car. When the tourniquet doesn't appear to be working, Mick is forced to do a cutdown in order to tie off the femoral artery using Beth's necklace. Josh has lost a lot of blood, so much that he goes into cardiac arrest, forcing Beth and Mick to give him mouth-to-mouth. When that doesn't appear to be working, Beth pleads with Mick to turn Josh. "For me!" she begs, but Mick refuses. The paramedics arrive and attempt to revive Josh, but it is too late. Mick turns to Beth, but she hisses at him to stay away, turns her back to him, and walks away.

    Later, at the police station, Lt Davis has taken in Tejada's thugs, but neither of them will tell where Tejada is hiding. Mick asks Davis to allow him five minutes with one of them, Bustos. It takes less than two minutes and a show of fangs, and Bustos readily informs Mick that Tejada is hiding out at the Hollenbeck Bar. To buy some time alone with Tejada, Mick tells Davis that Tejada is holed up at the Compost Bar in Boyle Heights. Mick then heads over to the Hollenbeck and feasts on Tejada.

    In an attempt to make peace with Beth, Mick drops by her apartment, only to find her crying and missing Josh. Mick had been thinking earlier about telling Beth of his feelings for her, but that opportunity has been taken from him when he witnessed the depth of Beth's feelings for Josh. Instead, he can only explain to her that it was Tejada and Josh's job that killed him and that Beth is wrong for putting the blame on him, just because he wouldn't turn Josh. "What if it were me lying there instead of Josh, seconds before death," Beth challenges. "Would you have saved me?"

    Mick replies, "I would have done the same thing." To himself, however, he admits that he's not sure what he would do. [Full synopsis by BJ Kuehl]

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