"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Exposed' (#3.18)"
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Synopsis for
"Heroes" Chapter Five 'Exposed' (2009)

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"Heroes" - "Chapter Five: Exposed" - Mar. 2, 2009

Claire brings Alex a sandwich and they discuss him going on the lam to Albuquerque and starting a new life. Although he has no friends or family there and is reluctant to go on the advice of some high school girl, she says this high school girl saved his bacon and he needs to do what she says. Unfortunately, Sandra arrives with Mr. Muggles wondering where the $300 in house money has gone. She blames Lyle as Mr Muggles goes nuts over the sandwich tossed under the bed, and a mystery 'thump' lets Sandra discover Alex hiding in the closet.

HRG is at Building 26 looking at the feed monitoring his Costa Verde house. When Danko asks him about home sweet home, HRG answers brusquely that he's taken a one bedroom in Dupont Circle and that if Claire does anything suspect, she's a big girl who can take her own heat. Danko addresses the team in the room saying that Peter Petrelli has joined Matt Parkman at the top of the most wanted chain and that the pair is to be brought in by any means necessary. Nathan enters and adds "short of lethal force." Danko disagrees saying he's decided since Peter threatened his life they can now shoot to kill. Nathan protests but Danko tells him to shove off. Nathan asks HRG to keep an eye on Danko. Still within earshot of Danko, HRG points out to Nathan that since Peter and Matt kidnapped and tortured him he might just want to shoot them himself. An agent comes over and tells them they have a lead on Matt and Peter in Manhattan.

We cut to Matt feverishly painting (for at least the third time) the same image we saw last week of himself covered in weapons. Peter rouses him from the white-eyed trance of future paintings and says they should hit the road. Matt wants to find Daphne but can only remember a hallway from HRG's memory. At that moment, a nearby computer springs to life with a message from Rebel, giving them the address of Building 26 in DC, and telling them to get out since the government baddies are on the way. Peter worries it's a set-up, Matt's worried it's true. They don't stick around to find out, leaving just as the agents bust in. One notes they "just missed tehm" as the paint on one is still wet. They send video images of the apocalyptic painting of D.C. back to Danko, who now has a good idea where they're headed and begins to form a plan based on Matt's paintings.

Claire tries to pass off Alex as her boyfriend, feebly, and then he is forced to confess he has an ability. Sandra tells Claire she is disappointed in this dangerous turn of events and the fact that she lied to her. Later, she reiterates the dangerous nature of her actions and points out they're being watched by a van outside for at least four hours, now. She says she's not as fragile as Claire and HRG thinks and says she's willing to help, since Claire clearly has no plan. Alex likes the idea of Sandra's assistance.

Luke and Sylar are still on the road and have ditched their tail according to Sylar's new handy-dandy bad-guy detecting computer radar he swiped when he rescued Luke. Luke is disappointed, because he has enjoyed charbroiling all comers. Sylar doesn't want to leave a trail of dead bodies on the way to daddy's house. Luke wonders why Sylar is bothering since his dad probably won't be much help and then complains about how his own dad used him as an ashtray. He's about to show him the scars- John Bender-style- when Sylar whips him against the car window and tells him to shut it and that his dad is the only one who has answers. He abruptly pulls off the road at a dilapidated, boarded up hot dog stand. Luke is confused as Sylar begins whipping the boards off the facade.

Matt and Peter are in D.C. and trying to work out a plan. Peter syncs up Matt's mind control powers to help get into the building. Unfortunately, this robs him of his flying powers, scuttling their rooftop escape plan to Matt's consternation. One plan at a time, says Peter. They work their way through levels of security by using their powers of mind control. Peter sneaks into the computer system to find Daphne as Danko, HRG, and Nathan discover them on video. With Nathan and Noah protesting his leaving, Danko goes to apprehend them but is confronted by two security guards taking aim at him under the control of Matt and Peter, which is what N&N tried to warn him about. Danko backs into the main HQ and on the video screen Matt looks up and offers a smug smile.

Sandra liberates Lyle's driver's license (it pays to study, kids!) and makes a fake ID for Alex. Claire is impressed. Sandra's apparently an old pro at this, having nursed a burning desire as a younger woman to follow Def Leppard's Rick Savage on tour. Luckily (for the viewers?), Claire cuts her off before it gets too (porno)graphic. She tells Alex to grab a change of clothes and figure out a way to change his appearance since the pursuers are probably using facial recognition software. As he departs, Claire apologizes for being a freak and says she wishes she was normal since that would mean her parents would probably still be together. Sandra says she and HRG had problems long before she arrived. (Something to do with him not being Rick Savage perhaps?) She doesn't know if they'll divorce or not but for the moment she says she can no longer see her marriage working and she is tired of being lied to.

Sylar and Luke enter the old hot dog stand. Luke wonders what's up. Sylar says something happened there and says that he's been there before. (For some reason "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac starts to play). We go into Sylar's flashback to 1980, which is in black and white. The hot dog stand is bustling as a young Sylar and his dad enter. We don't see dad's face as he shakes hands with a man at another table and then leads Sylar away. We come back to the present and Sylar says he can remember his father. He opens up a nearby boarded up counter and finds the red Matchbox car he was playing with and promptly lost during the flashback.

Claire enters her bedroom as Alex is dressing and gets a full view of him shirtless and it's nice. He thanks her for her help and she says as an endangered species she's just trying to keep the herd alive. He says it's too bad things are so wacky because under different circumstance maybe he would've asked her on a date. Down on love, Claire points out that many relationships end in divorce and the ones that don't probably are miserable. Alex still believes and she wonders why. And he says it's because of moments like this with her, "when someone gets you in a way that no one else does." Totally worth it, he says, and they're about to have a kissing moment but Sandra bustles in saying the agents are approaching the house. They shove Alex into a hidey hole of HRG's design and the agents don't find him, but the female one, Rachel Mills, is frustrated knowing he's there. She even looks in the closet he was hiding behind, but we don't see if she finds him or not. Sandra, who was ready to take them on with a gun strapped under the counter, looks like she is about to have a stroke again as she tells them to get the hell out. They do. Claire and Alex are impressed. Sandra says not to breathe too easy yet. The train to Albuquerque is leaving and Claire and Sandra hatch a plan to give him a head start on making a break for it.

Back at "Building 26," Matt and Peter discover Daphne's been moved to a medical facility. Rebel checks back in via computer and opens a file containing video of them being led to the plane (as seen in 3.14). Peter is excited to copy this file and show it on the evening news: American citizens being rounded up without due process. Matt is more worried about Daphne. Peter says what they should do is exchange this info for Daphne. Peter tells him one life at a time. HRG tells Danko that (tho it's never been hinted at before) while Matt uses his powers, his senses become raw nerves and they can exploit that and disrupt his thoughts. They do so by turning on the fire alarm. Matt begins to freak from loss of concentration on the video feed and the guards put their guns down. As the file finishes copying Rebel informs them they have 30 seconds to get out. Matt and Peter take off and encounter two guards. They successfully control them to put their guns down and turn them on the advancing Danko and Nathan but the lights come back on . Matt tells Peter to take off while he holds the goon squad at bay. Nathan tries to convince Matt to trust him. The fire alarm comes on again disrupting Matt's concentration further and the guards cuff him.

Sylar examines the Matchbox car and says something terrible happened here. Luke wonders what the big deal is. Sylar says he forgot about something that his father did to him. Luke wonders if that isn't a blessing. Sylar disagrees, saying it eats away at your soul. We go back into the "The Chain" flashback. Sylar's dad grabs his hand and brings him over to a table where a man hands him money, they shake hands, and his dad leaves Sylar there with the man. Sylar chases after his dad's car and sees his dad arguing with a woman inside. Then we see a familiar finger swipe and a spatter of blood hits the back window. Sylar's dad pushes a woman out the passenger side door dead, with the telltale rip mark across her forehead. We see little Sylar mouth the word "mommy" and flashback to the grown-up echoing it.

Nathan interfaces with Angela Petrelli and he asks if she's Rebel since she's familiar with the whole shebang. She says of course not, she doesn't know the first thing about computers and plus she's grateful for his generosity - he's keeping her off the enemies list apparently- and would never betray him. Nathan says Peter stole dangerous files and people want to kill him. Angela says since Nathan is in charge he can protect him. Nathan says he'll do what he can but there are others that want to see them dead. She points out that she's got a little experience with this. Peter calls Nathan and threatens to expose him unless he trades Matt and Daphne for the file. Nathan agrees.

The garage door opens at the Bennet house and the agents motor up. It's Sandra and Lyle. The agents hear a noise and take off towards the back. Alex and Claire are clambering down a hill, she looses her footing, tumbling into a fence and Alex falls on her. The agents are in hot pursuit. Claire and Alex hide in the pool. As Claire struggles to breathe Alex kisses her to give her air and, also, just to kiss her apparently. The agents think they see something down the street and take off.

Nathan meets with Danko and HRG before the exchange, setting up surveillance. The spot is next to the network news. Danko says they're not making the deal, he has another plan. Nathan points out that if Peter is injured copies of those files will go to the network news and he should get Daphne and Matt in place, a direct order. Danko says he doesn't take orders from him and that the president said that they don't make deals with terrorists, which is what Peter is. Nathan reminds HRG that Peter can hear his thoughts.

The government town car pulls up in a parking lot. HRG gets out and confronts Peter. Peter tries to see if Daphne and Matt are in the car by trying to read minds in it. HRG communicates mentally with Peter telling him he's being set up. Peter hears Danko think that he needs him to move over a little for a kill shot and "time to die Petrelli." Just as HRG's trying to warn him mentally about the gun Peter is shot and falls over the side of the parking structure. HRG and Danko run to see where he fell when a flying body roars past them and into the night. (On slo-mo it's clearly Nathan carrying him in about two frames.) HRG lets a little smile slip.

Nathan has brought Peter to Angela. Peter is mad at Nathan for setting all this stuff in motion and says it will only end in death for those with abilities. Nathan says he knows and he will fix it, but he wants Peter to come with him and he'll be good to him. Peter, who's arm is now in a sling, stands as if he's going to take his hand and go with him but instead touches his back, nabs his power and flies away. As Nathan is ready to jet after him Angela stops him and informs him that she's had a vision of the future and the game has changed and he needs to be ready. For some reason she has to whisper a secret into Nathan's ear so we can't hear. Whatever she says causes Nathan to look up after Peter's trail with surprise.

We cut to the nightly news talking about the startling new footage of American citizens being led in restraints to detainment in a violation of their constitutional rights. Danko is watching and then turns to look at the painting of Parkman pimped out with dynamite.

Luke is whining about being cooped up in the hot dog stand. Sylar gets angry and points out that his father killed his mother. Luke didn't realize, apologizes and says Sylar's dad was a jerk. Really, Sylar asks? 'Cuz he remembers Luke telling him a sweet story about birdwatching with Sylar's dad. Luke says he was waiting for the right time. Sylar whips him against the wall. Luke thinks they should go up to Canada and rob old ladies. (??) Smashed up against the wall, he asks why Sylar is doing this to him. Sylar says because Luke's here and he needs to express himself. He's mad Luke used him for an escapist joy ride, but there is no escape, only pain. He tells Luke to go home. He's off to find his dad and kill him.

In the back of a van, Parkman tells Danko when the news breaks the whole world will see what they're doing to innocent people. Danko says they're not innocent and when the world sees that, they'll actually beg Danko to hunt them down and kill them and says the enemy has a face, and it's Parkman. Parkman says he wouldn't hurt anyone. Danko says he thinks he looks exactly like a terrorist and injects him with something. He shoves Matt out of the van. He has strapped a bomb to Parkman's chest that looks just like the painting. Parkman is woozy. People near him notice the blinking box and dynamite and start to panic.

Claire sits on her bed in a robe when Sandra enters and asks if Claire is going to miss having a cute boy in her closet. A little, she says. Claire says Sandra was amazing. They express their love for one another and say they wouldn't change anything. Sandra proposes a happy love story and popcorn. Claire heads down as Sandra gazes at a photo of herself and HRG on Claire's nightstand. Downstairs, Claire goes for the popcorn in the microwave and is confused when it's not there. She turns around is confronted by a slightly disheveled Eric Doyle, the puppet master, who's holding the popcorn. "Hey, Barbie," he says. She's frightened, but he holds up his cell phone with a text message from Rebel saying that Claire will save him. He's been sent to Claire for help.

To be continued....


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