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Best Conan movie so far.
emasterslake31 December 2008
A pair of tall towers were about to be open for the public in Tokyo. However a series of murders have occurred on the people who are connected to the towers themselves. Conan and the Junior Detective League are seeking clues to who the murder is. Conan suspects that the Black Organization(the secret syndicate that shrunk him) is involved somehow. Meanwhile Ai has been acting strange as she's around the phone a lot.

The cool thing about this film is it's the first one to ever have Gin and Vodka involved in the plot. That's one of the many things that makes this Detective Conan movie excellent. Along with the action, mystery, and great animation sequences that makes this one of the best Conan movies yet.

I highly recommend it to all Conan and Anime fans alike.
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If you have watched at least 1 season of detective conan series, don't skip this one. It's marvelous
Teja P (ravi-955-902249)19 December 2015
Basically, this movie has 2 parts. The first half which focuses more on the murder mystery. The second half in which the black organization attacks the building.

The murder mystery part has typical conan-stuff such as a series of murders, conan's attempts to solve it, kogoro's attempts to make you laugh and ran's relationship problems. To be frank, this part could have been better if they had chosen a better murder plot. Despite maintaining the suspense and having an interesting murder-motive, the writers failed to come up with a decent method-of-murder as this one is doesn't seem so convincing.

The second part is the heart and soul of the movie. It has everything that we love in conan-series amplified by many times. For someone who has been following conan-series for at least a couple of seasons, this part will leave you stunned. It uses every available plot device to the fullest, be it ran's karate or Dr.agasa's gadgets or the black organization's abilities. The mood swings from "this is impossible to escape" to "finally!!, they escaped" back to "OMG!!, this is impossible to escape" within a few moments. I can keep on praising it.

Additionally, the kids won't irritate you like they do in the rest of the series and there are a few hilarious moments from kogoro's side.

Conan fans should not miss this movie and others should give it a try. The plot borrows several things from the main series and hence a basic knowledge of the back stories of important characters is recommended.
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