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  • Sarah Carter (Shauna Macdonald) is found on the highway bloodied and with no memory of what happened in her descent into the caverns two days ago. She is taken to Hyett County Hospital. Sheriff Vaines (Gavan O'Herlihy), who is supervising a team of experienced rescue workers searching Boreham Caverns looking for the girls, is informed of her rescue. Because Sarah is covered with blood but has only suffered minor cuts and bruises, the blood on her is compared to that of the other five girls who were spelunking with her. Some of the blood found on Sarah matches that of Juno Kaplan (Natalie Mendoza), who just happens to be the niece of a senator. Using dogs, an entrance to the caverns is discovered through the old Chapel Mine, which leads to the uncharted cave system where the girls were lost. Sarah is then forced to accompany the rescue team in an attempt to find her missing friends, encountering more of the bloodthirsty humanoid creatures along the way.

  • The Descent: Part 2 is a sequel to The Descent (2005) (2005), which was an original screenplay written and directed by English film-maker Neil Marshall. The Descent: Part 2 was written by James Watkins, J. Blakeson, and James McCarthy.

  • The Descent: Part 2 picks up just hours after the R-rated (US) version of the movie ends. In the R-rated version, Sarah crawls out of a hole in the cave ceiling after climbing up a pile of bones. She makes it back to where she and her spelunking friends parked their cars and drives away. The Descent: Part 2 ignores the unrated (UK) version where Sarah awakens in the cave to find that her 'escape' was merely a dream.

  • It's not a prerequisite for understanding or appreciation, but it is strongly recommended. The Descent: Part 2 does not provide much information about the fates of the six women who went into the cavern in The Descent. In order to fully comprehend the events that led up to Sarah being found bloodied and traumatized on the highway and to the relationship between Sarah and Juno, it's best to watch The Descent before watching its sequel. One thing The Descent: Part 2 does maintain from the first movie is the feeling of claustrophobia the viewer feels when watching the film.

  • Six. The experienced rescue team consists of three members: Dan (Douglas Hodge), Greg (Josh Dallas), and Cath (Anna Skellern). Sheriff Vaines and his deputy Jenna Rios (Krysten Cummings) escort Sarah into the caves, expecting her to help find her friends.

  • The humanoid creatures, referred to as "Crawlers" in the credits, are, according to Neil Marshall, director of The Descent, "cave men that never left the cave; they evolved over thousands of years, living down there in families. They've lost their eyesight; they have better hearing; and they function perfectly in the pitch black." However, the Crawlers do come to the surface to hunt animals such as wolves, deer, etc and carry their carcasses back into the caves for food.

  • It's an inconsistency between the two films. In The Descent, Sarah gets out of the cave by climbing up a pile of bones to a hole on the side of a mountain. However, in the DVD commentary, director Jon Harris revealed that the original script for The Descent: Part 2 was supposed to open with Sarah being in the cave and seeing her daughter off an abyss. Her daughter jumps, and Sarah follows after her. Then she would be washed up in a lake. Thus, when the dog was smelling Sarah's scent, he stopped at the end of that lake.

  • The first recognizable corpse they find belongs to Rebecca (Saskia Mulder). Near the end of The Descent, she was grabbed from behind and dragged into a tunnel where the Crawlers started to tear her gut open. Rebecca's sister Sam (MyAnna Buring) is the next one found, hanging by a wire from the cave ceiling. She was killed just before Rebecca, when she tried to climb to the other side of a deep crevice, but a Crawler jumped up to her and tore her throat out. Neither Holly nor Beth are found and are presumed eaten. Juno is discovered alive.

  • At the end of The Descent, Juno got wounded by Sarah with a pickaxe. The last we see of her is when she is getting surrounded by Crawlers, and we hear her scream off-screen, suggesting that she was finally killed by the Crawlers. However, as she was still armed with a pickaxe, it is possible that she went into a fit of rage and killed all the Crawlers in the ensuing frenzy. In that scenario, the screaming was not the sound of her death but a "battle cry". After the fight, Juno must have avoided being detected by the Crawlers by keeping silent. Given the time frame of the movies, she survived the past two days inside the caves this way.

  • Numerous crawlers, of course. Of the rescue team, Dan is the first to be killed by crawlers. Cath is killed by a crawler just after Greg falls into an abyss when using Sam's body to swing himself across it. Greg later wakes up in the crawlers' feeding ground long enough to grab Juno's leg before he dies of his injuries. Vaines falls into a deep hole when the boulder on which he is standing breaks. Since he is handcuffed to Sarah, he almost takes her with him, but Rios cuts off his arm with a pickaxe just as he is attacked by two crawlers. The three of them (Vaines and crawlers) fall into the abyss. Juno dies when a crawler rips open her abdomen. Sarah is killed by a flock of crawlers when she screams in an attempt to draw them off Rios. Rios makes it to the exit but is hit with a shovel by the old man just after she gets outside, One theory suggests she dies though this is not seen. Other theories suggest he was using her as bait to catch the crawler as he was waiting for the crawler with his shovel in hand.

  • Juno leads Sarah and Rios toward where she thinks the crawlers have an exit they use when hunting outside. Within sight of the exit, they encounter two crawlers feeding and a third crawler hauling in a dead elk. As quietly as possible, they attempt to skirt around the crawlers, but Juno's leg is grabbed by a dying Greg (the crawlers dragged his body to their feeding ground), and she screams, alerting the crawlers to their presence. Sarah and Rios kill a few crawlers, but Juno is losing her battle with a very large crawler. Sarah attempts to strangle the crawler using the chain on the handcuffs still attached to her arm, but the crawler reacts by ripping into Juno's stomach. Juno collapses, leaving Sarah to finish off the crawler. Juno dies in Sarah's arms as the roaring of several crawlers can be heard coming closer. Before they head toward the exit, Sarah closes Juno's eyes and places Paul's pendant in Juno's hand. Rios turns away and comes face-to-face with four crawlers. Four more crawlers begin descending from above. In a heroic last-ditch effort, Sarah screams loudly, alerting a dozen or more crawlers to her whereabouts and giving Rios enough time to crawl through the exit. Rios lifts herself out of the hole, screams, and takes off running. She stops to phone for help and is suddenly knocked out with a shovel carried by the same man who picked up Sarah at the beginning of the movie. He drags Rios' body back to the exit and places her just outside of it. In the final scene, a crawler leaps up inside the hole and reaches for Rios' body.

  • This is not revealed, but several theories have been offered. (1) He does not want the locations of the cave entrances revealed to outsiders lest they start swarming the area with sightseers and spelunkers who may then become prey to the crawlers, (2) he knows about the crawlers and feeds them either to protect them or to stop them from feeding on locals, or (3) he is a sociopath and killed Rios because he likes to kill people. Perhaps he's done this many times before. Dumping the bodies at the mouth of the cave, where he knows they'll be eaten, could be part of his enjoyment. (4) He is using her as bait to trap a Crawler. Also, evidence supporting (2) and (3) is lacking, since he readily aided Sarah when he picked her up on the road and assisted the officials when they tried to figure out where she came from.


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