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Season 3

16 Jul. 2010
Unconditional Love
Team One is called to a gun-buy-gone-wrong, only to discover the team is in pursuit of a psychopath in the making.
6 Aug. 2010
Severed Ties
Multiple child abductions lead the team to a distraught mother who will stop at nothing to put her family back together.
13 Aug. 2010
Follow the Leader
Following an interception of a white supremacist compound the team discovers that they have a much bigger problem on their hands - multiple bomb targets across the city.
20 Aug. 2010
Whatever It Takes
What appears to be a hazing incident leads the SRU to discover a high school's dark history. Things become more complicated when their victim threatens to jump off the school's roof while another boy takes their basketball coach hostage.
6 May 2011
Collateral Damage
A man escapes custody and takes hostage the coroner whose autopsy results stated his infant was shaken to death. Ed Lane leads the negotiation as the man demands the results be looked at by someone else in an effort to prove his innocence.
3 Sep. 2010
The Other Lane
While the team tries to stop some gunrunners in a residential neighborhood they discover a surprise. Someone they know is involved. Has a suspended cop gone bad or is this a chance to right a wrong?
13 May 2011
Thicker Than Blood
An unhappy customer with hostages at a credit union turns out to have a stolen identity. But the SRU soon realizes that the situation is more desperate and that there is another man involved who will stop at nothing to save his dying son.
10 Sep. 2010
Jumping at Shadows
When a 911 operator gets a call from a young person who is constantly telephoning in false alarms, the operator tries to hang up but she hears a shot so the team is sent to check it out. When they arrive they find a woman shot, and the girl is not there. They also find several ids. When the woman wakes up she reveals that her daughter witnessed a crime a few years ago. So that the authorities can catch the criminals, they went into hiding. She believes her husband and daughter are on the run. When they catch the shooter they learn he's not alone so the girl is still ...
17 Sep. 2010
Acceptable Risk
Shaken by a gruesome spree shooting incident, Team One returns to the station only to come under review by Special Investigations Unit agent Jill Hastings. Each team member is sequestered and questioned separately about the incident in accordance with SIU procedure.
20 May 2011
No Promises
When Spike's mentor disappears with one of the two prisoners he was transporting after crashing into a bus, questions arise as to whether the mentor is the hostage or the hostage taker as the SRU discovers he was under investigation.
3 Jun. 2011
A man suffering from paranoid schizophrenia shoots a man and takes several others hostage in a restaurant where he is convinced the owner leads a terrorist cell. As the SRU tries to resolve the situation, they learn that there may be another person plotting a worse attack.
10 Jun. 2011
I'd Do Anything
Complications arise in a high-risk SRU raid when an informant gets caught in a dangerous game of love, murder and betrayal.
17 Jun. 2011
Fault Lines
While the team is being re certified, they have to face a psychiatrist who is known for getting cops relieved of duty, and makes every member of team face up to certain things. And the commander claims he wasn't the one who brought him in. And this is all happening just as Ed's wife is going into labor.

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