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In the film, Ariel takes her shirt off to start the bus derby. This is how, in the original script to the original Footloose (1984), she was supposed to start the tractor race.
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Zac Efron was originally cast as Ren McCormack, but he pulled out in March 2009 because he did not want people to think that all he could do was sing and dance, and so he could star in "Charlie St. Cloud"
Julianne Hough performed the stunt of riding on Chuck Cranston's car herself.
Julianne Hough beat out several favorites including Hayden Panettiere, Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes for the part of Ariel Moore.
Unlike the original, Kenny Wormald performed most of his own dance moves due to his dancing background.
Kevin Bacon was given the script, but could not find a role he was willing to play. One particular role originally written for him was Ren's deadbeat father. However, he gave director Craig Brewer his blessing.
The film is dedicated to the original Footloose (1984) director, Herbert Ross. Not only in the end credits, but the cop who pulls over Ren has "H. Ross" on his name tag. He is credited as Officer Herb.
Kenny Wormald (Ren) was born in 1984, the same year the original Footloose (1984) was released.
After discovering Footloose fan, Emily Whitcomb's "Footloose Rap" on Youtube, director Craig Brewer invited her to attend a preview screening of the movie where he filmed a "remake" of the rap with actors Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald as backup dancers. That clip was also uploaded to Youtube and was included in the Blu-ray special features.
During the barn dance, tons of confetti is shot out of a blower onto the happy crowd. Unfortunately, the mylar confetti was requested to be cut in 1/4 inch squares. It fell like lead. More confetti had to be hurriedly ordered and while it was the right size and shape to flutter down, there was not near enough of it for take after take. Between every take the confetti was swept and vacuumed up and recycled (along with anything else that happened to be on the floor). By the end of the night, everyone was covered in dirty, sweaty confetti.
Miles Teller had played his on-screen role of Willard Hewitt in a high school version of "Footloose: The Musical".
Julianne Hough, who plays one of the main characters (Ariel Moore) has a brother, Derek Hough, who starred as the lead character (Ren McCormack) in Footloose: the Musical.
In the original Footloose (1984), Frances Lee McCain played Ren's mother, Ethel McCormack (who was very much alive.) In the 2011 version, the photo of Ren's mother (who, in this version, has recently passed away) is actually a photo of Frances Lee McCain.
Although it is pretty rare, there have been individual towns or counties in the United States that have forbidden public dancing by law. For instance, in 1980, People Magazine ran a story about students at Elmore City High School in Elmore City, Oklahoma, who had to lobby the town's and school's officials for permission to have a prom. They were successful, and their prom was the first legal public dance in Elmore City since the town's 1861 founding. The plot of both this movie and its source, 1984's Footloose (1984), were loosely based on Elmore City's story.
Chace Crawford, who had been cast in the lead after Zac Efron left the project, pulled out of the movie in April 2010.
Kenny Ortega was originally stated to direct, but he pulled out following budget constraints and creative differences.
Kenny Wormald received the script from the musical instead of a draft from Craig Brewer before accepting the role.
The "Let's Dance" line took 20 takes to film.
Craig Brewer wanted to be a filmmaker after seeing the original Footloose (1984). He loved the movie so much, he recorded the audio and listened to it while walking.
Kim Dickens, Ray McKinnon, and L. Warren Young all star together in The Blind Side.
Craig Brewer turned down the director's chair twice.
Originally envisioned as an adaptation of the Broadway musical.
The exterior shot of the dance club "Cowboys" is of a real club in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Kim Dickens who plays Lulu Warnicker co-starred with the original Ren McCormack, Kevin Bacon in the 2000 film Hollow Man.
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Thomas Dekker was considered to play Ren McCormack.
Was filmed at R.L. Osborne High School in Marietta, Georgia.
The church scenes were filmed in Acworth Presbyterian Church in Acworth, Georgia.
Justin Timberlake recommended Kenny Wormald to be in the film as he was a back up dancer for him.
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The two girls who play on screen sisters are real life sisters
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Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell previously played a couple in Dinner with Friends (2001).
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Director Cameo 

Craig Brewer: His boots are seen dancing in the opening credits when the words "A Craig Brewer Film" appears.

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