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Unlike recent activist documentaries about animal cruelty like "The Cove," Leeman's narrative doesn't feature any real villains. Balding's bond with Flora leaves him in a perpetual state of uncertainty about which possible new home for his elephant would provide the safest habitat.
A bittersweet story of man, beast and a very real relationship that makes helmer Lisa Leeman's documentary the thinking person's "Dumbo" -- and, coincidentally, one of the better kids' movies.
The film is an impressive and affecting entry in the growing body of work addressing the effects of keeping wild animals in captivity.
A uniquely passive reminder of the dangers of showering exotic creatures with anthropomorphic affection.
How much human love is too much for an elephant? That's the question Lisa Leeman's One Lucky Elephant attempts to answer, without sentimentality but with the right amount of compassion.
Simple enough to delight a child and complex enough to baffle a philosopher.
Succeeds as a character study, while gently raising questions about human use and misuse of animals.
The equally simple and profound take-away from One Lucky Elephant is that the best thing we can do is let Flora be Flora.
Village Voice
Admirably, and gently, raises questions about the folly and hubris of a relationship that may only ever be one-sided.
That One Lucky Elephant ultimately comes down on the side of anthropomorphizing Flora and her kind is extremely disappointing - a little clear-eyed ambivalence would have helped the film feel more focused and less like patchwork.

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