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Intrepid, sexy reporter Paula Perillo finds herself investigating mob boss Anthony Carleoni, when a sudden explosion happens in the wharf area of Big City. She quickly finds herself deep in action and peril as she tries to uncover why Carleoni has chosen to make his move to control an entire section of Big City...or does he have other, unseen intentions?

Paula's life is complicated when she finds herself paired with hunky photographer Jimmy Smith, aided by the shadowy, mysterious informant Delphi and rivaled by snooty, sexy Celebrity beat reporter Veronica Vilencourt.

Will Paula uncover the true Carleoni plan? Or will she have to endure peril after unspeakable peril in order to stop him in time? Only one thing is certain: Paula will learn why Midnight is the Darkest Hour!

Now for the first time, the full, live action version of the Atlantis Studios' comic book! Directed by international fan filmmaker Andy Rodriguez, based on characters created by James Watson.


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