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Small Foot is busy guarding a train which contains a top secret device called a "disruptor." The disruptor is designed to block the astro beam from reversing.

All goes well with the trip until Small Foot is ambushed and savagely beaten up by Crasher, Cop-Tur, and Loco. A madman named Trident unhatches a plan to kidnap the world's leaders with the astro beam.

General Newcastle explains how the train was hijacked and how Small Foot was injured at the scene but he has no knowledge of just how bad Small Foot's injuries are. General Newcastle explains that the breech is a threat to national security. Turbo tries to assure General Newcastle that the Guardians have no intention of letting him down.

Leader-1 then sends Turbo to find the injured gobot and bring her back. Nick and A.J. are frantic because they know Matt was aboard the train. Leader-1 tries to reassure Nick and A.J. that they'll find Matt but first they have to find Small Foot.

Turbo returns with Small Foot. Her condition is critical and Leader-1's attention is turned to the young Guardian who is unresponsive. Upon further examination Leader-1 discovers that Small Foot's energy pulse is very weak and her survival depends on medical treatment and how well she responds to that treatment. Nick asks Leader-1 if he and A.J. can do anything to help Small Foot but Leader-1 tells them that there's nothing that he or A.J. can do. Leader-1 decides that Small Foot needs regeneration therapy. With Leader-1's attention turned to Small Foot Nick and A.J. decide to go on their own to find Matt.

Leader-1, Turbo, and Scooter are bound and determined not to let Small Foot die. Small Foot's only chance is regeneration therapy which Scooter hopes will recharge Small Foot's energy pulse and wake her up. The lowest setting doesn't work and Leader-1 starts to hope that Small Foot will get better. Scooter decides to give Small Foot a bigger boost of energy which starts to engulf her entire body. Leader-1 starts to notice Small Foot's seems to be responding to her treatment by opening her eyes and working out a system of blinks. Turbo knows that she's going to make it out of her coma. Scooter breathes a sigh of relief commenting on how close they came to losing Small Foot.

Small Foot, who is rattled after she woke up, jumps up on her elbows and asks what happened and where am I? Leader-1 explains that she was back where she belonged and that she was deactivated by the renegades. Leader-1's instincts have told him that A.J. and Nick may have taken matters into their own hands so Leader-1 goes on a rescue mission but first he needs to know if Small Foot is well enough to go with the rest of the Guardians on this rescue mission which she responds with an emphatic "you bet!"

Nick and A.J. arrive in a small plane that seems to be leading them towards a volcano in the carribean. Trident notices a security breech and sends Crasher, Cop-Tur, and Loco to bring down the plane by any means possible. The Renegades get the job done and take Nick and A.J.

Small Foot hints that she's ready to get out and rumble with Crasher again but Leader-1 warns her that they're only here to rescue Matt, the kids, and the world leaders and not to turn their vital rescue mission into a grudge match.

Matt who is still on the inside suddenly discovers that the cell bars are getting weaker and weaker each time that Trident uses the disruptor. He uses this discovery as a chance for him to free himself, the kids, and the world leaders. Matt then has a last rumble with Trident before Scooter arrives to rescue them. Scooter then turns on the view screen and discovers that the rest of the team isn't doing too well in their fight. Scooter then gets the idea to astro beam the renegades out of sight and out of mind but not before Cy-Kill gets in a last word "you won't get me!"

The world leaders are gathered around Matt, the kids, and the Guardians. Scooter only says that he sent the renegades to the Cressent Nebula figuring that it would take them a while to get back home. Small Foot laughs out loud which causes Leader-1 to give his soliders a verbal reprimand. The look on Leader-1's face says it all: "pay attention and don't be rude!"

The President of the U.S.A. thanks the Guardians for all of their help. Leader-1 replies that the Guardians were happy to be of asistance.

General Orlando admits that Matt was right about the Guardians being a vital part of Earth's defense but Matt confesses that there must have been an easier way to prove his point.


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