Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

ghost rider eastern europe
monk devil
deal with the devil hospital
fight escape
rescue attack
on the run priest
motorcycle lens flare
chain arsenal
gurney returning from the dead
narrated by character wilhelm scream
fire what happened to epilogue
hit by a car showdown
sole black character dies cliche head butt
self sacrifice bag over head
binoculars race against time
knocked out hypodermic needle
gash in the face scar
disfigurement injection
neck breaking eye gouging
decapitation decomposing body
turned to stone sword
cave tattoo
ambush deception
drunkenness amphitheater
ritual human sacrifice
truck truck stop
diner resurrection
subtitled scene back from the dead
burned to death burned alive
arms dealer docks
bulldozer threatened with a knife
interrogation gangster
nightclub escape attempt
bridge held at gunpoint
stealing a car ambulance
knife chase
foot chase box office flop
critically bashed hand grenade
telepathy cell phone
train station split screen
brawl fistfight
combat hand to hand combat
supernatural power demonic possession
transformation restaurant
chains murder
death violence
car accident car crash
flat tire car motorcycle chase
car chase pickpocket
fast motion scene tragic hero
exploding car exploding body
explosion bazooka
grenade launcher rocket launcher
shotgun ak 47
uzi revolver
pistol sniper rifle
sniper silencer
machine gun child in peril
hostage kidnapping
henchman mercenary
good versus evil gypsy
mother son relationship fugitive
shot in the head shot to death
shot in the back shot in the chest
alcoholic monastery
frenchman security camera
surveillance flashback
animated sequence no opening credits
warrior one man army
action hero anti hero
drifter loner
turkey the country 3 dimensional
3d sequel to 2d film punctuation in title
based on comic based on comic book
superhero skull
skeleton sequel
second part person on fire
marvel entertainment marvel comics
demon dark hero
biker character name in title

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