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Season 2

23 Apr. 2010
Jackal Onassis Backstage Party
It's been nine months since Henry's seen Casey. With Ron gone to Soup R' Crackers, Henry's in charge of the crew, and Casey's a last minute substitute. It's a backstage party for glam-Goth rocker, Jackal Onassis, who's bored with his superstar life. With Henry's okay, Jackal removes his makeup and switches places with Roman, who thinks that now he'll score with gorgeous women. Jackal's behind the bar, enjoying every ordinary moment. Ron shows up dressed like a lounge-lizard with an underage sexpot in tow. She wants Jackal's autograph; is this Roman's big chance? And ...
30 Apr. 2010
Precious Lights Pre-School Auction
Ron needs a job, so Henry obliges and puts him on the crew. It's a silent auction for an elite preschool: Annie, the woman organizing the event, needs a success in order to get a letter from the headmistress, the stiff-necked Nora, that will enable her son to go to an exclusive elementary school. As a former Groundling, she bonds with Casey. While the staff screws up (Casey keeps her phone on as she negotiates for a part, Kyle and Roman chat endlessly with each other about a sci-fi character, and Ron and Lydia pick the wrong time to punk Henry), Casey hatches a plan ...
7 May 2010
Nick DiCintio's Orgy Night
Catering an orgy proves to be the wrong place for Ron to deal with his recent breakup. Roman seizes the opportunity to help the host create the ideal orgy atmosphere.
14 May 2010
James Ellison Funeral
The funeral of a patriarch goes awry when the deceased's mistress arrives to pay her last repects. Kyle is mesmerized by the possibility of learning the blues from a real bluesman.
21 May 2010
Steve Guttenberg's Birthday
At his own birthday, Steve Guttenberg volunteers to turn his party into a writing workshop when he overhears Roman and writing partner Kent discussing their script.
28 May 2010
Not on Your Wife Opening Night
At a community theater, the onstage farce trickles into real life as Kyle promises to help his old mentor by romancing a wealthy female patron with the funds to save the theater.
4 Jun. 2010
Party Down Company Picnic
Bolus hosts the annual Party Down company picnic. Henry is surprised to find Uda's crew catering the party, Ron wants a job that Bolus has already offered Uda, through happenstance Ron meets Bolus's daughter Danielle - sparks fly and she tries to help him undermine Uda, and Casey discovers her competitive side and goes for the trophy for most points in the day's games. The Party Down crew and Uda's team talk trash to each other and decide to face off in a kick-ball game. And Henry and Uda - how's that working out?
11 Jun. 2010
Joel Munt's Big Deal Party
The host of a Hollywood party to celebrate a movie deal humiliates Roman - turns out they had once been writing partners and Roman fired him. Now, the host (Joel Munt) has a seven figure deal to turn a classic sci-fi book into a film, and he rubs Roman's face in it. Roman enlists Kyle, then Ron and Henry, to help him serve up a cold dish of revenge. Will it work? Meanwhile, Ron is trying on the shoes of leadership, Henry just wants to get Casey into the back of the van, and Lydia powders her nose with cocaine and sees stars everywhere.
18 Jun. 2010
Cole Landry's Draft Day Party
It's draft day for the NFL, and the crew is working a party at the home of Cole Landry, the Pac-10's top quarterback, expected to go early in the first round. A TV crew is filming everything. With Kyle eavesdropping, Ron asks Henry for medical advice. Roman gets a lesson in irony from one of Cole's teammates, Henry gets relationship advice from another player, and Lydia discovers Cole's dad is on the rebound. When the draft doesn't go as expected, Casey is called upon to act. In the background, Cole's agent is doing whatever it is that agents do.
25 Jun. 2010
Constance Carmell Wedding
A year or so after she's left the Party Down team, Constance hires them to cater her wedding to the wealthy Alex Rocco. He's been married many times, and although Constance says that he's the love of her life, it's unclear if Alex is ready for commitment: his eyes light on every young woman in sight, and he's still trying out new pick-up lines. Plus, his daughter Mona wants to ensure that Constance signs umpteen prenuptial documents waiving any claim to Alex's money. Is this a match made in Heaven, or should the Party Down crew step in and help Constance remove her ...

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