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Author: Jeremy Gilbert from Garland, TX, United States
16 July 2007

I barely heard anything about this show, but I happened to be watching G4 the night the series premiered, and I have to say I was stunned. This is, quite simply, the best video game related cartoon EVER. Every part of this show is a reference to videogames, from the health bar and score at the top of the screen, to the brief "PAUSE" message right before commercials (including the trademark pause ding like Mario games have). The humor is a lot like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, though the stories are more cohesive than ATHF's. The show has the visual style of an 8-bit game (a close comparison would be to the Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom series at, although stylistically it looks more like River City Ransom) However, this innocent presentation belies the highly offensive content, which includes plenty of swearing, lots of video game violence, and even one scene were one character paints his penis green after a hard night of partying. Yet, so much attention is put into little details, where hardcore gamers will notice many things from many old classic games and probably read into many things that casual viewers wouldn't even notice. If G4 ever needed a show to get them more attention from the masses, this would be it. Whether that's a good thing or not is yet to be seen, but I can say that Code Monkeys is brilliant and I hope it stays on the air for a long time.

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"Code Monkeys" Is Simply Put: HILARIOUS

Author: JH_Kalashnikov from United States
18 July 2007

G4 finally gets a show that has my attention! "Code Monkeys" raises the bar for great laughs, imaginative writing and, above all, enjoyable viewing.

How does it possess everything I said? Well I'm not going to spoil anything for you. This show has to be seen to be believed.

The animation of the show is an excellent homage to the days of 8-bit video games along with some very funny lines such as references to Apple Computers and "Ishtar."

The characters make the show slide along even better. Dave is our main character. A pot-head with some serious visions for what makes a good game. Too bad his idea for "E.T."...whoops, almost gave away the plot of the second episode...

You will beg for more than a half-hour show, believe me. It's addicting, very addicting TV watching.

This show is just starting out and I hope it lasts for a very long time. Long live "Code Monkeys"!

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Player 1 Start!

Author: CrassActionHero from United States
2 August 2007

Code Monkeys(2007)

Review: I have been an avid gamer for years since the old days of the Nintendo original. Now comes a show based on a made up video game. Code Monkeys.

What works right away is the concept. It's pure genius. Code Monkeys is about a group of people working for a company called Gamevision. We got your game developers, Dave, Jerry, Mary, Todd, we got the secretary Clare, The Accountant, Black Steve, the boss, Mr. Larrity, and his son Dean.

This show's greatest strength is the characters. All of em are very funny. We get the slacker Dave, creepy D&D fan Todd, the uptight Mary, the sensitive Jerry, angry Black Steve,(yep, that what he is really called here!)the slut Clare, the idiot Dean and the money grubbing Mr. Larrity. Code Monkeys does not have fear as they make fun of everything. And I mean everything. Let's not forget the ultra gay Clarence, the man who makes the games music. He's so gay that he sings instead of talks.

Do not forget the noticeable games tributes here like Mega Man, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Contra, and the show itself has the exact look of NES classic, River City Ransom! Included with points and pause for commercial breaks.

Code Monkeys is about as offensive and raunchy as South Park only better. This is not for kids. Not at all.

The Last Word: Are you an old school fan? Tune in. From tons of raunchy humor to the old school 80's look, this is truly a one of a kind show. I love it.

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Very Silly, Fun, and An All out Surprise

Author: killadamvol14 from United States
18 July 2007

As Adam De La Pena shows go, there a no go for me. But This Is a fresh, funny, original, and referenced nerds paradise. Its concept is really neat and the jokes are very funny and strangely compelling. Honestly, after surviving such bad programming on G4 its so surprising that this show is actually good. Give it a chance and also count how many references it makes and whats more amazing is how many i catch. My only slight grief is that the writing isn't so fresh at times and some may not like the weird pacing and pay off at the jokes. Aside from that the show is ingenious. This is a def for anyone watching G4 or looking for a new fresh and funny animated comedy.

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never fails to make me laugh

Author: cinderellagirl9 from United States
29 July 2007

code monkeys is a great show... in fact one of the best to hit g-4 since x-play. It is actually something to watch that has the humor of shows like south park, family guy, and a lot of original stuff. And it manages to make every episode have a bunch of moments that you and your friends will constantly be quoting the next day.

aright, down to business, I've already established code monkeys is great, but what makes it so great? well...

graphics- if you want to get technical they're a combination of 8 bit characters in a somewhat 32 bit environment. The characters flow and although their mouths can only make 4 different poses they still manage to pull off the talking audio- the voice acting is amazing, if they want a character to be crazy, he's crazy, if they want a dumb a$$, then hes dumb... and it executions it with some of the funnest lines I've heard in a long time humor- "I leaned over to kiss your face, but i punched it instead" style- with a bar up above to mock classic video game menus and features and all of the words being in 8 bit and the fire and bullets mocking Zelda and Contra its an awesome experience.

overall- ITS AWESOME

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Author: PhillipJarodNelson from United States
21 October 2007

As a hardcore gamer geek, this show really speaks to me. I've been gaming for twenty-some years and counting, and this wonderful show is riddled with game-related jokes from start to finish. I don't expect non-gamers to appreciate it too well, but anybody that's spend a decade or two with a game controller in hand should find the show entertaining enough.

It has the silly absurdity of South Park, not to mention the vulgarity, but the cast of characters are adults working at a fictitious game development studio. The art direction is interesting because it's obviously intended to appear like a classic 8-bit video game, on a system like the NES, complete with overly-pixilated character sprites. Each episode is intended to appear as if playing some sort of weird video game, with each show beginning with a start screen and ending with a "game over" screen, and typical in-game stuff like a score or health meter appears at the top of the screen, though sometimes swapped out with other gaming oddities like items collected. The show pauses for commercial breaks.

I wouldn't recommend this show to non-gamers, but to the hundreds of millions of gamers out there, this show comes highly recommended.

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Insert Credit (0/2)

Author: portnoys_disciple from United States
11 March 2008

Alright, so I'm a kid of the 90s. I grew up on NES and SNES games, and the old 8-bit and 16-bit technology is just nostalgia to me. I loved it, and still do. Now that I'm in my upper teens, I am able to enjoy everything this show has to offer, and not just the appearance...although the appearance in and of itself is extremely enjoyable as well.

The show rules, man. Inventive characters and good voice acting combined with out-of-the-park hilarity and a plethora of references to early gaming makes this show one of the absolute funniest I have ever seen. It's something that you don't have to be extremely in-tune with the gaming community to enjoy, and yet being part of it makes the show all the more enjoyable.

Some people may not like it because of its odd and sometimes inappropriate humor, some may not like it because it reminds them of that one level that they just couldn't beat when they were an acne-infested junior in high school, dropping quarter after quarter into that dang machine to no avail. And some may not like it because they simply can't be pleased.

Thankfully, I am not one of those people. This show gets a 10/10 for me. I certainly hope that they continue with the show and make more seasons of the fine, fine product that is Code Monkeys.


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Surprisingly funny

Author: ShmilboSmaggins from United States
15 July 2007

It's nice to see something on G4, that actually remotely resembles a video game. Now we have Cops, Cheaters, Jamie Kennedy Experiment, and Arrested Development. Now it's refreshing to have a show that, not only is about video game designers, it's format is made to look like video games back in there early days. I originally thought that this was going to be mediocre at best, and I was pleasantly surprised that I could put my fears to rest. It was filled with hilarity and randomness(the good kind)Let me say that this show is not for everyone, it's has some adult humor on it. It features characters which I have come to love, such as, Dave, Tod, and black Steve. Overall, I think this is going to be one of my favorite shows on to X-play

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best t.v. series g4 has ever seen

Author: brennan saul ( from United States
3 January 2010

This show is well thought out and in my opinion one of the funniest TV shows of all time! I think Adam De Pena is a genius for ever thinking up this kind of show.

This show is for mature audiences. that is a bit of an understatement. i recommend that you don't let your kids see this. there is some kind of weird nudity thing they do, but it isn't really much of a concern because the show is trying to capture bad resolution, so you cant really see a penis.There is also the use of drugs. mostly being smoked by the character Dave. and then there is sexual references and extreme language. and they also make fun of people who love the same sex. enough said for that.

This show is awesome, and you should heavily consider of buying or just watching this show if the content doesn't offend.i bought all the episodes from itunes and i watch at least two episode a day.and i am still loving the series.

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Excellent show,but not fun for the whole family.

Author: dynokick from United States
20 September 2007

The Good:Code Monkeys is a hilarious animated comedy about a cast of people working at an 80's video game company.The show is actually pixelated like 80's video games,too.The cast of characters,without special characters that appear in only one or two episodes is as follows:

Dave-programmer Jerry-programmer Clare-receptionist Mary-programmer Black Steve-accountant Benny-game tester Todd-programmer(?) Mr.Larrity-boss Dean-supervisor Clarence-audio...person

Hopefully I didn't forget anybody.I would've listed their personality,but that might be considered a spoiler.

The Bad:Not exactly family-safe(the fact that this is a bad thing is arguable).

All in all,don't miss Code Monkeys.Considered giving it a 9 because of the vulgarity,but I realized that almost everything is these days.

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