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Moron in the Morning
yossarian1008 March 2008
What a great idea! Finely executed, too. FREE RADIO is a wonderful parody of AM talk radio. One of the weaknesses of talk radio is that whole dead air thing, you gotta keep talking, so DJ's end up droning on and on and on. Here, Lance, the Moron in the Morning, says one outrageous thing after another because Lance is the most clueless person on the planet. Lance is the ultimate DWEEB. FREE RADIO has a solid supporting cast, writers who know what they're doing, and each episode delivers one over the top show after another. FREE RADIO may just be the funniest new show on TV. I can't wait to see what these guys come up with next.
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Comedy Central Presents...
Ben Cohen9 February 2008
I couldn't resist. I got the email promoting Flavor Flav's new show on the email thread that I probably could not PAY Comedy Central to cancel (I can not tell you how many times I have tried to unsubscribe from their crap!) And came across this little link... to their (I assume) 1st episode of Free Radio. OMG! Freakin' Genius... dear Comedy Central Marketing Troll that reads this, you should all be fired for not propping up this show in some viral campaign... Lance Krall is not that recognizable and this could EASILY be life imitating art for some time, as Lance (I know I don't know Ya, but I have been watching what ever I could of yours since "Kip" - genius!!).

I think many would catch on quickly, but it doesn't stop how damn funny Lance is. I, so far, am impressed with the tertiary story of "trying to replace Lance and Anna" and the receptionist that knows all - but this material will have to crafted to stay fresh, as the actors are great, but this could be the downfall of the show! More Lance and Anna!! Keep up the great work, gotta get to my DVR and set this one up - any chance there is a Comedy Central HD?
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