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Character error 

On at least one occasion, the term "city council" is used, but at other times, the term "town council" is used. One of those has to be wrong.


When Chuck slaps Ariel to the ground, she lands slightly ahead of the right side of his black pickup truck. In the next shot when Chuck is driving away, Ariel is on the ground directly next to the truck, and further away.
The engine hood of the Volkswagon appears and disappears between scenes.
During the final dance scene, towards the end of the dance, Rusty can be seen already in the background wearing Willard's black cowboy hat. However, in the very next shot, Willard puts his black cowboy hat onto Rusty's head.
When Ren leaves the principal's office he gets in his VW beetle and drives off in a temper. There is no boot lid/engine cover on the car at that point but when he pulls into the warehouse seconds later, there is a boot lid complete with number plate.

Errors in geography 

When driving to the club it shows them driving to Atlanta, GA but they are really 40 minutes northwest of Atlanta in Kennesaw, GA at The Electric Cowboy (formerly Cowboys).

Factual errors 

At the beginning of the town hall meeting, the meeting is called to order with three raps of the gavel. According to Robert's Rules of Order, a guide for meeting room procedure, meetings are to be called to order by two raps of the gavel.

Revealing mistakes 

When Ren is pulled over and his license is being examined by the police, his license is an Over-21 Massachusetts license. The difference between Under-21 and Over-21 is that Under-21 licenses are vertical and Over-21 licenses are horizontal.
Ariel is wearing different shoes at Prom than when she left the house.
When Ren and the others are driving back from Atlanta and are crossing the bridge, they are driving on the wrong side of the road.
When Ren's aunt is in his bedroom and sitting on his bed, there is a clock on a ledge behind her. The second hand is not moving.

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