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Season: 1
Year: 2007

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1

15 November 2007
Mr. Colubrine's real estate firm, England's market leader, opens a branch in SE England, run by arrogant hot shot manager Matt. Naive Danny eagerly joins as sales agent, but soon discovers the firm's way is not honesty but ambivalence, lying and cheating. he struggles with his career options and conscience. Yet precisely by taking naive risks, he ends up winning key deals. Matt decides to keep Julian's dream residence off the market, hoping to snap it up himself at a steel price.

Nina Sosanya ... Kate

Bryan Dick ... Danny

Kris Marshall ... Matt
Dan Johnston ... Jonty

Ella Smith ... Phoebe

Christina Cole ... Mel
Sally Hurst ... Paulette

James Buckley ... Wayne

Nicholas Rowe ... Richard

Anthony Head ... Mr. Colubrine

Grant Masters ... Julian
James Buller ... Handsome Neighbour
Georgina Levers ... Sophie

James Payton ... Dazzlin' Darren

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2

22 November 2007
Matt is proud of the branch's sales, but when boss Colubrine discovers they have nothing left on offer, everyone is hastily sent out. Jonty convinces people to consider selling by blatant lies. Mel uses cheep female charms, and even fat Phoebe seems lucky with competitor salesman Gavin, but ordered to steal his clients and then dump him. Danny decides against selling a single property to two sisters, sensing they wouldn't get along well, but hopes to sell to each separately.

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode #1.3

6 December 2007
Mr. Colubrine orders far more properties to be sold, playing on the motivating emotion fear. Matt realizes there is a good one: parents are desperate to get their kids in reputed schools, which only recruit from surrounding 'districts'. So he concocts a deal with St.Julian's, but the head mistress proves a match in devious greed. The apprentice she imposes proves hell for 'mentor' Jonty. Mel hopes the porn-baron she helps by the Ellesmere castle estate from the aristocratic family will marry her, but may have to settle for more prosaic benefits.

Ella Smith ... Phoebe
Dan Johnston ... Jonty

Kris Marshall ... Matt

Bryan Dick ... Danny

Anthony Head ... Mr. Colubrine

Christina Cole ... Mel

Karen Bryson ... Angela Tudor
Milo Clare ... Alan Tudor

Raquel Cassidy ... Yvette Daniels

Arnold Oceng ... Josh

Richard Harrington ... Paul Bamforth
Frances Tomelty ... Lady Ellesmere
Blair Plant ... Seb
Alice Glover ... Freddie Ellesmere
James Fiddy ... Rupert

Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #1.4

6 December 2007
Matt boast to Mr. Colubrine his brilliant idea to make a killing on monumental buildings to get a reassignment, but is held to the implicit promise. Danny is disgusted to learn his useless ma Ceska holds the key for the cemetery where she never visits his dad Peter Mayse's grave and sells it to Mat. Jonty and Phoebe try to sell a 'ghost mansion', where retired, in-living caretaker Jack Higgins fears expulsion, welcoming especially Jonty getting spooked. Danny resents selling the house where he grew up until Ceska's adultery drove Peter to suicide to an unstable couple.

Season 1, Episode 5: Episode #1.5

13 December 2007
Matt boats to Colubrine he'll have sold all flats in hard to please Lord Derek's development project, only to find he forgot all about the rule 20% must go to socially selected people, like medical - or police staff, who get special loans. Jonty is homeless, being evicted penniless, and moves in with Phoebe, who shamelessly piles up domestic chores and seems to consider him her romantic toy-boy. Matt's sneaky vandalism staging and Mel's seductive charms fail in this market segment. Danny's sixth sense turns sacked ICT expert Harry's doomed creative career ambitions, divorced cop Terry's worries for his teenage son Roger, whose frustration over ma leaving them is wrecking his school prospects, and a latent 'social case' into criterion sales.
Dan Johnston ... Jonty

Kris Marshall ... Matt

Christina Cole ... Mel

Ella Smith ... Phoebe

Bryan Dick ... Danny
Adam Woodroffe ... Buyer

Bruce Mackinnon ... Harry

Anthony Head ... Mr. Colubrine
Morgan Jones ... Male Firefighter

Wunmi Mosaku ... Female Firefighter

Patsy Prince ... W.P.C. Smith
Laila Vakil ... Social Worker

Lizzie Roper ... Elizabeth
Ben Smith ... Roger (as Benjamin Smith)

Ian Puleston-Davies ... Terry
Eliza Hunt ... Nurse

Adrian McLoughlin ... Lord Derek

Season 1, Episode 6: Episode #1.6

20 December 2007
Mr. Colubrine gets Matt and his team even more excited by announcing one of them may be appointed manager of his latest real estate branch, in Spain, notably one who proves to have no bothersome fear or conscience. Jonty joins Phoebe's plan to trick a pregnant couple, so eager they camp inside the office until their dream deal is signed, but gets loaded with menial services such as feet massage. Matt proves Danny's gullible mother, selfish Ceska, lacks any maternal love. Danny refuses to follow suit, but makes a startling discovery about faked family trees.

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