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Season: 1
Year: 2008

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1

10 January 2008
Cornish sea resort Polanrren's popular stud Jimmy Penwarden promises his romantically desperate buddy Charlie Morgan 'first call' on the first new girl in town. Motorbike trouble means Jimmy is first to meet her. Brae's dad, craftsman Daniel 'Dan' Marrack, recently moved back, shortly after his wife's death, to the resort he left 20 years earlier after a fatal boating incident which also caused a feud with his brother Mark, who is 'developing' the idyllic coast area.

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2

11 January 2008
Softie Charlie Morgan sweetly makes up with the locals and makes progress with newcomer Abi Marrack, who calls him 'fluffy'. Jimmy Penwarden confirms he leaves Charlie first chance with her, but realizes he really wants her himself. Ian Brenton learns that the bank is likely to foreclose on old owner Fin Morgan's caravan park, where Ian works as handyman and barman. He asks Mark Penwarden to invest to renovate it, but the businessman is only interested in the land for development. Dan finishes his renovation, only to see it smeared 'killer' by vandals, presumably sent by Mark. He explains to his family about the Penwarden boat accident victim, but Susan assures him there's a worse reason she can't divulge.

Season 1, Episode 3: Episode #1.3

18 January 2008
Despite everything, Daniel Marrack opens the surf café. Next his van is torched, but big brother Mark denies ordering vandals and arranges a confrontation where his wife distances herself from Dan. Shy son Charlie asks Jimmy advice to seduce newcomer Abi, lacks courage but gets his loyally backed-out potential rival's accidental help. Ian reopens the caravan café, which Mark is as hell-bent to take over.

Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #1.4

25 January 2008
Brae Marrack is the brains and driving force behind Danny's family's shop Waves's festive opening. Realizing Abi prefers Jimmy to himself, Charlie pretends to have lost interest in her. Ian and his partner nearly perish in a fire started absentmindedly by a jealous brat watching them kiss, but Brae saves them both.

Season 1, Episode 5: Episode #1.5

1 February 2008
After the fire, Ian is in hospital with severely burnt longs, but pulls trough. Dan is all clumsy in the surf shop, where a female writer still flirts with him. Mark gets airhead daughter Grace to confess she caused the explosion. He mysteriously forbids Jimmy to date Abi, but sneaking about the knave sees his ma kissing uncle Dan, while claiming she can't reveal her nightmare. Fin admits to Charlie he'll probably have to sell to mark.

Season 1, Episode 6: Episode #1.6

8 February 2008
Jimmy questions his ma about secretly kissing her ex, his uncle Dan. Abi gets pa's permission to motorbike-date Jimmy, actually to have sex. After asking around about Jimmy's early months, Dan rushes off, hoping to stop them. Ian is released from hospital, grumpy to be ruined and unemployed, so Jacki seeks comfort with Brae.

Season 1, Episode 7: Episode #1.7

15 February 2008
Daniel and Mark fail either separately to keep Jimmy and Abi apart or to get their act together. Although the kids are kept in the dark, gloom spreads among them despite a party Charlie got going by promising free first drinks while Ivy is off dating Fin. Jimmy overhears his parents bicker with Mark concerning keeping from him the truth: uncle Dan is his biological father.

Season 1, Episode 8: Episode #1.8

22 February 2008
After overhearing he's Dan's son, not Mark's, Jimmy prevents incest by dumping Abi, pretending he only used her get at his dad. Brae patiently deals with Charlie, who is bitterly upset by Narinder's bitching, actually working out her frustration over the party nearly costing her job, as if he were a selfish zero. Back home, Jimmy is assured by mark and ma they're his parents, and summoned to join Dan, who demanded scientific proof, for a DNA test in hospital.

Season 1, Episode 9: Episode #1.9

29 February 2008
Marc triumphs as DNA-test results confirm he's Jimmy's dad. The knave refuses to forgive sincerely apologetic Dan, who later bitterly blames adulteress Susan for cheating on both lovers. Jimmy manages, after a disheartening failure, to make up with Abi by declaring his love. Charlie promises her to keep silent about their 'drunk one-night stand'. Brae comforts dad by challenging him to surf lessons. Ian found a perfect Scottish alliterative, but Jaqui pots for not being consorted from the start. Narinder's big brother Amit fails to make her return home, revealing she has a fatal brain tumor.

Season 1, Episode 10: Episode #1.10

7 March 2008
Jimmy's confession gets him back on kissing terms with Abi, and soon they go all the way on the beach. Their parents remain caught in mistrust. Daniel notices Brae's gloom but can't get his son to elaborate on his broken heart.

Season 1, Episode 11: Episode #1.11

14 March 2008
Each household seems to lick its wound separately. Everyone gathers for Fin's surprise 70th birthday party. Ian successfully proposes to Jackie. Discovering mark hides a second cellphone, Susan assumes him adulterous and offers herself to Daniel, who is interested.

Season 1, Episode 12: Episode #1.12

21 March 2008
The party breaks up after Susan ran off with Mark, knowing about his latest adultery. Jimmy wants to sell his ma, but Gracie meanly makes him 'feel how its' like' by betraying his Abi did it with poor Charlie, who gets knocked down. Later they make up and Narinder confesses her love to delighted Charlie. Mark fails to make Susan backtrack on divorcing him for the kids' sake or by threats to her and Danny, who gets told his unborn child died after their break-up, although his and her version differ on how and why.

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