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Sex & Nudity

  • Player may pursue romantic relationship. There are two possible romance options for male protagonist and two options for female protagonist. There is possibility for female to have lesbian relationship with alien woman.
  • Brief sex scene is shown close to the end of the game if player pursued relationship, although it is a culmination of relationship built by player over the course of the entire game, and sexuality is shown in the context of loving adult relationship. Characters are nude during scene, however nothing explicit can be seen (only buttocks for very brief moment).
  • It is possible to visit an area that is strongly hinted at being a prostitution house, but never explicitly stated. When you are in the area you can sometimes hear people talking about their "first time."
  • It is possible to visit a strip club where there are several female aliens pole dancing with very tight jumpsuits.
  • There is also possible one-time sexual encounter with alien female available for both male and female player. However, only suggestions of the encounter are shown, no graphic contect is presented.

Violence & Gore

  • In all of the missions and majority of the assignments, the player has to use guns, and sometimes grenades or biotics (attacks using energy fields), to kill large numbers of Geth (a race of hostile, intelligent robots), Husks (dead bodies the Geth have incorporated technology into, making them hostile), Humans, various types of aliens, both human-like and animal-like, and various other creatures. Depictions of red blood are brief, as it only appear in a few cutscenes, as well as a small pool that can be seen under various dead human characters. Green "blood" is fairly prominent when facing several of the alien ememies in the game.
  • The player may have to kill a large number of corrupt security guards. The player may tip off an administrator that his secretary is a government agent investigating his corruption, and will be taken to a cut scene where the agent is seen backing away from the administrator, telling him to put down the weapon. Shepard is seen waiting outside, thinking that the administrator is firing her, but soon the sound of multiple gunshots are heard, and when Shepard goes in to investigate, he finds that they have killed each other.
  • During the opening prologue a man is impaled, he then turns into a zombie-like creature.
  • The player may attempt to disable civilians who are under mind control without killing them, or they may simply kill them.


  • The words "ass", "(god)damn", "bastard", "bitch" and "hell" can be heard ocassionally throughout the game. No strong profanity however.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Brief references are made to the illegal trade of a fictional drug known as "red sand".
  • An optional sidequest involves a man who abuses prescription medication begging for the player character's help getting a "fix". It is possible to either help him acquire the drugs, or to convince him to give up the habit.
  • Several scenes take place in bars, in which people are shown drinking. The player character can order an alcoholic drink if desired, which has no effect on gameplay except a short cutscene of them drinking it. A few drunk characters are seen in passing. At one point, the player character's subordinate suggests they share an alcoholic drink in celebration.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Husks are zombie-looking creatures that are often seen in dark scenarios, and may be frightening to younger players. Thorian Creepers are zombie looking creatures with brown skin and very long claws on their hands. Their appearance may be frightening to some players.
  • Many of the hostile aliens have appearences that might seem frightening to younger players.

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