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The most fun you'll ever have watching a movie about an Alcoholic Hobbit.
scrapmetal728 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A creepy man who looks like a rapist comes home after a 3-year journey (to Europe, apparently to find himself), and is inexplicably horrified to find out that his ex-girlfriend from 3 years ago is married. He embarks upon a plan that involves sitting around and frowning, and giving snotty looks to her kindly new male-model looking husband (who is constantly going out of his way to be nice).

The filmmakers did not understand some of the usual visual language of cinema with how they present this ex-girlfriend. For example, when we first see her, she is doing her make-up with her friends. She's in the middle, and she's the tallest. This makes her seem vain and imperious. Later, we see her combing her hair while talking to her husband, but not looking at him. This makes her seem cold and witchy. The actress is very beautiful but very cold looking, with very sculpted, unnatural features. She almost never smiles. Basically, she seems like the mean girl in the '80's movie, or one of those girls who was mean to Toni Collette in Muriel's Wedding.

They don't make her likable or inviting, is what I'm saying, so we can't relate to the creepy guy's fascination with her. Actually though, they do seem made for each other, because just as she is plastic and icy, he is sinister and ominous. Come to think of it, they are very like Heathcliff (not the cat) and Catherine from that Kate Bush song Wuthering Heights.

Meanwhile, his other friends cope with their own earth-shattering, soul-destroying problems. One of them is a tiny, babbling man who does everything he can to irritate the crap out of everyone around him. He not only is a salesman trying to pitch ideas, but he never ever stops talking. He is stunned that a girl dumped him for a quieter friend of theirs. When he is not badgering rich people about investing in his simple ideas, he is picking fights in public, walking around with a shotgun, and splashing people in the pool.

(What he acts like is that little dog from the old Warner Brothers Cartoon that always ran around the bigger dog, talking nonstop about what great pals they were.)

Babble Guy's ex-girlfriend who dumped him for Quiet Guy just wants to get married. Quiet Guy apparently keeps putting it off or something. He may or may not be waiting for Babble Guy to stop holding a grudge, it's not too clear. There isn't any more to their characters than that, so they are easy to describe. She pressures him about getting married and complains about him, and he tries to fend off Babble Guy's random physical assaults. Babble guy is tiny but feisty, like a kitty-cat.

A third friend is a man who looks just like a hobbit, or like Lars Ulrich. He is an alcoholic, but not one who does any of the problematic things that real alcoholics do. He doesn't stink, pick fights, vomit a lot, have health problems, annoy people, lose money, fail to show up when expected, wake up in strange places, be mean, cry a lot, get into accidents, or any of the other things alcoholics do that make them impossible to be around. All he really does is take naps on pool chairs or porch swings. So, he is a cute, cuddly alcoholic who might smell like Downy fabric softener. Luckily for him, a perfect, kindly, beautiful white girl decides that he is exactly the man she's been looking for, and she walks around their little town with him a lot. After he responds to her sexual overture with a tearful confession, all of his mental problems lift from his shoulders and drift away like a cloud on a summer's morning.

This movie has a very nice musical score, and a pretty scene with some fireflies. I was glad that they didn't set that scene to the song "Fireflies", so kudos. That scene unfortunately ends in a zoom-in close-up of Rapist Guy's face, as he apparently realizes something creepy, and he gives a terrifying serial killer smile at the camera. They cut to another scene before he can break out into a maniacal laugh. (Oddly, when you find out what he figured out, it's just that he and the ex-girlfriend aren't right for each other.)

If you want to see the tough guy who always beats the crap out of everybody on Leverage be a nice, sweet person, he plays the Ice Woman's new husband.
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Made by people who couldn't write a decent greeting card
MBunge6 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There are 10 significant characters in this film. Only 4 of them have anything resembling a distinct personality. There are two separate love triangles on display. Both require the people involved to be stupid while one begins and the other ends with wildly abrupt emotional transformations. There are so many musical interludes slapping you in the face that the viewer eventually becomes numb to them all. There's a character who receives a revelation about his life from staring at fireflies. In case I'm being too subtle, Not Since You is written with all the depth and intelligence of a TV ad for your local chiropractor.

8 people who were friends in New York City in the summer of 2001 reunite years later in Georgia when one of them gets married. There's Sam (Desmond Harrington), an aspiring writer who looks like a grim-faced male model. Back in the day, Sam was in love with Amy (Kathleen Robertson). Why? Who knows? This movie never bothers to explain or justify any of the relationships that exist in this story. On arriving for the wedding, Sam learns that Amy has been married for years to the Fabio-haired Ryan (Christian Kane) but even though the two ex-lovers haven't seen or spoken to each other for the better part of a decade, they're instantly consumed with pathetically obvious longing for each other. The conflict between that and Amy's marriage is the heart of Not Since You, but the possibility of two non-entities breaking the heart of a third is not the kind thing to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Then there's Howard (Jon Abrahams), an annoyingly aggressive entrepreneur who's still seething over his ex-girlfriend Victoria (Sunny Mabrey) leaving him for his best friend Billy (Will Estes). Victoria wants to get married but Billy is afraid that will just hurt Howard even more. Howard's bad feelings have stewed for years until he can barely contain them so, of course, his wounded ego is eventually healed after a 30 second conversation with Victoria. Now, Victoria spends the whole frickin' film demanding that Billy patch things up with Howard, but apparently she never bothered talking to him herself. Why? Who knows?

The two remaining friends, Joey and Sarah (Elden Hanson and Sara Rue), get smushed together in an infatuation that helps to heal Joey's feelings of 9/11 survivor's guilt. That storyline actually works much better on screen than my description suggests, but it's still lacking even the most basic sort of grounding or detail, like why Joey and Sarah never hooked up when they were in New York.

Oh, and Barry Corbin wanders through the film acting all Southern and stuff.

Kathleen Robertson is a stunning beauty and she and the rest of the cast certainly seem like capable performers. However, they're given roles to play that are so plain and thin they're virtually non-existent. Not Since You is all about 8 friends but it gives no indication of why these people were ever friends or what their friendships were like. You can tell these actors are trying to play these parts as real and believable as they can. They've just got nothing onto which they can grab.

Co-writer/Director Jeff Stephenson does a simplistic, though ultimately adequate job of juggling these multiple plot lines. The scenes look okay for the most part and things unfold in an understandable manner. He never does anything as a director, though, to overcome the vacuous and sketchy script he helped write.

If you haven't figured it out, this is an attempt at doing 21st century version of The Big Chill. That there's nothing of style of substance here to define whether this generational tale is about Gen X, Gen Y or the Millennials kind of encapsulates the shallow failure of this motion picture. Three people wrote this screenplay but there needed to be a fourth to come in and fill up all the empty spaces in this story and these characters. Lacking that, Not Since you does not need to be watched.
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I couldn't force myself to watch through to the end
hogwaump30 June 2016
This is a positively dreadful rehashing of the "Big Chill" motif. Some of the characters are positively uninteresting and rank downward into gratingly obnoxious. The few who do manage to attract my attention quickly repel me with their poor acting or horridly written dialogue. In keeping with the modern trend of trying to intertwine a multiplicity of different stories in order to avoid having to come up with a real plot is brought to new heights of dullness in this insipid production.

Jeff Stephenson has directed some good works in the past, but with this one I think he must have been just as unenthusiastic as I am. Or possibly drunk. Looking through the cast of characters I see only one actor who turned out a good performance, veteran Barry Corbin of Northern Exposure fame. His depiction of colorful Uncle Dennis provides the only bright spots in this unfortunate hodgepodge of trite stereotypes.

If you are a student of writing, directing or acting, study this movie as a splendid example of what not to do. Otherwise, don't waste your time.
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Romantic Indie
lborsay11 January 2011
A really great romantic independent with strong writing, great directing and really good performances. It's got a "Big Chill" style storyline with friends getting together after a few years for a big event (a marriage rather than a funeral). It takes place in Athens, Georgia and the location is great, perfect for a wedding but with lots of space for the characters to interact. The bride and groom barely appear in the film as it's not about the culmination of a romance but rather past friends coming together and dealing with their lives and romances since they were last all together. Will past lovers reunite, will former best friends continue to let a girl come between them, will a young man come to terms with his dark secret and rediscover life outside of the bottle? Hey, it's a movie so it's got lots of big emotions but it always feels grounded and real even during the moments of comedy. Proof that little can-do independents can outclass, and provide a much better film than the big studio Rom-Coms we're getting these days. A good story told with warmth, humor and above all...romance.
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It's a nice movie
szefu311 January 2014
Hello. I'm from Poland, English is not my common language so I'm sorry for my grammar mistakes.

I watched "Not Since You" because there's my favourite actress Sara Rue. She did really well on that movie! I really liked that movie. It's a drama/romantic comedy. It's a nice, "likable" movie for a winter evening. It's about group of friends who gather on a girl's wedding. Old memories, loves and conflicts came back to the present. It's a really good movie, with nice shoots, good acting and wonderful music.

I recommend it for everyone. It's just a normal, nice, likable movie. You won't be disappointed.
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Skip this one!
Mozer14 December 2016
This movie is so bad that I made an IMDb account just to warn poor, romantic-comedy- seekers like myself. Do not watch this movie expecting anything fun, funny, or even remotely entertaining. The plot is so predictable my pet lizard wasn't even surprised by the conflicts or plot turns. The acting is stiff and muted, like one is watching cardboard cut outs of the actors slowly soak up rainwater and crumble in on themselves. The tortured jilted lover character talks like he has kidney stones causing him acute pain, but has recently taken and is already feeling the slowing and slurring effects of a very potent narcotic. There is no character development, and the references to 9/11 are tawdry, cheap ploys for emotion. This may well be the worst movie I've ever seen. I can never get that time back. I would have been better off spending my hour and change collecting roadkill to taxidermy. It certainly would have been more rewarding, and left me with less of a disgusted after taste. Long story short; skip this utter waste of time, space, and money.
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Nice, real and complicated, like life is.
honestyrocks1 June 2017
This movie is so underrated. I suspect other reviewers are just used to over-the-top characters and these are more like real life. You can't figure them all out in two seconds bc they aren't archetypes. boohoo! LOL! Instead they are clever, complicated, troubled, thoughtful and real. Shocker.

If you can handle it, give it a watch and enjoy the trials and joys of being human.
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Friends and relationships
karennash21 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has lots of actors/actress's with overlapping stories but is still easy to watch and follow. It's based on old college friends and how they have grown apart and together since finishing. The 2 main characters were together but separated and she has since married. The ex comes back for a wedding reunion and still has feelings for his old flame. This causes some anger,understandably for her now husband Christian Kane as she sorts through her feelings about her ex. Through out the film other characters figure out what they want and where they are going in their lives. As I like Christian Kane, it's great to see him play this kind of character and for him to keep his girl as usually his characters in other films ends up as the bad guy or alone! In the end everyone seems to find what they are looking for an come closer as a result.
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not that bad
wingedheartart6 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well...I watched this one night and it wasn't that bad.

I like Desmond Harrington, after seeing him in that scary movie, "The Hole," with Keira Knightley.

I liked the story line okay, but man...the character of Howard was SO ANNOYING. some point, I kept thinking it would pop up he was on coke or something..non-stop chatter and PUSHY. But, he was just drug excuse.

Everyone was attractive, which is typical. Even the one who wasn't supposed to be was cute.

The character of Ryan was annoying as well. Christian Kane played the part, but he was so needy and insecure. Made me want his wife to go back to Sam. Sheesh.

Other than those things, the only other thing was this steel guitar music that popped up...reminded me of Brokeback Mountain. Which isn't a bad thing...just odd for a movie about a reunion of old college friends from New York. Yes, this takes place in Georgia, but still. Odd.

Worth a late night viewing, not fantastic, not horrible. At least Barry Corbin is in it as Uncle Dennis. He is always great.
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Movie Fails Soundtrack
Freddy Bastiat18 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
An entertaining soundtrack running pleasantly under a melodramatic knockoff of The Big Chill. Not Since You is an over wrought script that is excruciatingly over-acted. The movie is populated by many pretty people, at a wedding that has even more pretty people attending, with stately houses, a Norman Rockwell town, and vacation scenery. Your cup will over flow with pretty people. Your cup will also over flow with melodrama, as an ensemble of actors are forced to make hopeful, painful, and glum faces over decades old interactions that supposedly remained unsettled. No worries, the script makes sure that every loose end is tied up, every emotional problem is resolved, and everyone either remains, or becomes, happily coupled.

Whatever hope you might have when the soundtrack begins to play upon your emotions will be stifled, prepare to be smothered in a bath of emotional spaghetti. i've yearned for another generations The Big Chill. I didn't get my own generations and perhaps its too much to ask. Do not ask it of this dreadful movie.
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I created an account just to warn you not to watch this movie.
Sara20 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I love all sorts of films, and Indie films are no different. I saw that could stream this one for free on Amazon, so I did. I kept waiting for the plot to thicken and draw me in, but that never happened. This was the worst movie I have seen on such a long time. There were no great performances, every single character was so one dimensional and flat. The plot was even worse. And even worse STILL was the dialogue. Some of the cheesiest lines ever were strung together to make the flimsiest plot I've ever encountered. Some of these lines included "You didn't love me, you loved the idea of me" & "I don't want to lose you, but I don't want to be the reason you're unhappy for the rest of your life."

This was such a waste of my life. Don't let it be a waste of yours. I never review movies or products, but I felt I owed it to everyone with an Amazon Prime account to warn them this is a HORRIBLE choice to stream. Even for free.
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Friends must face facts about life.
Michael O'Keefe2 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A group of close friends from NYU have not seen much of each other since 9/11. A weekend wedding will have the group gathering in Athens, Georgia...but will things be the same; will the friends be the same? Sam(Desmond Harrington), the hopeless romantic and world traveler returns to find his former sweetheart Amy(Kathleen Robertson)married to a man less adventurous; more or less an outsider. Now the all-American girl finds her heart in a dilemma upon seeing Sam again. Friends Howard(Jon Abraham)and Billy(Will Estes)are not speaking since gal pal Victoria(Sunny Mabrey)came between them. Meanwhile a beer loving "Fudge"(Elden Henson)gets some surprise attention from the group's novelist played by the adorable Sara Rue. There is some humor found in this romantic drama; and NOT SINCE YOU is real easy in touching your emotions. Also in the cast: Barry Corbin, Christian Kane, Victoria Leigh and Liane Balaban.
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Quirky Rom. Com.
ambrcornelio1 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The beginning shows several friends from the prestigious NYU before, during, and post their graduation during 2001 and the beginning credits. After that ends, it shows all of those friends, within other people during that friendship, or alone, after that graduation. Ashely and Daniel, two in the group are to be married in Georgia on Ashley's grandfather's plantation. The friends all rally around them and decide to go. The movie has multiple story lines all going on at once which is confusing but quite fun at the same time.

Howard and Billy were best friends, and Billy is seriously dating Victoria. Victoria and Howard have history, and Billy actually basically "stole her away" from Howard in his eyes. Billy wants to marry Victoria, but he wants Howard's approval before proposing to her. The tension between them is bitter to the point where there is no talking between the two guys. Billy has a company he is seeking investors for, and you see him fumble for these investors during the entire weekend.

Author Sarah, known as Doogs, is a sweet, Southern children's book author who is still a virgin and plans on saving herself for marriage. However, when running into classmate Joey, known as Fudge, she has second thoughts on her initial plan. The two go all around the little town around the plantation, and you see their relationship bloom.

Sam, an old friend who fell of the grid for traveling, shows up to the wedding unexpectedly. Sam sees an old lover of sorts, Amy, and finds out that she is married to Ryan, a quiet guy that's very protective. Throughout, you see the two pick up, fall down, and see Ryan get involved.

Cute, is the word I would use for this movie. It is just a nice rom. com. and I enjoyed it a lot. Totally recommend, and a great girls night movie, if put into a sub-category.
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