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Tony Jordan is one of TV's most inventive writers, so why isn't he more celebrated?

The EastEnders writer has created another great cop show, By Any Means. Why don't we give TV soap and drama scripts the credit they deserve?

You can tell a lot about an artform by who gets most credit. Although movie actors are paid astonishing amounts of money, film is largely a directors' (or, in the case of Harvey Weinstein, producers') medium, with the Woody Allens, Martin Scorseses and Quentin Tarantinos calling the shots and dominating the publicity. In theatre, leading playwrights get their name on the posters in a type at least equal to the actors and, if they write a hit, can earn millions for decades.

TV drama is essentially an actors' form, partly because of the importance of on-air trails in promoting new shows: having seen someone in A, we are expected to tune in to B, after seeing a glimpse of them in it just before the news.
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Kudos to Tony Jordan for his prescient TV ideas | Media Monkey

Monkey snuck into independent producer Kudos's 20th birthday bash at King's Cross restaurant Caravan on Thursday night to hear co-founder and chairman Stephen Garrett reminisce about the early days of the Spooks and The Hour maker. In particular Kudos's fruitful creative relationship with writer Tony Jordan – and the long gestation period for drama projects. Garrett recalled that Jordan came up with the prescient multi-channel idea for a drama thematically linked to a comedy on a second network ... in 1994, when there wasn't a lot of multi-channel TV. Fast forward more than a decade and Echo Beach and Moving Wallpaper were eventually broadcast on ITV1 and ITV2. Garrett also told of turning up to check on the progress of a Blackpool brain-storming session back in the day involving Jordan, Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah – the creative team that would eventually deliver Life on Mars – to find an empty room with a whiteboard,
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New Sky sitcom based around the school Gates

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Filming started today in Enfield on a brand new six part comedy for Sky called Gates, a character based sitcom based around relationships formed between parents at the school gates.

Tom Ellis and Joanna Page play parents Mark and Helen who’ve recently moved to the South East where their nine-year-old daughter is starting at a new primary school. And they’re about to discover what happens when your children choose your friends.

Essentially a character comedy, but with a nod to those sketch-like moments of madness which can only ever happen in the playground, Gates casts an eye on how relationships with parents formed during fifteen minutes of a school drop off and pick up can so easily take over your life. The school gates can be an unforgiving, socially exposed political minefield.

Gates boasts a distinguished cast that also includes:

Sue Johnston (The Royle Family, Waking The Dead), Tony Gardner (Lead Balloon,
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Dave Lamb – unlikely star of Come Dine With Me

Comedy actor turned voiceover artist becomes a TV cult

Dave Lamb never wanted to be a cult voiceover artist. So tell that to the 63,501 Facebook fans who have declared that the narrator of Channel 4's Come Dine With Me is a "legend". The mild-mannered comedy actor who played the "token white bloke", as he puts it, in Goodness Gracious Me has an appetisingly wry line in tart asides, savouring contestants' culinary cock-ups (he has been compared to Harry Hill). In fact many only watch the show to hear him witheringly dismiss a would-be Gordon Ramsay's inedible efforts.

Lamb modestly disagrees: "My wife watches it for the cooking actually." She is surely in the minority. What started as a part-time side dish to fill time back in 2005 has turned into a proper job. While he recently appeared in the sitcom Miranda and played a scriptwriter in ITV1's Moving Wallpaper,
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Miller waits to hear on 'Wallpaper' fate

Moving Wallpaper star Ben Miller has not been told whether the show will return next year. The actor confirmed that he is keen to reprise his role as hapless TV producer Jonathan Pope for a third series of the ITV1 comedy. Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Miller explained: "I would love it as it's such fun to play, but who knows? It's all about budgets and we hope to be back (more)
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Clunes confirmed for new Reggie Perrin

Martin Clunes has signed up to star in a reimagining of classic BBC sitcom The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin. The Doc Martin star will play the title role, while Cold Feet's Fay Ripley, Butterflys actress Wendy Craig, Worst Week Of My Life star Geoffrey Whitehead, Game On's Neil Stuke and Moving Wallpaper's Lucy Liemann are also confirmed for the cast. Simon Nye, who worked with Clunes of Men Behaving Badly, will write the script with original creator David Nobb. The six 30-minute episodes will air later this year. "I am really excited about Reggie Perrin (more)
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