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I found it unique maybe even weird
thesiouxfallskid7 December 2009
Reading the comments and looking over the voting can give a good idea of what to expect. Most votes have been either ones or tens with more ones than tens. The lack of polish and film professionalism contributed to the ones. But then the film was by musicians, not experienced film-makers and actors. And there are reasons for those tens. In my view though the continuity was rough many scenes were well-done. Props were good. Excellent make-up. Original story (for me anyway) with a couple of neat twists towards the end. Music a strong point. I found the film different from anything I have ever seen, and I have watched lots of westerns. As for the lack of polish, I can do without the polish. So it comes to a matter of taste. If your mind can blank out certain weaknesses, you might really enjoy this film.
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Legend of Worst Western Ever
hey12-226 September 2008
I sigend up, just to comment on this movie.

I cant believe anyone actually took this film seriously.

After the first five minutes, i thought this was a tongue in cheek comedy. The spinal tap of westerns for example.

Based on spaghetti westerns, this is more mel brooks, then quentin tarrentino. And anyone who thinks this movie was good film making, has a very low standard for quality.

I laughed out loud, many times watching this, and I love it, because its one of the worst films I have ever seen English speaking people make.

I don't say the actors are the worst ever, because every actor from any Japanese godzilla movie, holds that honor. But my god, the acting is atrocious in gods gun, and deserves special comment. I mean Jesus Christ, this was made in 2007, and is annihilated by movies made back in the sixties.

Any so called good moments are plageristic at best. The music is almost note for note rip offs, of sergio leones great classics, just with a few changes here and there.

the script is diabolical, and may actually be the most limited and retarded garbage ever written.

But this is why I enjoyed this movie, its so bad, its good. Think trey parker and matt stone, if they tried making a serious western. yes, it would be badly made, but damn funny
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Saw this on DVD at my friends
user-1664820 June 2008
and was blown away. The first 15 minutes are slow and the acting a little bad, but after that -- Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a Western done for this little money -- I'm guessing someone in Hollywood is going to see the director and immediately put him to work on Crank 3 or something. The look of the film is daring, audacious, and totally makes the movie. The acting -- well let's say it's an homage to the Spaghetti Westerns of the 60's! Which is good.

There is one other low budget flick I can compare this too -- PARIAH. This film is just as ballsy, and I am impressed by both. Also PI! I don't want to give away the plot too much as it's not out yet -- my friend is a critic -- can't say for whom and he was reviewing it when we watched....

I've heard rumors it will be in theaters -- if it is -- you've got to check it out -- I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Otherwise buy it on DVD - this film reminds me of two of my favorites -- BOONDOCK SAINTS and SIX STRING SAMURAI -- for those of you who don't know Six String -- rent it now! Okay I'm not going to gush anymore, but I enjoyed it a lot.

My two cents.
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A Fun Low Budget Western
myflyingdaggers21 September 2008
I watched this not knowing what to expect. At first I thought maybe the spaghetti western cinematography was just part of the intro (which feels like 3 intros), so when it kept on with this style I was a little annoyed. As I continued to watch though, it continued to pull me into it's wacky world and I loved it until it's strange ending. The camera angles, old looking grainy film, and low budget acting (I think some of these guys are in bands) allowed me to forgive this movie's flaws more so than a bigger budget would have allowed me to. It has a charming sort of bad acting that is made up for by a cool plot and great characters. While not for everyone, I loved this movie and could see the Tarantino, Rodgiguez crowd eating it up.
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Dreadful movie
hedeweg21 September 2008
I watched this movie based on the reviews above. I'm sorry, but its dreadful. Awful acting and poor cinematography are the hallmarks of this movie. It smacks of self indulgence, not really helped by the Dandy Warhols front-man's introduction.

Given the plot, I had hopes that it might be along the lines of a Tarantino or Rodriguez grind-house flick, or at least a Troma level movie. It really wasn't. It looks more like a film students first attempt. There are some potentially interesting attempts in the visual language, but nothing we haven't seen before in far superior movies. Some of the composition is decent, but follows conventions set down by Sergio Leone decades before.

This movie lacks any visceral moments, which weaken the thrust of the storyline.

My advice? avoid at all costs.
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A classic among bad films
Roland E. Zwick5 September 2010
What do you get when you gather together a group of rock musicians - several from the band Spindrift - have them write, direct and star in a spoof of spaghetti westerns, then scratch the film stock and soundtrack so the whole thing looks and sounds like a newly re-discovered B-movie that's been moldering away in some studio vault somewhere? You wind up with "The Legend of God's Gun," a movie so unbelievably amateurish and inept that it makes your own home movies look like models of cinematic artistry in comparison.

And the fact that it's "supposed" to be bad doesn't make the movie one iota less torturous to sit through. What it does, in fact, do is make one pine for the days when the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" guys would have a rollicking good time mercilessly skewering such an obvious "Grindhouse" wannabe - one that plumbs hitherto unattained depths of awfulness in its race to the bottom.
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bob_lasher15 October 2008
I wanted to put a minus 10 (-10) for a rating. Without a doubt the worst movie I have seen. I would be ashamed to tell anyone that I saw this movie. What an atrocity. I wasted an hour and a half of my life looking at this piece of garbage. I love spaghetti westerns right from the beginning. As far as the direction goes Leone was the best. Morricones scores are magnificent, I have them on cassettes and disks and originally started collecting LP records with the movie scores. This picture is a unbelievable insult to the names of Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone, and also to the actors like Eastwood and VanCleef, and some of those Italian actors who were very good. The actors try to mimic them. The result is disgusting. and an insult to the classic genre of the great Spaghetti Westerns.
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A Music Video In Search Of A Higher Purpose
FightingWesterner29 January 2010
This spaghetti western homage and slightly immature wannabe cult film looks interesting enough, with it's grainy, purposely scratched film-print look. The filmmakers get high marks for definitely knowing how to use a camera and edit a film successfully. The scenery is great. That's all fine.

The problem is that they left out a few essentials like interesting characters and a coherent plot. You just can't replace them with references to other movies and pretentious 1960's style film school tricks a'la Natural Born Killers!

Visuals are indeed strong and the music really good too, including a music video right in the middle! That's pretty much all there is to recommend about The Legend Of God's Gun.

Message to the filmmakers : Take a screen writing class, or may the good Lord smite thy motion picture cameras!
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Lets get this Straight!
kirpatrickthomas17 February 2009
Before you view this movie, read about the psychedelic band SPINDRIFT(who you will hear about soon), then you will understand that the film is more than it seems. If you are still not convinced, go see the band live(they tour constantly) and listen to some very interesting tunes that take accents from Westerns as well as different kinds of influences from all over. Understand that both the band SPINDRIFT and director Mike Bruce went out and filmed this because they LOVED Westerns. They had NO money. Literally, NO budget, practically NO story, and paid NO actors!!!!! So get with it. This film was done in Hollywood, but outside of Hollywood. More DIY than it could ever be. Its a fun, interesting work of art done by people who just plain love Westerns. There are many underlying references to other films in this movie. Like the bounty hunter dragging the body, straight out of DJANGO! Like Joseph Campenella's(from BONANZA!) narration. Like the song "Conversation with a Gun" taken from the ole Johnny Bond/Tex Ritter days. Anyone who doesn't appreciate this film doesn't know enough about westerns. Go home and research a bit kids. Get with it.
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