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Season 1

11 Jul. 2007
Wizard of Woz
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sells his video game developing company to a crazy Texas billionaire.
11 Jul. 2007
Steven Spielberg hires the company to make the video game for E.T, which becomes the worst video game ever.
18 Jul. 2007
Dave & Jerry leave the company to create their own video game company, Stonervision
25 Jul. 2007
Super Prison Breakout
After a sack of money is stolen from Mr. Larrity's vault, he throws all of his employees in prison.
1 Aug. 2007
Just One of the Gamers
After Mr. Larrity denies her work, Mary changes her appearance to a man's in order to publish games in the company.
8 Aug. 2007
The Take Over
After a Japanese video game publisher buys the company and fires everyone but Dave, Jerry enters the world of illegal eating contests to maintain money.
15 Aug. 2007
Larrity's Got Back
After Mr. Larrity becomes diagnosed with butt cancer, he gets butt implants that dance whenever rap is played.
22 Aug. 2007
When Gameavision's IPO make the employees millionaires, they all pursue their wildest dreams.
5 Sep. 2007
Todd Loses His Mind
Todd's D&D alter ego takes revenge against Mr. Larrity.

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