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"Heroes" Chapter Four 'Cold Wars' (2009)

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"Heroes" - "Cold Wars" - Feb. 23, 2009

A car speeds up to a motel. Mohinder and Parkman are walking the motel walkway and arguing about whether to run or not. They go down to Peter at the car, Peter has a sedative to soften up HRG. He wants Parkman to just read his mind to get the info they need. Parkman says HRG is too well-trained. The trio drives off.

We go back to the bar scene from last week where HRG was drugged and they carried him away.

Cut back to the motel. HRG is strapped to a chair and Parkman says the drug is working and he gets inside HRG's head.

The picture fades to black and white and an onscreen bumper tells us it's Five Weeks Ago. HRG sits on a park bench. Angela Petrelli comes and sits down next to him. He wants to investigate a mysterious spontaneous combustion. She says Primatech/the Company is over, it's time has passed. He disagrees saying they got the job done. She says she appreciates it. She hands him a severance check for his years of service and gives him a gold watch. He asks why. She says their system- bag and tag, one of us, one of them- is antiquated. He says they should adapt to the times then. She doesn't think they can or should and she's tired. She's done telling lies and thinks it might not be too late to cobble her family back together. She says it's all he's ever wanted, to go home and be with Claire. He won. He looks at the watch. He says it's all he's ever known and wonders what he's supposed to do now. She says to take care of Claire and himself.

Parkman exhales and we come back to the present. He says he's going to be able to get to the memories they need, find out who's in charge, and find a way to start fighting and stop hiding. Mohinder wonders how far he's willing to push. As far as he needs to he says, staring ominously into HRG's fearful face.

At Building 26 in D.C. Danko is telling Nathan - who is in a tux, having been called away from a state dinner- that HRG is off the grid going on three hours. He has surveillance on all of his men, including himself. Nathan and HRG, on the other hand, are compromised. Even if Peter is treated like everyone else, Claire gets a free pass. Nathan is asking if Danko is spying on him. Danko replies that Nathan barely touched his prime rib.

Back at the motel Peter is getting nervous about being sitting ducks. Parkman says you can't rush an interrogation. Mohinder says it isn't interrogation but torture, since he's straining HRG's entire system by poking around in his brain pan. (He's checking him out with a stethoscope.) Parkman says he isn't hurting him on purpose. Mohinder brings up Daphne. Parkman says HRG has done much worse. Mohinder points out that Parkman is better than him. Peter says the point is that HRG is in pain, and asks if that's necessary. Parkman says it will be uncomfortable but worth it since HRG knows everything they need to know. Peter says he's right. Parkman goes back in to find out how this whole thing began.

He stares at HRG and we fade to black and white again. Four Weeks Ago. HRG reads the paper at home. Sandra asks if he needs help with the crossword puzzle. She reminds him that they have dinner with friends in an hour. She says it's nice to have him around. As she goes off to shower there's a knock at the door. It's Nathan. He tells him Claire may be at the mall. Nathan knows she's at the library- Secret Service. He wanted to talk to HRG alone. He enters. In the study, Nathan tells HRG that he's set some things in motion but wants him to know that Claire will be safe. HRG wants to know what. Nathan says he's sure HRG involved himself with the Company for the same reasons he's done what's he's done. Nathan says people with abilities are still a threat and his solution is to put the U.S. government to work to "contain" the problem. HRG realizes he's talking about rounding people up. For starters, says Nathan. HRG wonders if that's everyone, Nathan included? Nathan admits there will be certain "exceptions." HRG asks if Claire is an exception. Nathan says she could be but he needs HRG's help. He wants to know the plan. Round everyone up and find a way, scientifically, to eliminate the abilities, says Nathan. And if that's not possible? Nathan refuses to accept that, noting his abilities were given to him, so they should be able to be taken away. HRG points out that Nathan will be seen as a villain and Claire will never look at him the same way. Nathan says he'll play whatever role he needs to play. HRG says all the heroes will hate him. Nathan says he went so far off the rails before, he nearly killed his own brother and he just wants a chance to make things right. HRG asks what Nathan wants. Nathan wants to know how HRG tracked the super-powered.

HRG brings Nathan to a storage locker- combo 7957- where the last 20 years of his life are stored, including a big cache of guns and money. Nathan points out that he's the government and he's got access to weapons. HRG says Nathan might not need weapons but he does need perspective and to control information and that in 30 seconds he uncovered a secret the Company kept for 30 years. Nathan says he can't unring the bell. HRG says he joined the Company for a reason and that reason didn't disappear just because Angela decided that it was time to turn out the lights. Nathan says he thought HRG would enjoy the extra time with his family. He says there are only so many crossword puzzles he can do.

Parkman eases out and tells Mohinder and Peter that HRG and Nathan planned the whole thing. Peter says so what, he tried to stop him and he couldn't. Mohinder wonders what they're supposed to do from memories. Parkman says it isn't an exact science. Mohinder says it isn't science at all. Parkman tells him to scram then if that's what he wants to do, that he knows Mohinder feels like he deserves to be hunted and that he doesn't need to read Mohinder's mind to know what he thinks. HRG, weary but alert, scans the room as they bicker. Mohinder says he could say the same thing about Parkman. Parkman yells that this is not about Daphne. Peter tells them to stop fighting since they're supposed to be on the same side. Parkman says he can prove what he's getting is real. He writes down the address and combo for the storage locker and Peter zooms off to check it out.

He arrives and starts loading up on weapons. What he doesn't realize is that there is a camera recording his every move. Back at Building 26 on the other end of that camera, a tech alerts Danko to Peter's presence. Danko is excited. Nathan enters and sees Peter on screen and gets his 20. Nathan wonders if this means Bennett and Peter are working together. Danko says he's reserving judgment and sending a team to pick him up. Nathan say she wants him caught, but not bloodshed. Danko is not pleased. Just then they lose the video feed. We cut to the team moving in on the unit. The door opens, a stun grenade rolls out and goes off and Peter zooms over their heads.

At the motel Parkman is splashing his face with water and Mohinder is worrying over Peter's lateness. HRG says Peter has been captured since he hasn't checked in and his storage unit is under surveillance. He says Mohinder knows, they sent Peter right where they wanted him. Mohinder says they should go. HRG agrees and says they should escape while they can. Parkman wants to know who else HRG is working with. HRG says he's not letting him in his head. Parkman says he can't stop him and stares him down.

We fade to black and white Three Weeks Ago. Danko welcomes HRG to Building 26. HRG is glad to part of their elite team. He explains about the Company's protocol- one of us, one of them. Danko, who has read HRGs files, puts the kibosh on that. HRG says some of these people are good folks and could be useful. Danko says it isn't about ethics, it's about trust: us and them. Danko says HRGs way clearly didn't work with escapes and loyalty issues and what have you. In short, a mess. HRG disagrees saying that for 20 years he was able to make sure that people like Danko didn't know that people with abilities even existed. Danko tells him to not fool himself into understanding what he's all about and walks away. HRG turns to Nathan and says that he thought that he, HRG, was running this operation. Nathan says the rules of the game have changed, become more, um, complex. HRG is now wary but gives a little smile.

The scene changes to HRG getting into Mohinder's cab. HRG tells Mohinder that he needs his help. Mohinder wonders why he should believe him. HRG says as someone who has been ordinary and extraordinary he has a unique understanding of "our fear." Mohinder asks what's happening. HRG says it's a government program and that it's going to blow up in their faces. He says with Mohinder's brain and brawn they can help people and save lives.

We pull back out and Parkman is livid that Mohinder knew about this and didn't tell Parkman. HRG is surprised he didn't tell him. Mohinder says he wasn't talking to anyone, that he thought that was the safest thing. Parkman realizes that this is why Mohinder didn't want him in HRG's head. Mohinder says HRG did approach him but he said no. Parkman gets mad asking why Mohinder didn't tell him and grabs him and pushes him into a mirror which breaks into pieces, a shard of which falls on a table near HRG. Mohinder throws Matt into the bathroom and asks what he could have done. Parkman says that he was his friend, he could've at least warned him. Mohinder says he didn't believe him and asks what does Parkman think? That he could've stopped all of this, prevented Daphne's death? He says if he had done that he would probably be the one tied up in that chair and as he and Parkman look up to the chair, HRG is gone.

They take off outside after him, splitting up. HRG busts into a car and is about to take off when Peter lands with a thud on the windshield. They drag him back inside and tape him to the chair again. Parkman says it's time for the gloves to come off and he's going back inside HRG's head without sedative. HRG says they should listen to Peter and run, since someone is sure to find them. Mohinder is getting nervous but Parkman says he doesn't get a vote. Peter is confused. Parkman explains that Mohinder knew about the government's evil plan. Parkman asks who the guy is that HRG is taking orders from. For some random reason he answers in Russian "I'll never tell." He goes back in One Week Ago. HRG knocks on Danko's apartment door.

He's brought some Scotch so they can get to know each other. Danko thinks this is pointless since he knows just who HRG is. He says HRG is a family man and all the time he worked at the Company, he danced a line between being a family man and a Company man and he's not much for dancing. HRG says he's oversimplifying it. Danko counters that HRG is overcomplicating it. To win this war will take focus and HRG's is split. HRG says he knows men like Danko too, simple, unconnected, dudes that are all work who think they're perfect. Danko protests that he doesn't think he's perfect, just better than HRG. HRG says these people aren't terrorists. Danko says they're targets. HRG says it's about understanding their humanity not their ability but that you have to be human to do that. Danko says that HRG is a valuable asset but needs to know that once they begin engagement that he'll take orders. HRG says Danko is the boss.

Parkman comes back out and HRG's nose is bleeding. HRG begs him to not push it any further. Parkman gives Peter another address. HRG says if they go after this guy they'll all be dead. Peter grabs a gun and takes off. A team of cars and armed men roll into the parking lot.

Danko arrives at his apartment on his cell phone and senses he's not alone. He turns to confront Peter who has his gun drawn at Danko's head. Danko puts down his phone.

Back at Building 26 a tech alerts Nathan to the scene at Danko's, which is onscreen. He asks if the tech has mobilized a unit. He replies they were awaiting his order. Nathan walks out of the frame.

Danko recognizes Peter and calls him the "good brother." Peter cocks the gun. Danko asks if Peter wants him dead and puts his head against the muzzle. Peter asks if he wants to die. He says no but Peter clearly has a mission. He asks if he really thinks he's a good guy since he broke into Danko's house and put a gun to his head. Peter pushes him back and says you are the one who's hunting us. Danko says it's with good reason and that it won't ever stop. If Peter kills him, Danko will get what he wants, the powers that be will have proof that the super-powered are dangerous. Nathan arrives and Danko wants to know how he got there so fast. Nathan doesn't answer. Nathan tries to reason with Peter. Peter says he's done believing him and shoots Danko in the arm. Nathan says if Peter kills Danko, the order will come down to kill them all and he won't be able to stop it. Danko tells Peter that he can't trust either of them. Nathan says a team is rolling in on Parkman and Mohinder right now and if Peter shoots he's signed their death warrant. Peter flies off. Danko wants to know why Nathan told him about Parkman and Mohinder. Nathan retorts "I just saved your life, you're welcome." Danko calls and tells them to move in and take them.

The team moves on the motel but they don't know what room they're in and they start busting down doors willy-nilly. Parkman is agitated saying they'll never stop hunting them and points a gun at HRG's head. HRG says Daphne is alive and that Parkman can see for himself by looking inside his head. Mohinder tells him to go for it and that he'll hold off the strike team. Matt goes in. Two Days Ago- Building 26. HRG is checking gurneys when we hear a girl crying. He goes up and finds Daphne and says that it will take three times the normal amount of sedative to keep "this one" down. He pushes meds and she calms. Parkman comes out.

Mohinder is whipping strike team peeps around and then is tazed by multiple assailants. They cuff him. HRG yells at Matt that he's not a killer and that he will have to escalate beyond anything he's imagined if he kills HRG. Parkman says HRG should've taken the watch and stayed home. The team busts in and cuffs Parkman. They shove a tube up his nose that sedates him. HRG walks him out. A grenade rolls up to their feet and a sonic boom sounds and suddenly HRG is standing alone in the parking lot. He looks up and sees the smoke trail.

In Building 26 Mohinder is chained up in a dank cell like Tracy was with his arms behind his back. A bucket of water is thrown in his face. Nathan enters and tells Mohinder that what he and Peter and Parkman did got in the way of what he was trying to accomplish. Mohinder wonders what that is. Nathan says the plane was meant to take them to a containment facility and their actions gave ammunition to hardliners who think they should all be executed. Nathan says he believes containment can work. Mohinder can't believe imprisonment is his grand plan. Nathan reiterates that it's just the first part, the second part being the de-abilitizing thingamajig that he'll do with Mohinder's help. Mohinder says that won't happen and he wrestles with his chains. Nathan says he knows Mohinder believes science has all the answers so he should start with her, and points to a lovely assistant who opens a laptop to reveal a live feed of Daphne on a gurney. He says unless Mohinder helps, Nathan's associates will kill her and then him and then Peter and Parkman. He walks out. Mohinder wrestles in his chain.

Danko and HRG walk and talk. Danko says protocol after being taken prisoner is time off. HRG has no one to take time off with so he declines. He says Danko was right before that he was weak because of his split focus and that won't be a problem anymore. Danko and the job have his complete dedication. He asks if Danko still thinks he's compromised. Danko points out that they found his storage unit. HRG points out that that led the team right to them and Danko is the one who let them get away. Danko says he underestimated the heroes and that Nathan's personal issues clouded his judgment. Danko says that he and HRG have to help do away with the kid gloves this outfit has been using. He asks if HRG agrees. Absolutely, he says. Danko gets in an SUV and departs.

HRG goes and sits on a bench. Angela is already seated there. He tells her that he has Danko completely fooled that he is loyal to him. Angela says that Danko trusts no one and will continue to test him. HRG says he's ready to be tested because he and Nathan have it all wrong. She says there's no halfway anymore, he'll have to play the role and prove his loyalty to their cause. HRG says "you know me, I've always been comfortable with morally gray." He gets up leaving a small box behind. Angela opens it. It's the watch she gave him.

In Isaac's loft Parkman has the white eyes of mystical painting. He's painted several portraits of (I think) himself with dynamite strapped to his body. Peter watches. Parkman says this can't happen, that all he wanted was to find Daphne and it's why he didn't want to paint the future. Peter says Parkman is not capable of murder. Parkman asks how Peter can explain this then: on the floor is a nuclear bomb painting like the one from season one except this time, swirling in the destruction is Washington, D.C.

To be continued...


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