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Cheerful and amusing little animation
bob the moo31 March 2014
The premise in this short animation is a cheerful dog finds an equally cheerful new best friend – although this new best friend happens to be his own tail. They run together, hang out together and generally have fun and it is a simple and upbeat little film as a result and, while not amazing, it is very easy to enjoy.

The animation is a big part of this and at this point I should stress I have no idea what I'm talking about in terms of how it was made. The dog character appears to be on stop-motion paper (although he is not) and as a result has an old-school drawn quality to him, right down to the thick pencil shading on his ears etc. This character fits into a computer animated world which sort of matches that style but not totally. The effect is good as the character is not only smoothly animated and flexible but still retains a rough quality that I liked. The use of music is relentlessly upbeat and again helped make the film enjoyable and engaging.

It isn't deep and it has no hidden meaning or pretensions, but sometimes it is perfectly OK for a short film to just want to entertain and this one did in its own charming and cheerful way.
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