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Hyde: Is he doing you?

Katherine Reimer: No.

Hyde: [puts on silly voice] Can I?

Katherine Reimer: No.

Hyde: Then what are you for?

Katherine Reimer: I'm your new nanny.

Hyde: Oh, Mary Poppins, I love Mary Poppins! I could eat Mary Poppins!

Benjamin: You can control them?

Hyde: They're just lions. Can't you?

Benjamin: Kid seems a little freaked.

Hyde: Yeah, what can you do? Somebody tried to feed him to a lion.

Benjamin: Yeah, sorry about that. Just an experiment.

Hyde: A what?

Benjamin: We wanted to precipitate the change. As we understand it, placing your child in danger, especially the primal kind of danger, the threat of a savage beast would create exactly the right chemical conditions to bring us, well, you.

Hyde: Why should I care if the kid's in danger? Have you seen his nose?

Benjamin: Well, you did just save his life.

Hyde: No! I killed a lion. There's a difference.

[Katherine cries out after seeing an image of Hyde]

Dr. Tom Jackman: What's wrong?

Katherine Reimer: Sorry. Jumpy today. It's nothing.

Dr. Tom Jackman: That time of the month?

Katherine Reimer: Bit rich, coming from the wolfman.

Mr. Hyde: You've heard of "good cop, bad cop"? THIS is the movie!

Dr. Tom Jackman: So, since when have you been an animal lover?

Peter Syme: I hunt every summer.

Dr. Tom Jackman: That's not exactly loving them, is it? That's more shooting them.

Peter Syme: Well, it's a brief relationship.

Katherine Reimer: Have you been drinking? Don't tell me you took the car.

Dr. Tom Jackman: [as Jackman] He drank. He took the car. Why am I getting the look?

Katherine Reimer: How was your driving?

Dr. Tom Jackman: Expressive.

Dr. Tom Jackman: I'll fight him.

Sophia: You can't.

Dr. Tom Jackman: I won't ever stop fighting him.

Sophia: Then he will kill you.

Dr. Tom Jackman: Then I won't die.

Hyde: [sung] She's talking/ She's lying/ She's telling a tale and she's dying... She's laughing/ She's crying/ She turned out the lights and she's dying.

Mr. Hyde: Who are you?

Katherine Reimer: We were just talking a moment ago.

Mr. Hyde: That wasn't me.

Mr. Hyde: Why did you lie to me?

Katherine Reimer: I'm sorry?

Mr. Hyde: When I asked you why you wanted the job why did you lie to me?

Katherine Reimer: I'm sorry I didn't lie

Mr. Hyde: Rule number one! Don't ever lie to me! I can smell lies! Thing is darling I don't really care why you want the job. Don't care if you have secrets. Don't even mind if you don't answer my questions. Don't answer many questions myself. But don't ever lie to me.

Hyde: So here's the deal. Here's the 'job'. As long as the lights and cameras are on, you're safe. Lights out - you're dinner. What do you think?

Katherine Reimer: I think you must have quite an appetite.

Hyde: Tee hee hee.

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Hyde: [as Hyde] Ever killed anyone, Benjamin?

Benjamin: Not personally. I have people.

Hyde: You're missing out. It's like sex, only there's a winner.

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