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An exhilarating visual experience and proves for the third time he's (Zemeck) is one of the few directors who knows what he's doing with 3-D.
A marvelous and touching yuletide toy of a movie.
As beautiful as the animation is, Zemeckis' real masterstroke is combining it with a loyalty to Dickens' story.
If some of the animation overdoes it, a lot of it is downright gorgeous. Few images this year have followed me home like the Ghost of Christmas Past, here imagined as a bright-flamed candle with the face of a child. It flickers. It whispers. It flies.
Miami Herald
Could there possibly be anything left to gain from yet another adaptation of Charles Dickens' tale about crabby old Ebenezer Scrooge and his life-changing encounter with three ghosts on Christmas Eve? In the case of Disney's A Christmas Carol, the answer is a surprising, resounding yes -- at least so far as the IMAX 3D version goes.
Like a dime-store holiday card, this Christmas Carol is well-crafted but artless, detailed but lacking soul.
This Christmas Carol seems like a pale ghost of Dickens' magical Christmas classic.
Visually immersive but emotionally uninvolving.
The Hollywood Reporter
Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol is, in its essence, a product reel, a showy, exuberant demonstration of the glories of motion capture, computer animation and 3D technology. On that level, it's a wow. On any emotional level, it's as cold as Marley's Ghost.
Gary Oldman pulls off his own hat trick, playing both noble Bob Cratchit and sickly Tiny Tim, as well as Scrooge's late partner, Marley, who haunts the miser in fluorescent green.
Wall Street Journal
This sad excuse for family entertainment tries to enshrine a classic while defacing it.

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