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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Didn't Grab Me Like the First

Author: JBlueNote from United States
18 February 2012

Well, this movie did accomplish one thing: It was better than Drive Angry. It didn't amaze me like the first one did, though. I hate how things seem to change in sequels like an actor switch or something. It didn't have that western feel like the other had. The actor who played the Devil wasn't as intimidating as the one in the first movie. Nicholas Cage as the Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze still felt the same, but a little less than he was like in the first. The plot kind of felt rushed and was too predictable. It just didn't feel the same as the first movie I saw a few years ago. The action and special effects were what made the movie, and would have probably been even better if I saw it in 3D. I guess this movie will be yet another that is praised for only its effects and not the plot. If I were to rate it, I'd give it a extinguishing 6.5/10.

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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Not bad at all!!

Author: aryannahar
16 August 2012

This movie is sadly under a lot of criticism and doesn't deserve what its getting. I mean I'm shocked that there's so much hate on it. Its actually not bad. I mean it was entertaining and i enjoyed myself watching the movie. Well this is only my opinion and cage really did a good job. I mean even the chick was pretty good. It wasn't a bad movie and i really do feel sad for it for all the unnecessary criticism received by it. The story was good and so was the graphics and acting. I am honestly kinda shocked with all the negative response received by it! The ending specially was also very interesting and so was the start and i really hope that there is another sequel if not more than one. I give it 9/10 for the enjoyable experience.

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8 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Not your average "superhero" film

Author: MoshKrew from United States
27 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm gonna start of by saying a few points. 1- this movie is not a sequel. It does not follow the same set-up as 2007's Ghost Rider. 2- Ghost Rider is not a superhero. He's a possessed stunt biker. 3- The movie was inspired by one specific Ghost Rider comic series: The Road To Damnation. It's dark and crazy.

That being said, this movie lives up to my expectations. It doesn't have an eye-catching plot or relatable characters. The acting isn't award-winning, either. But it entertains. And it's fun. I honestly had a smile on my face half the time. The whole thing is just crazy! And the directors were going for a more realistic look with GR's overall look. This is why his skull is charred, the smoke is everywhere, and the jacket is burnt and bubbling. And it gives him a cool edge. The actual demon's backstory is explained more, which is a plus. And the demon acts... Strange, to say the least. Without spoiling too much, he seems to enjoy toying with victims before he sucks out they're souls. And he'll eat anyone's souls. Even if the worst you've ever done is pirate a song, he'll get anyone who's sinned. Which makes him seem more dangerous.

The bad things about this movie: It's too short. There could be a bit more action. And some of the special effects were kinda... Out of place. And the movie wasn't R-rated, like it's meant to be. The movie still isn't for everyone. But overall, the movie was entertaining. I give it an 8/10. I recommend not seeing the 3-D like I did. Sure, it's cool on some parts, but the camera moves too shaky at times, and it kinda hurts your head.

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8 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Ghost Rider 2 is a firecracker of a movie, in the effects department! Story wise it fizzles out.

Author: Anurag-Shetty from India
19 February 2012

The darkest hero rides again. Nicolas Cage is back as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, the poor bloke who sold his soul to the devil to help a loved one, and turns into a fiery skeleton freak every night! So, following the events of the first movie, Blaze is hiding in Eastern Europe. However a mysterious man calls him out of hiding saying he is the only one who can save a 10 or 11 year old boy from the clutches of the devil. So, the Rider, rides again! After this follows some brilliantly executed chase and action sequences that look even better in 3D! The problem that I had with with this movie is that they took out the humane touch to it. Almost the whole movie is full of mindless action sequences. I'm not complaining though. They should have brought back Roxanne Simpson(Eva Mendes) from the first movie. The film has absolutely no story at all! It's like as though the directors just thought of making Ghost Rider 2, with big special effects & shooting it in 3D but didn't bother to write a proper script! A note, on the performances. Nicolas Cage is impressive as an older, angrier & trying to fight his curse, Johnny Blaze. Ciaran Hinds has played the role of the devil, Roarke to perfection. The kid & the mom are not bad either. So, I would recommend you to watch Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance if you love special effects & REAL 3D! However, I would recommend that you give this a miss if you want a movie to have a proper story as well.

PS- The animated sequences were brilliant!

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8 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Savor it like a fine wine. Moreau can vouch for it.

Author: chrismsawin from United States
18 February 2012

I think everyone had the urge to run outside and kick the ugliest puppy in their neighborhood when it was announced a second Ghost Rider movie was going into production starring a returning Nicolas Cage. The director of the original Ghost Rider (Mark Steven Johnson) was out and the directors of Crank (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor) were in. Now that it's been released it's been getting nothing but a barrage of negative reviews pretty much anywhere you can think of. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is practically a reboot and could serve as a full on reset of the franchise if Cage wasn't attached. With everything working against this requel (that's reboot + sequel combined) and every entertainment site on the planet practically guaranteeing its atrocity, I seem to be one of the few critics in existence who was actually entertained by this movie.

Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) has gone into seclusion in Eastern Europe. Johnny fights not only the urge to become The Rider, but fights to stay hidden from those who are hunting for him. That is until a man named Moreau (Idris Elba) shows up on his doorstep offering Johnny a second chance and a way to lift his curse. The offer gives Johnny a chance for revenge against Roarke (Ciarán Hinds) who's Lucifer himself in human form and the man Blaze made a deal with to become The Rider in the first place. The one catch is Johnny has to guard and protect a boy that Roarke is searching for to fulfill the prophecy of becoming the antichrist.

The main attraction to this movie was how it looked. There's this featurette that highlights just how camera oriented Neveldine and Taylor are when they come to shooting their movies. Seeing Neveldine basically risk his life rollerblading on the back of a motorcycle or hanging off of a wire along with the stuntman just to get the shot was incredibly intriguing to me. Unique perspective and fascinating camera work is something I look for in movies and Spirit of Vengeance let you know it had that in the trailers. The flaw in this method though is that even though it gets you up close and personal with the action it also feels really shaky at times. It seems very rough in comparison to dolly tracks or tripods being used. The camera work also involves those slight zoom-ins at random intervals to make it seem like the camera wasn't in the right place when they started shooting.

I'm hearing a lot of people complain about the special effects, but those are another high point. Ghost Rider's appearance is more charred in comparison to how he looked in the first movie. His skull looks scorched, his leather clothes are melted, and the steel on his motorcycle is noticeably red hot and altered thanks to his transformation. The fire looks pretty fantastic all around and there's plenty of it. Everything The Rider drives becomes engulfed in flames and the special effects crew has a ton of fun with that. Maybe it looks terrible in 3D? I was going to recommend seeing it in 2D anyway. Johnny Blaze's transformations into Ghost Rider are pretty sweet, too. Seeing his eyes sink in for the first time is a bit unsettling, but it becomes a trademark. As he holds off The Rider the majority of the movie, his eyes are the first thing to show the transformation. It was a bit reminiscent of the T-1000 being shot in the face in the steel mill at the end of Terminator 2.

Nicolas Cage is exactly what you expect him to be here. The issue is that like always he's way too over the top during intense moments and not emotional enough during the quieter ones. The best example is when Johnny Blaze and Nadya (Violante Placido) are trying to catch up with the men who took Danny (Fergus Riordan) who's Nadya's son and the boy who's set to become the antichrist. Johnny and Nadya are interrogating a man named Vasil. Notice how twitchy Cage becomes here and how crazy he becomes during his "bad man" and "scraping at the door" speech. It's pretty insane in this so bad it's good kind of way. Cage's performance seems to evolve throughout the movie and he almost seems sincere by the end of it. Cage also modeled The Rider's movements off of his pet cobra and it's blatantly obvious. His performance as The Rider is full of rigid movements, swaying motions, and quick cuts. It's very bizarre, especially when it gets to the scene where The Rider is floating around in circles on his back as if he's duplicating Trent Reznor in the Nine Inch Nails video for "Closer." You'll wish Idris Elba's wine-loving Moreau had more screen time than he actually does as the Moreau character is generally pretty interesting, but doesn't really get a chance to shine. He does have a few really memorable scenes though. This will make more sense after you see it, but the "decay vision" gets a little bothersome. It's like looking at the action through a giant peephole or fishbowl. The evolution of the Carrigan character (played by Johnny Whitworth) is pretty awesome though.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is not as bad as people are making it out to be or maybe it is and it's just really entertaining anyway. The dialogue does get really cheesy at times ("You're the devil's baby mama."), but the story and part of the screenplay were written by David S. Goyer so that should give you a little bit of hope. The special effects are fantastic, Cage's performance eventually grows on you, and Spirit of Vengeance is a huge step up from the original movie overall. In the end, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is explosively entertaining and just the type of brainless fun you need to forget about a hectic week.

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8 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Wish this would have been the first and only!

Author: jakob-robles from United States
17 February 2012

OK, Someone in one these reviews said it best... The movie most definitely feels like a cult film. Me personally I did not at all like the first installment of the Ghost Rider. I wish this one would have been the first and last! It is kind of slow but when the action does take place... It delivered. However, I did not think it was appropriate for children. I took my 4 year old, and felt immediate regret! I loved Ghost Rider's look and his real creepy manner! He has these ticks that really make you creep out. If your a true Marvel fan then I think it is worth going to see. When Ghost Rider out of all the Marvel characters come to mind... is one the last characters I would think to make a live action movie out of. So I give these guys credit for doing the job they did!

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9 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

good enough

Author: gareth-91 from United Kingdom
23 February 2012

I don't understand what people are moaning about this film for. You know you are getting a comic book load of CGI stuff that has nothing to do with the real world & has got to be overacted because that's the kind of film it is. It's a kick ass vengeance movie. I want old burny head to come in with his chains and rescue the kid. It moved along fine - I found it a little bit boring in the middle & then it picked up again. There were times when old ghosty was shaking his head and looking confused, when I wished he'd just get on with kicking ass, but that was OK - can't be easy being taken over by a demon.

So 8 out of 10, it doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. It would be great to have a motorbike that came when you called, a bit like a pet dog.

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11 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Memory Lane

Author: Bryce Stillson
20 February 2012

It was like I was 12 years old again, reading comic books starring my favorite super hero: Ghost Rider. Being a fan of the books, I caught on to a lot of their ideas that the directors more or less stole from the mid to late 90s comics, and even a little from the mid 2000s. The first and most obvious change from the original movie is Ghost Rider's appearance. The directors turned his skeleton black and made his skull a little more narrow and taller than what would be normal. The Hero also sported simple leather jacket rather than the shiny, spiky jacket that he wore in the first film which would look better on Micheal Jackson. All this made the hero look more hardcore and awesome. The directing style was something that isn't always my favorite, but suited this film well. There was a lot of camera shaking but not too much like in many Micheal Bay films. I didn't appreciate a lot of the references to pop culture that the movie had, but it wasn't all bad. The acting was surprisingly good. Not extraordinary, but better than I expected. And the fight scenes were plentiful and long (unlike the first one). The first film seemed to be liked by most people who didn't read the comics, but was hated by comic lovers. This film I imagine will be the opposite. I loved it but most of my friends thought otherwise. It's something to watch, but will probably only be cherished by a few, including me.

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12 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

Delivers what it promises and improves on the first.

Author: cinemascribe-3 from United States
19 February 2012

I have to disagree with the majority of the mainstream critics. This movie is a darker, grittier film than the original and has a better look , as well as superior villains. Also, despite only having roughly half the budget the film makers had the first time, the "Crank" team somehow made Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance visually much more impressive. As to Cage, I'm convinced that this time out he's deliberately playing to that part of the audience watching the film in the hopes of experiencing his patented over the top, bats*it insane persona. He doesn't disappoint. Actually, the performances are generally better all around this time (no Eva Mendez, thank God).

Where the film works best is in it's relentless intensity. After sketching out the skeleton(pun intended) of a plot on which to later hang the more eye popping visual effects, this flick shifts into overdrive and essentially becomes a superhero variation on The Road Warrior- once Blaze meets the woman and her child , they hit the road and that's where they remain for the majority of the film.

To be fair, the trailers for this movie pretty much sum up what you can expect going in, so any complaints seem somewhat ridiculous. The movie delivers exactly what it promises.. a feature length adrenaline rush punctuated by some truly off the hook action sequences. In the process it improves on its' predecessor. It may not be art, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

I saw the 2D version on a drive-in screen and, honestly, it looked great.The 3D was post converted and, although I'm told it does look good, anyone choosing to skip the surcharge and go for the regular version should be fine.

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15 out of 29 people found the following review useful:

Fast-paced, zany and fun-- a real popcorn movie.

Author: pyschonautics from United States
17 February 2012

I just got back from Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. Much like the movie, I'll get to the point— it was badass, but it's definitely not for everyone. It doesn't bother with character development whatsoever, it just gets straight to the story, a story that is simple and straightforward. So throw in some cheese, some action and drug it with crack/cocaine and you have a straightforward, cheesy, awesome action movie.

I think one reason people are hating it is because of the expectations they have before seeing the movie. "Oh, the same guys who directed Crank? It'll be good!" or "It has to be better than the first one!" Before seeing it, drop all expectations. Drop any vision in your head about what the movie should be, because you'll just be disappointed.

The movie never really takes itself seriously, at all. That's part of the reason why it's so fun. It's not serious, it's not dark. It's fun. Another reason people seem to dislike it is because they expected a dark, gritty version of Ghost Rider. It's not that at all. Neveldine/Taylor put their own directorial spin on it that gives it that rushed, fast-paced, adrenalin feel that just works so well with Ghost Rider.

With the first movie, everyone criticized it for the lack of action and the dragging story. So with Spirit Of Vengeance, they cut out the story and gave you action! So zero character-development, simple story and Ghost Rider kicking bad-guy ass, it's the complete opposite of the first. This script just works with the zany fee. The dialogue is really only used to move the story along and for the characters to blurt out incredibly cheesy one-liners— something I am a fan of, but I know not everyone is.

I honestly can't think of what I didn't like about it, maybe if it was more over-the-top and got an R-rating, but oh well. I saw it for what it was, without judgment or expectation and it was a fun film. Of course, people are not going to like it, the style isn't for everyone. But it fit with me, very well. If you decide to see it, don't expect dark or gritty, don't expect character-development as it just gets right to the point, don't expect anything, really. Just go in and watch what the movie has to offer.

Oh, and as far as the 3D goes, it was okay. It definitely added a level of depth, but it wasn't eye-popping or anything like that. I do think the 3D might have affected my judgment, only because seeing things with even a slight amount of depth really puts me into it. But I saw it in 3D because it was only $0.75 extra, so if that happens for you, I would take it. Otherwise, just stick with 2D.

As a movie complete with character-development, full story and serious script, it probably gets a 4/10. On an entertainment scale, it's a good 7/10. I really liked it, I would recommend it, but I know many won't like it. It's incredibly grindhouse, cheesy and action-y.

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