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  • The Autobots are out looking for an AllSpark fragment when they encounter the Street Demons, a group of illegal racers that Sari likes to watch. An extremely fast blue car makes the others crash, and Fanzone arrests them. Bulkhead confronts Sari about the illegal races he'd been watching with her, but Bumblebee asks for more information. He finds the race location and joins their practice in the hopes of finding out more about the blue car. Master Disaster, the racing host, controls the blue car to knock him out. Bumblebee reveals himself, and Master Disaster thinks having an Autobot will improve his ratings, so he lets him join, not mentioning that he thinks having the Autobot crash will increase the ratings even more. Sari comes to the race with Bumblebee, and Bulkhead follows them. Blitzwing also shows up, looking for the AllSpark fragment, which Sari discovers in Master Disaster's trailer. It is part of a remote he uses to control the blue racer; she takes it. Fanzone also comes, having learned the location from one of the Street Demons. When the race begins, Bumblebee pulls ahead quickly with the aid of his turbo boosters, and Blitzwing blocks an underpass with ice to keep the other cars back. He chases Bumblebee and Fanzone, unsure which is which, and Fanzone has to jump across to Bumblebee when his car is damaged. Sari uses the remote to control Blitzwing for a moment but drops it, and then the blue racer makes him crash. Sari gets the remote again but has to stop using it because it is also controlling Bumblebee. Blitzwing escapes, and Master Disaster is arrested. Bulkhead shuts off the illegal cable Sari had hooked up at the plant, and Bumblebee sees the blue car one more time, still clueless as to its identity.

    - Written by Amica Temporis
  • The Autobots are searching for an AllSpark fragment when they encounter a group of street racers, whom they capture for the police. Bumblebee joins the races to learn more about the blue car that eluded them.

    - Written by Amica Temporis


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