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This film is insane

Author: holo69 from New Zealand
17 January 2008

This is a film that wallows and writhes in ecstatic abandon with the pure joy of being a B-Movie. I'm sure it never pretends to be anything else, and as such should be rated in those terms. Maybe as a 'film' it deserves its IMDb rating of 4.3, but as an exploitation/horror flick it would have to rate a solid 7.5. For those who enjoy the genre, you should find much to love.

The basic premise is this ... get a bunch of babes in form-fitting nurse costumes, point the camera at them a lot while they're walking away, introduce the obligatory Asian hair ghost, and sprinkle liberally with copious amounts of blood and creative death sequences.

Yeah its got a story, but who cares. Read one of the other reviews if that concerns you.

Fans of Asian horror will no doubt find it somewhat derivative - this is a 2007 film using the whole hair-ghost angle that was already tired and overdone in 2005. Connoisseurs will also recognise a famous scene lifted from Takashi Miike's Gozu, but in the spirit of Tarantino lets call it 'an homage'. In any case, it really doesn't matter - the film is too much fun to get hung up on critical technicalities. Crack open a beer and enjoy the show!

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Thai horror films = good

Author: Erin McMillin from United States
9 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Suay Laak Sai (Sick Nurses), a Thai horror film about a group of seven nurses and a doctor who are involved in a somewhat vague scam of selling dead bodies for money. When one of the nurses discovers that the doctor she intends to marry is having a fling with her sister (also a nurse), she threatens to oust the nurses' evil scheme. In return, the girl is brutally murdered to prevent their secret from being revealed. To make things short, the rest of the film takes on a horror plot. The murdered nurse comes back from the dead seven hours after her death to enact her revenge. And what a revenge it is! The ghost visits each girl and tortures them based on their individual vices--bulimia, materialism, narcissism, the desire to obtain the perfect body. The film contains surprising plot twists that are too good to even allude to and a balanced mix of humor, satire, and gore to gain it "cult" status. Under the rubric of successful horror films, Suay Laak Sai has a terrifying ghost, a good amount of gore, and a satisfying plot as well as ending.

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A Fun, Bloody Horror Flick - No More, No Less

Author: ebossert from United States
7 May 2008

After killing one of their own, a group of organ-stealing nurses pay the consequences. This is quite possibly the most entertaining Thai horror film ever made. The characters are hyperbolized to the point where they are intrinsically interesting to watch (not to mention the fact that all of them are gorgeous Thai girls in scantily clad nurse uniforms) and they also add an element of black humor. Even the ghost herself shatters genre clichés with her obvious sadism and enjoyment in reaping vengeance. The main attractions, however, are the spectacular death scenes that arrive during the latter half. These are highly imaginative with impressive quantities of blood, but are not very disturbing because they're so much fun to watch. The nurse named Nook is one tough bitch who won't go down without a fight, and the one-on-one duel to the death between her and the ghost is an instant classic. There are one or two scenes with poor CGI, but this is an extremely inventive horror film with frenetic pacing and excellent camera-work and lighting. This is a horror film that's meant to be fun first and foremost - and it works.

Some other reviewers on other websites seem to gloss over the fact that the ghost in this movie is NOT the clichéd stereotype that pervades some of the Japanese and South Korean horror releases. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the ghost in Sick Nurses is instead a SATIRE of Japanese horror because she is unequivocally SADISTIC, reaping boatloads of pleasure with each and every kill. This is very different from the stereotype. The reviewers may be partially correct in pointing out that the antagonist is a woman ghost, but were completely wrong in asserting that the character is a cliché.

Another obvious misstatement by these reviewers is that Sick Nurses is a superficial movie. Sure, it's not as magnificent as A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) or as cerebral as Kairo (2001), but it does have quirky victims and good characterization in general because each obsession is exaggerated to the point where it becomes blackly comical. I know American moviegoers are typically too stupid to pick stuff like this up (e.g., there's a very specific reason why the girl takes a shower with her clothes on), but that doesn't change the fact that it's still there to be seen and enjoyed. Not every horror movie needs incredibly annoying, drug-addicted, sex-crazed teenagers as protagonists. For most viewers of mainstream Hollywood horror this little fact may be difficult to understand, I know, but there are other people that exist in this world.

I usually prefer horror movies that are more dense with content (nothing recent from Hollywood obviously), but this movie has all the goods for a fun evening of death and destruction if you have enough brains to pick up on the satire and hyperbolized character traits.

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What better way to liven up the tired Asian ghost genre than by throwing in a bevy of very delectable nurses and some outrageous gore?

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
29 November 2009

Vengeful, female ghosts have long been a staple of the Asian horror scene, but have suffered from serious over-exposure in recent years: a glut of titles such as The Ring, The Eye and The Grudge, plus countless sequels, imitators and remakes, now means that any film featuring a dead girl crawling out of a TV, fridge, teapot, toilet, or any other household appliance for that matter, is unlikely to pique my interest.

That is, however, unless the film in question is Sick Nurses, which features a bevy of sexy Thai nurses in various states of undress (always a plus point in my book!), some enjoyably sick scenes of gore, an outrageous twist that is seriously demented, and a creepy ghost whose exaggerated appearance and sadistic supernatural antics are a delicious parody of the whole spooky ghost genre.

Admittedly, apart from the scenes in which the tasty titular nurses exercise, cavort and shower fully clothed (WTF?), the first half of the film is fairly unremarkable, with the supernatural stuff limited to the black-faced spook popping up in the background to try and scare her intended victims; but by the time the credits have rolled, viewers will have been treated to, amongst other things, gangs of hairy faced zombie nurses, a flying killer foetus, hot twins who kiss each other, forced scalpel blade munching, bodily dismemberment, a decapitation via handbag(?!?!), the birth of a fully grown person, and a surprise revelation involving a sex change operation—all of which is delightfully silly, extremely messy, and very entertaining.

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

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Really disappointing...

Author: werethemeatmenandyousuck from United States
5 August 2009

I was really disappointed with this movie. It was not scary. It was not gory. It was not sexy. The shower scene was one of the stupidest things I've ever seen in a movie. But that scene also defines what was wrong with the movie. If you are going to do something, commit to it. If you aren't going to have a naked girl showering, don't bother having her go into the shower. If you are going to have a movie called "Sick" Nurses, then be sick. The gore scenes copped-out, they pulled away before it got really bad or showed reactions and not the act itself. The body harvesting and the source of the ghost powers are poorly defined. The movie just doesn't do enough or go far enough to be worth watching.

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Suay Laak Sai

Author: GoregirlsDungeon from Canada
22 September 2009

I wasn't really expecting the humor and self-mocking way 'Sick Nurses' presents its material. I was expecting a more serious outing. This ain't Shakespeare! Don't come here for a deep, intricate story. This is a fun, light on plot flick with some creative death. The film gives each woman a bit of screen time, enough to learn her compulsion. And the women, of course are all young and attractive, mucking about in form fitting nurse uniforms. The film takes place inside a patient-less hospital with a disproportionate staff of nurses that seem to live on the premise. They spend their time kissing and giggling, trying on paper earrings, exercising and vomiting. You know, all the things us women do when we are alone. The characterizations are exaggerations of female behavior and the personalities are way over-the-top. There are a few humorous and self-mocking scenes between the various women I found entertaining, but at the same time, had me looking forward to their death. The ghost is the stereotypical long black haired ghost but has been given a comically sadistic attitude and takes great pleasure watching her victims die. The first half of this film is set-up and background, but the second half is all about the death. The wonderfully wicked and wacky way the gals die is definitely the highlight of this film. That poor bulimic girl! You can use your imagination on how she will die, but you would be unlikely to see this coming. I don't want to spoil all the fun, but each death is practically an art project. The effects are generally decent, although there is some unnecessary use of CGI that looked pretty damn cheesy. It may be light on plot but you can't deny 'Sick Nurses' its craftiness. 'Sick Nurses' is a silly, cheeky little film. Throw in some creatively nasty death scenes where the revenge is based on each woman's vice and you've got yourself a tasty Thai treat. Recommended.

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here comes the black haired again

Author: trashgang from Midian
14 October 2009

I just don't know what to think of this movie. It's made in Thailand so I have to give it some credit. The version I saw was Thai spoken with English subs. The story line is simple. A hospital are selling body parts from the dead. The doctor responsible for the act is in love with one of the nurses. But when he falls in love with her sister things go of course wrong. As stated on the cover Hostel meets The Grudge i would like to say, based on the grudge. But it is pleasant to see what they made of the movie. The strangest thing to watch is the shower scene. I guess nudity wasn't allowed because she showers with her clothes on. Some killings are gory and the red stuff flows frequently. If you are into Japanese ghost movies then I recommend this flick, otherwise don't watch it

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Remake of J-Horror films

Author: lastliberal from United States
5 June 2009

You won't find anything original in the film. It is in the same vein as films like The Grudge and The Eye. If you like those, you are likely to like this one also.

A doctor and a group of nurse are selling bodies on the black market. The doctor is also screwing all the nurses. One is expecting to marry him and her own sister turns up pregnant by him. She threatens to revel the illegal activities as payback, but the rest of the nurses get to her first.

Now, seven days later she returns from the dead to exact her revenge. At first it wasn't particularly bad, but it kept getting worse as the victims went on. At least one was very gruesome, and a little bizarre. There was copious amounts of blood spilled. Horror fans will like that.

The nurses were very attractive, but don't expect to see anything but form fitting clothing. They even shower with all their clothes on, if you can believe that! A little too much screaming for me, but fans of Asian horror will find it interesting.

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Sick Nurses

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
8 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thai directors Laoyont and Siriwiwat's Sick Nurses is a movie that rejoices in taking the formula vengeful ghosts established in Asian horror cinema(..the black long-hair with an eye of hate peering through the split down her face)and their wrath on those that victimized them and concocts a wildly unpredictable..and very violent..tale of revenge. They bludgeon the viewer with over-the-top, bizarre outbursts of graphic bloodletting, playing with the abilities of what a ghost can do when allowed to attack her victims in any number of supernatural ways. Such as how she suffocates one health/exercise nut through her hair(..which actually wraps around her entire body, extending her in the air before drowning her in her fish tank). Or, when she causes one girl to hack her beloved girlfriend's limbs off with a fountain of blood resulting. Or, when she uses a(..very big, luggage-size)purse as a beheading device if a certain string is pulled. Or, how a nurse finds a cell phone embedded in her face with our ghost smashing the girl into an elevator wall..this subsequently leads to her spitting fragments of the phone from her mouth! Laoyont and Siriwiwat also enjoy displaying the behavior and individual quirks of their nurses(..who eat, sleep and work in a medical facility under the watchful eye of celebrated young doctor, Tar(portrayed by Wichan Jarujinda)who secretly has sexual flings with the entire staff(..including a male associate!)and sells dead bodies illegally to outside buyers)before murdering them in various gruesome ways.

The ghost, this time, is covered in black and when the nurses are attacked, we see them often forced against their will to commit deeds to themselves and their fellow co-workers( extra addition to this is that we often see the black rubbed off on their arms and hands when cutting or hurting showing that she is very well in charge of what they are doing;it's a visual trick that's quite unique in these types of films). Everything that happens to these girls stems from their involvement in the murder and betrayal of one of their own who, in a fit of rage over Dr. Tar's decision to commit sexual deeds with her own sister Nook(Chidjan Rujiphun), threatened to expose the whole corrupt operation of supplying organs to outside investors. Her body is to be taken by the secret buyers yet they are slow at retrieving their purchased *property*, so the restless spirit roams throughout the medical building taking grisly revenge on the nurses. The film is at times mean-spirited, ruthless, unsettling, goofy, wicked, satirical, witty, and colorful. The characters, each nurse, is actually developed and have their little eccentricities and flaws displayed for our amusement. The directors take every advantage to show their very attractive female cast's athletic and slim figures, walking around with barely any clothes, but never show nudity which is kind of a drag considering the fact that there are times where they easily could...restrictions and resistance from outside sources, I guess. The film's true villain is Dr. Tar who takes advantage of everyone under his watch, and is the real source of conflict which ultimately leads to the violence which ensues. The ghost's abilities to appear in all sorts of places and positions, operating with the freedom and power that is given to her, is played to the hilt by the directors. It's a wild ride, folks..requires some strong stomachs at times, and probably most certainly not for the squeamish. Such as one attack where a girl is forced to eat broken pieces of glass which results in the removal of her lower jaw with her tongue wagging before falling out, and eaten by a cat in the room(..followed by a flying dead fetus hurling into her mouth!)! Lots and lots of blood..pools and puddles. The directors often show a clock which, supposedly, depicts the time our ghost has to do kill her enemies. And, the pregnancy of Nook provides ample enthusiasm for our ghost to harm her(..and her unborn child, which, in itself, is rather disturbing). Nook's specific involvement in the death of her sister offers an especially chilling comment on what depths one will go to have the man she loves without restraint.

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Highly enjoyable if slightly flawed effort

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
27 February 2017

Bringing a corpse in for an autopsy, a group of nurses who illegally put the body on an organ-donor list finds themselves stalked by the girls' ghost in retribution for their actions and must find a way to stop the deadly actions occurring around them to get away alive.

This here is quite the fun if slightly problematic effort. What this one does get right is the fact that there's a great degree of rather suspenseful and incredibly chilling ghost action here which makes for quite a fun time here. This starts off rather quickly with the girls' decision to carve up the body and sell it away in the first minutes of the film that it starts this one off on the haunting quickly enough with the first encounter in the hallway seeing the ghost walking through the flickering lights slowly approaching the terrified victim. Other great attacks include the fun ambush in the office where the ghost uses her hair to target and torment the one victim as well as the bathroom ambush where the ghosts' mound of hair appears behind the unsuspecting victim and begins chasing her around the apartment which are rather fun scenes that display a great amount of suspenseful stalking and rather striking action scenes. That the majority of these scenes occur before the half-hour mark is a great sign in generating the kind of high-energy pace that's required to set-up the far more brutal and shocking sequences in the second half that showcase the ghost going for far more vicious and intense showings where they'll physically possess victims causing them to bash their head into corridors until it's caved in, rip out their jaws from their mouths or forcibly vomit up their teeth in a gory, bloody mess. Given that these are all in the hospital and mainly viewed through the surveillance system it's much more chilling. The remaining tortures acted out against the group, from having their body cut up with a bonesaw to having a trapped device pull their head off, fighting off the ghosts of other nurses and being forced to watch over the sequence on the roof makes for a great amount of really chilling scenes. With the strong revenge motives and some gorgeous scenery to look at with the girls frequently made to look incredibly attractive, there's a lot of positives here. While all of these are enjoyable and fully exciting, there's still a major flaw here in that the central story never for a second makes any sense. There's no real connecting story to anything that happens here and the entire affair plays out like a series of ghostly one-shot spots and then interweaved together with the revenge tale around them which is certainly a way of going about the film yet does cause this to come off way too scattershot and unfocused. There's also the fact that they manage to come off feeling way too similar to dozens of other films in the genre not only with their location and set-ups but also the execution with the rarely-seen face of an Asian girl-ghost hidden behind flowing black hair so it does happen to feel rather familiar as well. These here hold it back, although the quantity makes up for a lot of these issues.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Language.

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