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9 Jan. 2009
Eagle Two
The team's easy assignment turns complex when the wife of the VIP they're protecting is rigged with a bomb.
16 Jan. 2009
Backwards Day
Sergeant Parker mixes with the usual order when he puts himself in charge of tactical and Sam as negotiator after a wife takes another woman hostage believing she's had an affair with her husband.
23 Jan. 2009
Haunting the Barn
The SRU is split between two crises as a bomb endangers a train station, and one of their own takes headquarters hostage.
13 Feb. 2009
Between Heartbeats
SRU takes on a lethal opponent trained in urban warfare who will stop at nothing to exact his revenge, endangering the team members as they try to flush out the sniper.
27 Feb. 2009
Business as Usual
The team tests a recuperating Jules' potential replacement, and then is called to a scene where three desperate men have taken an executive hostage to force an apology.
6 Mar. 2009
The Fortress
A simple robbery turns into a hostage situation, and Parker struggles to gain the trust of the nanny who may be more involved than is originally thought.
13 Mar. 2009
Clean Hands
SRU is tasked with the transfer of a serial killer being flown in from another country, but the job is beset by resentful officials, a hostage situation and Donna Sabine's first kill shot.
3 Apr. 2009
Aisle 13
When two desperate teenagers take hostages in a store, Parker uses a risky maneuver to reach one of them through the other.
10 Apr. 2009
The Perfect Family
The team finds themselves in a high-speed pursuit after biological parents reclaim their baby from the adoptive family, and Parke will end up bargaining not only for the baby's life, but the desperate father's as well.
24 Apr. 2009
Remote Control
The team deals with a hostage who turns hostage-taker when his pregnant wife is used to force him to rob a bank, and Jules' return puts Donna's future with the SRU in question.
1 May 2009
Perfect Storm
A bullied teenager goes on a rampage at his high school, sending the team racing to ensure the safety of the students and hopefully talk him down, but a family member compromises the rescue plan as grief causes him to lose control.
8 May 2009
Last Dance
The unit faces ethical decisions when they engage a couple who've taken a wedding party hostage so that the woman's last request can be fulfilled.
15 May 2009
Exit Wounds
The team sweeps a hospital floor by floor as they try to keep two brothers safe from gang members trying to silence them.
4 Jun. 2010
One Wrong Move
Serial bombs set by an ecoterrorist strain the team's resources and endanger one of the members' lives.
11 Jun. 2010
Never Let You Down
A young woman is abducted by a man who believes she's his daughter, and the team must dip into a personal loss while negotiating for her release, all whilst adjusting to a new member.
9 Oct. 2009
Just a Man
Ed's youth neighborhood protégé Anton Brand's fourth parole hearing fails after another testimony from the daughter of shopkeeper Amiri whom he killed during his only hold-up as a teenager. Shortly after, Nothing To Lose (NTL) prison gang leader Sloan Keller starts a row which looks like an escape attempt but mainly aims to eliminate the rival, still leading Blood gang. Anton gets hold of Amiri's wife and daughter.
25 Jun. 2010
Lawyer Adam Westfall is held at gunpoint by Donald Mitchell, who won the custody case for Liam and Alice against his wife, Westfall's client Helen. Donald correctly assumed Helen is helped by the lawyer's assistant to abduct their children to Ireland. The team arrests Donald and chases Helen, who has taken the kids with the help of her boy-friend Jason.
23 Oct. 2009
Coming to You Live
Team One must locate and rescue a politician before a vengeful radio shock jock kills him on the air.
18 Jun. 2010
The Farm
A hostage crisis at a gas station becomes much more urgent when the hostage-taker reveals that a cult leader is about to kill his followers at his compound.
30 Jul. 2010
You Think You Know Someone
After Sergeant Gregory Parker is abducted, his team must race to find him. As they learn more about the people who abducted him, they uncover a secret he's kept hidden for 10 years.
23 Jul. 2010
The Good Citizen
The SRU are in search of a man who stopped two local drug dealers from vandalizing a local restaurant only to take their gun and hunt down them and other local drug dealers who he believes burnt down his family store and are the reason for his younger brothers death from an overdose.
9 Jul. 2010
Behind the Blue Line
Sam Braddock's negotiator skills are put to the test when he forms a special connection to a sniper holed up in an arena that's scheduled for demolition and ends up questioning his role as a member of the SRU.

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