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Do you Love Indie Horror?
screamking28 October 2007
I'm a huge indie horror fan. And I mean real indie, not big studio movies pretending to be "independent". If you love that type of movie like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the original Night of the Living Dead, then this movie is for you. If you're looking for stuff like SAW or HOSTEL which are more your high level indie/low level studio, you might not appreciate it. In fact, I kind of got the feeling they were really trying to recreate that old style TCM feel. The story was workable, definitely a plus in this kind of movie where half of them just don't make sense. The acting was solid and really reminded me of that 60's, 70's style. FX were better than expected.

ScreamKing ReportCard:

Splatter? YES Gore Score: 8 buckets Story: 5 buckets FX: 7 buckets Actors: Joe Estevez! 8 buckets Recommend: Joe Bob would love it. If you love the indies, go for it!
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How disappointing was this film for you????
seraphaxg26 October 2007
I'm constantly amazed by the trash that people pass off as entertainment / horror- and this film is a prime example of just that. It was, in my opinion, neither entertaining or horrific.

I would suggest the acting is horrific, the lack of story line is pretty horrific and the camera work is pretty horrific- but as far as content goes, this is far from a decent horror movie.

I originally saw the movie when it was rated as 6.x on IMDb, and I was hopeful ... unfortunately, I was duped. I can only presume some poor so, and so, had seen the film and wanted someone else to suffer the pain they had in going to watch this poor attempt at a horror film. Well, I'm learning- I used to trust IMDb- but, as with most things in the public domain, the opinions are not controlled and anyone who rated this film higher than a "1" should really consider whether or not their faculties are intact. It was appalling, abysmal, awful, terrible ... I really cannot think of a single redeeming factor in the hour-and-a-half of my life that I will never get back that I spent watching this film.

If anyone can help me in finding a redeeming quality, please do so- I'm desperately looking for something positive to find in this film to justify the time that I spent watching it, but I can't for the life of me think what that could be.
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Pleasantly Surprised
Charlie7 November 2007
I didn't expect much from a Joe Estevez movie after "gems" like Death Row and Zombiegeddon. See Jane Run is actually a pretty good movie. While it obviously doesn't have a budget and isn't a blockbuster horror film like Hostel or Saw, I thought that the acting and picture were extremely good. The actors didn't overact like they do in most horror flicks. I thought that was great. The story wasn't anything new, but it kept my attention and the payoff was good at the end. I think that the direction of the film was the weakest link, but the actors and cinematographer did an awesome job and I would definitely recommend See Jane Run to anyone looking for a movie that skates the line between horror and art house.
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See Jane walk, see Jane sit, see Jane bore
dschmeding29 February 2008
Hell no... I wonder what drives amateur film makers to make such senseless movies. Take it for granted... this movie is not gory, it has no suspense, it has one of the most boring main actors EVER and the plot seems written in 5 Minutes. What do you get.... 4 Kids are on a trip, 1 couple, 1 loser and 1 strange girl named Jane who seems to be on sleeping pills. At first the strange acting of her and the loser drives your attention to whats behind it... but there is nothing. After picking up a cool dude they end up in the house of a strange religious barbecue-freak who invites them... and come on, you know whats coming. 5 kids... strangers house, barbecue?!?!

Until anything happens you have to sit through 50 minutes of nearly nothing happening, just to get some lame kills and a 15 Minute torture sequence. Even here Jane doesn't change her facial expression and her whole character and actions are neither explained nor make any sense in the end. And to give you the biggest letdown, Jane doesn't even run. The plot is ridiculous, making barely any sense in fusing loosely touching threads together to a big mess and the acting is awkward in the beginning and plain ridiculous in the torture sequences. Now if you watch movies for hot irons to the face, good ole cannibalism and a computer generated decapitation... watch this and fast forward in between the 3 "highlights". It really drives me nuts to see so much time being wasted by those involved and those watching on a script that could have been written by a retard with more logic to it. BAD! Especially because its trash that tries to be more and falls flat on its face. Introducing a main character like Jane without any hint of resolving makes me wants to slap those responsible for 90 minutes of my life being wasted.
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Darlene7 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
See Jane Run is a fun rental. It's artsy and sort of slow at the beginning but the end is packed with horror/torture scenes that make you cringe. The sound is a little fuzzy in the first scene but is actually clearer in the rest of the film than the sound usually is in low budget horror movies. The actors all did a great job building the tension and keeping you guessing. I actually thought that Jane was the killer until the middle of the movie, so that was pretty cool. The iron scene is also a high point. Even though the story is nothing special, it held together pretty well and was on the same level as other horror films I have seen. The special effects varied in their quality. Some of them worked really well while others were less believable. Overall, I gave the movie a 9 because the acting and cinematography were great for a low budget film. I definitely would recommend this to horror fans.
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See Jane Stop and a Pleasant Looking Surbaban House that is Suppose to Be a BBQ Restaurant
FrightMeter27 October 2008
Taking its title from the popular children's basils "Dick and Jane" is a clever little idea; the only problem is we never actually see Jane run. In fact, we don't see Jane do much of anything except whine, look mopey, and, overall, be a real party pooper.

The plot of this film is about as clichéd as it gets in the slasher genre: a group of friends are traveling through the country, decide it is a good idea to pick up a hitchhiker, get lured into going to a barbecue restaurant (which is actually a house) and begin to get killed off one by one by the madman living there. Yes, sounds almost exactly like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," doesn't it? Only one problem...this film isn't nowhere near as effective.

First, Jane is supposed to be our heroine, yet she is extremely annoying, whining about anything and everything and is obviously suffering from some sort of social anxiety disorder that is never really explained. This makes it impossible to root for her or to really care what happens to her. Secondly, the friends are assured that the place they are being sent to is the "best barbecue restaurant in the state of Texas," yet when they pull up IT'S A FRICKIN HOUSE!! I mean, a real house in the middle of a suburban neighborhood! I don't know about you, but that would be my first clue that something is not right. I certainly wouldn't go to the door expecting to be served barbecue, but that is exactly what the four of them do. Even worse, it's actually a really nice house, taking away any hope of the setting providing creepy atmosphere. Run down crappy house in middle of nowhere=scary. Nice, new suburban house with awesome landscaping, cool backyard patio, and nice looking neighbors close by=not scary. Even worse yet, the killer is completely not intimidating or scary in the least. Think of Jerry Seinfeld as a serial killer. Nothing remotely scary about it, is there? He wears no mask, is not huge and stocky, and acts pretty normal (you know, despite the killing part). Again, like so many of these films, the ending is completely predictable once we establish that Jane is our heroine (as lousy of one as she is), though the last 20 minutes of the film consist of her being tied to a chair. Oh...she almost gets rescued by a jogger (yeah, when a passing jogger can here your victim tied to a chair in your garage, you know you haven't selected your location wisely).

The positive thing about this film is that it is gorier than what I thought it would be. Not that I am a huge gorehound, but when pretty much everything else about the film sucks, it's a nice surprise. The blood flows here in gallons, and for being such a wussy looking killer, the guy actually is pretty brutal with his weapons.

Overall, this film is a lame rip-off of "TCM" and countless other films that COULD have been creepy and effective, but the filmmakers seem hellbent on doing everything they could to make it NOT creepy and effective. Even "The Butcher," another recent DTV slasher film with a very similar plot was able to get the setting/atmosphere right. This was just a real let down.

My Grade: D- (the death scenes keep it from being a complete failure)
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A cut above most...
Paul Magby31 December 2007
This especially if you are an avid renter/buyer of independent horror films as I am. I'm in the production of said films so I am very much interested in what others are doing and as such, this film in no way is worth less than good marks on many levels. One person asked if some one could point out redeeming qualities on this film, to please do so, so I will do just that. It has what most people want in horror, a story, gory death scenes, good acting and misdirection. Not only that but great direction, photography and if I do say so myself, special effects. If you want to know about films with no redeeming quality whatsoever, email me and I'll point you in the right/wrong direction. If you like a horror film that was not thought out, doesn't require you to pay much attention to get what is going on or that doesn't show any graphic horror scenes(which is the case with about 99% of all independent horror films), then this one probably isn't for you. If you like being drawn into what you are watching and can comprehend a little more than a simple thought(which I think is about 99% of you out there:), you will enjoy this film.
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screenwriter-323 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was pleasantly surprised by this indie horror. Loved the nod to Joe Estevez and the whole genre. FX were much better than expected and made the gore creative and cool. And the leads could act! Got a whole Dead Alive vibe from this. It was indie but it hits every mark, honours the genre but it's creative. I loved the Estevez opener. I thought the Texas setting was pretty cool-and it must have been shot there because it really looked like it could be in Texas not the generic "this can pass for Texas but it's really California" setting. It contributed to the general quirkiness that gave me that Dead Alive feeling. And unlike 90% of the indies especially horror, the editing was not a beating-very smooth. It's a great little film and you get that "These guys are going somewhere" feeling.
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What horrified me the most...
MrGKB15 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
...was that somehow this low-fi bit of exploitation made its way into my local library's system. Strictly a vanity project that only the movie makers' friends could ever love, "See Jane Run" is yet another example of why many young actors shouldn't get carried away with themselves, and how Joe "I've been in more movies than my brother, but he's done more TV" Estevez will take a paycheck any ol' day of the week.

Yr humble writer is tempted to hyperbolic excess, but will do his best to refrain. "See Jane Run" begs for it, though, begs for it on hands and knees with its head stuck through a kitty door. You'll see what I mean if you actually make the mistake of killing 86 minutes and uncountable brain cells watching it. Like I said, vanity project.

"See Jane Run" is yet another one of those tyro efforts that springs half-twisted from a single scene (in this case, one between the lead nutjob and his prime victim), and proceeds to build its crippled self around that scene. Note to the producers/writer/director/actors: that's NOT how you make a worthwhile movie! "See Jane Run" is rife with sophomoric dialog, a half-baked, old-hat premise (suburban cannibalism), a plethora of "oh, c'mons!" and more unconvincing acting, photography, and direction than you can disguise with mediocre cgi fx, derivative gore set pieces, and poorly-mixed music. I'll grant that the thing looks somewhat better than its obviously minuscule budget allowed, but that's just damning with faint praise. You folks can do better, I'm sure of it, but first things first: WRITE A DECENT SCRIPT!!

The rest of you reading this have been duly warned. Meanwhile, I'll be berating my local library for wasting public monies on this junk.
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what was that??? *MAY contain spoilers*
kroork2 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i have to start out by asking if this movie was a high school drama project? The story i think, is about a group of teenagers and and some random guy, who get led astray to some guys house for BBQ dinner. Once they Are done they decide to stay the night. pretty typical and thin right. well at this point the killing starts. i could not believe my eyes when i saw such horrid CGI killings. Considering some horror movies from the 80's have awesome practical effects with no budget. So there is no x-cuse for this kind of laughable "horror".

The acting was so bad i don't even know what to say. The main character looked like she was asleep through the whole movie. she had no emotion what so ever and at one point is very creepy and insane. It did not fit into the "plot" at all.

This movie was nothing but an awkward mess. and i am actually surprised considering all the positive reviews i read for it. ALl i have to say is that if you liked it, your standards r so low, maybe u might like another movie called BTK Killer by Ulli Lommel, or really anything by Ulli Lomme.

this movie was laughable and i would be embarrassed to have my name anywhere in the credits of this mess.

you want a horror freaks opinion, stay far away, don't even watch it out of curiosity, don't let any money be made off this junk. my actual rating for this movie is 0. it gets nothing from me
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