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John Goodson14 May 2009
It seems the majority of the reviews thus far have been written by viewers who, after not enjoying either of the two previous films, decided to weigh in on what is ultimately a complete mockery of a great series.

First I'll tackle the good things about this film, of which there are few, but they deserve mentioning and as much of a reprieve as anyone can give them. Aiko Horiuchi replaces Takako Fuji as Kayako (creepy crackling voice lady) and picks up the role fairly well. Any fault in her appearance lies with the director, Toby Wilkins, who I will get to in a moment. The only other two notable performances come from the female leads, Johanna Braddy and Takatzuna Mukai and might not so much be notable as much as they just sharply contrast their terrible surroundings.

Now, on to the awful stuff. I think the large majority of the critics of the first two films, as I have understood them on here, find that the they were cryptic and difficult to follow. They have gotten their wish for an easy to interpret, spoon-fed, linear-flowing, cheesy horror film in The Grudge 3. Gone are the intelligent and subtle left-to-the-imagination disappearance kills. Artistic and suspenseful cinematography have been replaced by bland, formulaic and frightfully comical scenes. Brad Keene and Toby Wilkins have crafted an hour-and-a-half long slap in the face of director Takashi Shimizu who re-invented the haunted house horror film by making his own rules and breaking all the ones in the book.

Normally I am given pause when criticizing the artistic vision of writers, directors and actors who put their work on the line for what is largely a very unforgiving audience. In this case, however, the writer and director were toying with another man's vision and the hard work and creative energy he expended trying to bring something original into the world. I am dumbstruck by how a duo could miss the theme of a series so entirely. Ultimately, The Grudge 3 adds nothing to the mythology of the films and takes away a substantial amount.
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Same Old Stuff
HotShotC921 February 2009
To be honest, i was expecting perhaps something, probably too much, that would perhaps be original and new to the third grudge. But i think this was even worse than the others. Nearly the entire movie takes place in the same apartment building with the same stupid people who don't believe anything. This is simply the same story told yet again. The ending wasn't really surprising. It ends so that yet another Grudge can come out in the future. Grudge 4 will most likely be announced, if it's not already announced, in the near future. Rated R because more blood, but not really gore so much. i would say this is a decent movie other than the fact that it is the same old stuff. Come on Hollywood! Give us some originality! 4 out of 10
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This 'Grudge' Has Got Tiresome...
Sam_Movie_Buff31 January 2009
As a fan of "Ju-On" and the 2004 remake―starring "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" actress Sarah Michelle Gellar―I had high hopes for this third installment. I mean, after the abysmal 2006 sequel, it couldn't get any worse, right? Wrong. Granted not as tedious and insipid as the sequel, this 2009 follow-up starring actress Shawnee Smith still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Where to start... ?

Director Toby Wilkins tries to duplicate the eeriness and unpleasantness of the first movie, but sadly, fails miserably. With half-hearted acting, bad special effects, and a tiresome plot, the movie never picks up or satisfies. Whilst watching the movie, I realized the overall story of the franchise has never evolved; or more to the point, no one has tried to take a fresh approach. Much like the sequel, the third stab is a series of flat, horror-lacking murder sequences, and what makes this even worse is, we already know what's coming. Scene after scene after scene, the previous formula is recycled. We hear the now trademark 'Grudge' sound, we hear a small boy running, we hear the cry of a cat ― and that's pretty much it. There is only so many times you can show a pale-faced, dark haired Japanese woman with her dead son and their dead cat, until it's just not scary anymore. The franchise needs new ideas. We need new stories and new locations. Otherwise, this 'Grudge' is going to be on a constant loop.

My advice, stick with the original or the 2004 remake. There's nothing you haven't seen before here.

One thing I will say is, I'm surprised this movie is getting the direct-to-DVD treatment and the second one had theater status. Although both are severely mediocre, IMO, I wasn't left completely catatonic after watching the third.
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Every curse needs to to know when to hang it up and go home
dbborroughs22 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Okay but passionless tale of attempts to end the curse by a Japanese woman who goes from Japan to Chicago where the curse has situated itself in an apartment building. Much too by the numbers to really be considered anything (you could have called this anything and it wouldn't have mattered), this is a film where its clear its time to call an end to the series (hell, the Japanese did). You know you're in trouble when the creepy white skin kid now looks like a not so creepy white skinned teen with a bad haircut. Worse is the fact that the sounds coming from him are badly done and far from creepy. The series has lost its way and become a waste of time.
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"It's the past. The past can't hurt you".
mylimbo19 March 2010
I really liked the Japanese films (Ju-on and Ju-on 2), while the American remake was decent enough and it's sequel while I wasn't that taken by it still it had its moments. The latter two films received cinema releases where the remake was a big hit, but the second sequel (The Grudge 3) would see it hit the straight to DVD market. Watching you can see why. However that's not a bad thing, as I was actually surprised by it. It could've been worse. In some ways I prefer it over "The Grudge 2", but there's no doubts the story keeps within the same grounds of the first two films --- similar investigations, story progression, imagery and scares. We've seen it before, but there's one or two fresh developments regarding Kayako and another is its supposedly set entirely in America (except for one brief shot in Tokyo).

The third film continues on from the events of the last film where the curse was affecting an American family in a dingy apartment building. The sole survivor of the massacre a young boy is hospitalised, but is tortured by visions of the vengeful spirits Kayako and Toshio. Soon his fate is stamped, and now another family (an older brother and his two sisters) in the apartment find themselves in the path of these vengeful spirits. However there's a mysterious lady that has come Tokyo and moved in to the apartment to hopefully put a stop to this curse.

Very standard, but acceptable retread. The budget is considerably lower; as the make-up FX and special effects go on to show it. The ghosts and the jerky movements this time just seemed to lack that menacing and unnerving edge they once held, due to over-used make-up and too well lit scenes where they would creep up in. However the shuddery music score and sound FX is effectively skin-crawling and the air is dripping with a glum atmosphere of dread. Although the chills and tension falls on the uneven side, as some moments work while others fall a long way short. The problem might lie in that at times it was trying to be subtle, but then chooses to be blatant in its acts. Some stages felt bland (just like the second film) and the script is rather shallow, but the pacing seemed better handled. Compared to the other films, it goes against the grain with a linear storyline but remains just as slow-grinding with it growing darker the further along it went. As if there's no real escaping this stinging threat, as fate has a shocking twist or two waiting. The performances are able enough with the likes of Matthew Knight, Emi Ikehata, Johanna Braddy, Jadie Hobson and Shawnee Smith.
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Actually not that terrible
Nathaniel Kidd13 June 2009
I had very low expectations for this film. I had read some of the reviews on here (good and bad) and wasn't holding out much hope. If you've fallen in love with the Ju-On and Grudge films in the way I have in the past month your curiosity will probably get the better of you. That's what happened to me, but being prepared for a bad movie I was able to enjoy it for what it was. Yes it changes the storyline, yes it's cashing in, yes parts of it were illogical, but something about it wasn't that bad. I'm not going to even bother going in to all the ways it's wrong because I'm sure people must have done that many times already on here. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen or even close. For me the Grudge 2 still had the power to scare but here the fear factor was gone completely which was a great shame. Some die hard fans of the series are saying it's just as scary as the first two, some people are even saying it's one of the scariest films they've seen which makes me question their mental age. If they found this film scary I don't know how they even got to it because by all rights the first two would have scared them so much they'd have probably had a heart attack - literally scared to death... This film wasn't even slightly scary but something about it was still quite enjoyable. Maybe it's just because I love the series so much, maybe it was the characters, the pace, I don't know, and sitting through the whole thing was worth it for the last twenty minutes which I found to be actually pretty exciting. It's no surprise to hear rumours that Grudge 4 is in the works , and after that Grudge 5 is a pretty safe bet, they'll be cashing in on this series 'til the cows come home. W*nkers. Thanks
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Worst sequel for the series
jet_meiichi23 August 2014
There is always something good about a movie, however bad it may be, or so I thought before watching this movie. The story completely lost its essence in comparison to the first and second part of the story. Even I try to point out the good and the bad points of the movie, I really can't find any good point. 1: It is not scary at all. The original story, even though it's not one of the scariest ever, had that Japanese talent to creep you out without actually showing almost anything in the screen and leaving most to the imagination except some crucial scenes. This aspect has completely been lost in this last movie. Maybe due to the fact that the director is not anymore a Japanese. 2: The story is very repetitive. It doesn't add anything new to the original story. Even though it is not scary, it could be OK if the story was interesting. But it couldn't more boring and lacking of originality. 3: The same tricks to scare you are repeated over and over again. The same pale boy running around and the same creeping woman following the characters in bright corridors. It never gets original and you know exactly what to expect in every scene without surprising you. 4: Sometimes the ending can save a movie, but in this case I couldn't but laugh of how ridiculously it ends.

In summary, even if you liked the grudge 1 and 2, don't watch this one. If you want to watch a scary movie, you are going to waste your time. And if you anyway like the gender of horror movies for its stories, your are going to regret watching this boredom.

Imagine a person comically falling down and everybody around laughing. He sees he was funny so he falls again on purpose. Some people laugh. So he falls again. nobody laughs, so he tries again and again to see if somebody laughs and fails miserably. Dude, it's not funny anymore. Stop.
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I think I heard the floor squeak.
Paul Magne Haakonsen30 January 2011
Was this movie really necessary?

Being a fan of Asian horror movies, it literally pains me to see Hollywood cash in on Asian movies and 'Americanize' them. And this third installment to the Americanized versions of "Ju-On" is no different than other previous attempts of turning Asian horror into Western horror.

The story told in "The Grudge 3" is not bad as such, but it was a very weak result they ended up with. Moving the curse from Japan to USA? Alright, well I guess it was a well enough attempted shot at merging Asian and Western horror into one movie. Just didn't work that well. And it seems there will be no end to this particular line of movies, as the story just goes on and on.

I found the acting in the movie to be adequate, and it was Johanna Braddy (playing Lisa) and Aiko Horiuchi (playing Kayako) who were carrying the movie with the most memorable performances. The story was plagued by poor dialogue, which brought the entire movie down a notch.

What is scary about a little white-painted Japanese boy with 'helmet hair' who makes cat sounds? Or a white-painted Japanese woman sounding like a squeaking floor? It is beyond my comprehension.

One of the better things in the movie was the effects, because they were actually just the right amount of everything; blood, gore, shock, etc.

And there was literally nothing new to this third installment. Have you seen the previous two American versions, then you have seen all the 'scary' stuff in this movie already. And I use the term 'scary' lightly here, because there were no real scares or spooky moments. The only new part introduced here was the second sister, and with that, letting the story go on and on...

Hollywood should have stopped once they 'Americanized' "Ju-On" with the first installment. This third movie was weak and unnecessary.

If you like horror movies, or Asian horror movies in particular, you are better off with something else entirely. There are lots of other more interesting and actually scary movies out there. "The Grudge 3" hopefully managed to put the "Grudge" series to rest.
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philip_roque12 January 2010
First of all, I have been a huge fan of Japanese horror movies ever since I saw the original Japanese version of The Ring nearly 8-9 years ago. I have seen a lot of different horror movies but I have to say, my favourites are The Ring and the Ju-On franchise.

After seeing that there was a The Grudge 3, I had some hopes for it. But boy, if only I knew what was coming...Where to start? The acting was utterly horrible and the plot was forgettable. As for the scary parts, we all know whats coming, you see the boy in white, you hear that classic sound of ju-on and you see her approaching her victim, over and over and over again. There is nothing new to this movie and its about time to let the franchise take a rest.
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Manmohan Singh31 January 2009
I don't know where to start commenting on this title. I was enthralled like anything when i saw the title "GRUDGE". Having seen both of the previous sequels, i had a pre-conceived notion as well as expectation, as to what kind of movie it would be! But i had absolutely no idea what was in store for me for next hour and half!! Well, if the whole purpose of making a sequel is to cash on the established fame of earlier titles, without paying much attention to the theme, then yes, this movie is a success! Except for a scene or two ,this movie for me doesn't qualify as of a horror genre to me. Being an ardent viewer of horror movies, and considering the title, i must say, i expected a lot better. People, watch it if you must!
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Riding the Coattails of a Far Better Film
Brandon Veracka3 October 2016
Firstly it's worth noting that I watch a TON of horror films. Whether they're good, bad, weird, low-budget indies or big-budget Hollywood flicks, I give nearly every one a chance including this cash-&-grab, "The Grudge 3".

If you want to experience true horror and you've never seen "Ju-On", then I implore you to go watch that amazing film NOW. You'll thank me. Takashi Shimizu is a genius and sadly he had nothing to do with "The Grudge 3". So if you're looking for a cliché Hollywood horror flick with all of the worst elements of modern horror rolled into one terrible little film burrito, look no further than "The Grudge 3"!

By the time "The Grudge 3" came about, the Japanese haunting idea was getting old. Most importantly and sadly, Takashi Shimizu had nothing to do with the making of this film. Toby Wilkins directed this sloppy mess, and it's like a slap in the face to Shimizu's amazing work with the first film, as well as it's American adaptation which was also very good. Much like "The Grudge 2", the third installment is just dry and full of anticlimactic suspense.

All of the wonderful aspects of the original film which gave it an incredibly tense atmosphere and a realistic sense of dread are totally absent here. The monster(s) are overused; we see WAY too much of these ghost-like people that they're just not scary. What was initially frightening is now boring. The movie is so far from scary--and just plain bad--to the point that it's almost painful to watch. What was supposed to be making me cringe in fright was making me cringe in disgust and frustration. "The Grudge 3" is bad in every way, and it's the antithesis of what the original masterpiece that started it all was; a really scary film that brought something new and fresh to the table. It's not even funny-type bad, it's just bad! I usually don't rate films this low, but this one should simply be avoided altogether. Please believe me when I say there are MUCH better horror films to watch, even if your standards are really low. This is a bad, bad, baaad film!
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not even close to the first two!!
seroesh12 March 2009
I had my doubts with this one, as the director of this one and the first two parts is different. This one lacks at many occasions, firstly it does not have any horror in it.. i mean if you have seen the first two parts, they make u jump up from your chair, you need to take frequent breaks in order to get a relief and it might haunt u in the night if you are not into horror movies and if you believe in supernatural thingie.

However, this one, the writer tried sequencing it, but the director couldn't really make this one as perfect as the last two were.. It contained more story than horror, not many horror appearance, not many real killing scenes, director tried ending most of the scenes in suspense, as we'd guess what would have happened or perhaps like a trailer or a teaser that you'd have to wait to see what would have happened...

I felt it as a waste of my time frankly, and I think it will be a waste of time for all the people who have been great fan of the first two parts.
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kill this movie
kai ringler23 September 2009
don't know what i wanna attack first,, this one was so well off,, from the first two. you didn't have the fear of what lies beyond,, not knowing what is in front of you like the first two. the kills were too stylized, should have never set it in chicago.. the couple always wanted to have sex in the apartment building ruined it for me,, just another campy American horror movie. i dind't really care for the characters that much,, this film just really did not sit well with me at all,, i mean the storyline wasn't bad,, i just think that somewhere along the line things just went horribly wrong,, i think that i really wouldn't recommend this one if you like the first two.
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what a piece of disappointment
SirEmu30 January 2009
this story is way off the line next to the 2 first ones. It has lack of spirit in creating the chilling environment , it has no good story (way way off its origin) , it has no energy or creativity that The Grudge has. And worst of all it ends up leading right towards yet another sequel - thinking of that makes my tommy ache and i don't feel like sleeping .. Those feelings should have been coming from the movie and not from knowing there will be a 4'th Grudge or shall i call it The Smudge. I wont salute this one even tho I am truly a horror lover that goes back to the start of night of the living dead and dawn of the dead time.

1 Tip to the producer/s and the directors of photography - 'move back 20+ years in the time and use old and non-digital equipment , to get that feeling and emotion which comes from hard work with tape and not from some cgi students from a 2-3 day worth of time folds up in the effect and makeup side.

and for Cosmos sake , bring some ideas from your friends like Romero , Fulci , deodato , and the rest that had that Glow for making shocking scenes with ends of the movies that you get up from the seat at the cinema or wherever you go to , with a smile and a satisfaction of having watched a Good solid horror flick that doesn't kill the mood while consuming it.

OH yeah... Hail to Lucio Fulci , the guy that made me stack up VHS tapes from floor to roof... AMEN and Good night
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omega_work30 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If I can think of one word to sum this movie up it has to be "preposterous" because that is the word that was constantly running through my mind. Obviously there has to be some suspension of disbelief for this type of film, but the aspects that are grounded in reality should have some sort of credibility.

Would a doctor really show a teen-aged girl she'd only met once confidential medical videos of the deceased? Why on earth are this teen-aged girl and her sister so special that they are the only ones who can remove the curse? For the most part I found the movie more laughable and predicable than scary.

They attempted to create a love story that would grab our hearts, by having a good-looking girl bang a jock that we never see for more than thirty seconds at a time, and then when he pops by and says "I love you" what a shocker that the very next thing that happens is he gets killed. That one has to be one of the worst, because not only do we not care about the guy or their relationship, but they cheated on his "death" scene as well.

Yet another huge flaw seems to be that I doubt if the filmmakers have any concept of the rules that govern this curse. Whether someone becomes possessed, a ghost, or just dead appears to be either random or contrived.

The cinematography was bland, but at least it wasn't overdone, the story was pretty unimaginative and poorly thought out (i.e. what is Naoko doing while not stalking Lisa?). The acting is nothing special (but nothing offensively bad either).

All that said, I did not find the movie so bad that I was demanding 90 minutes of my life back, but it is not a film that is likely to scare you or make you have any inner dialogue outside of "yeah right".
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Better then The Grudge 2 but not by much
atinder30 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Here comes the next instalment in ''The Grudge'' series. Kayako and Toshio's curse continues by haunting ''The Grudge 2'''s only survivor, Jake, who's now confined to a psychiatric hospital after his family's alleged suicide. When the curse of the Grudge finally kills him too, news reaches a mysterious young woman in Japan. As Jake's case worker, Dr. Sullivan , investigates his Chicago home, the curse continues to claim more victims. As the rage spreads, it becomes clear that Jake's horrifying stories are true, and the Japanese woman is the only hope of finally burying the Grudge once and for all unless she becomes another victim. Now they need to stop it once and for all before the curse reaches more people and becomes horrific

(Edit) I think I was little Harsh on this movie before so)

what made me angry is that Ju-on movie made me really scared but this movie was just like one the spoof movies like Scary movie!

Kayako wasn't even scary she looked really nice not like the Ju-on movies Toshio's looked to big they should small boy in this movie

There is only one scene I really like this movie and that when Kayako coming out the panting was good but was just Ripping of The Ringu

The Ending of movie was Just silly, The twist at the end was way over top!, It did have better ending then The Grudge 2 also acting is not that bad for Third movie in the remake series

That why I gave it 2 put higher then before!
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Way below par..!
Jon Gillett4 March 2009
I always preferred the original Japanese titles to the second rate American remakes, but as there was no Jap Grudge 3 it became a no brainer (in every sense of the phrase). I enjoyed the first two films a fair bit; I wouldn't have said that they rocked my world, but were not such a bad way to spend an hour and a half.

This third installment is almost not part of the same franchise; OK, so there are the same main characters from the previous two and the so-called curse that is supposed to be attributed to the location where the murders took place (therefore how can it move to the USA just because the story needs it as a plot device?), other than that nothing much. The characters are all horrendous stereotypes from clichéd horror films which were all done far better than this mess, the story plods along slower than it has any right to and the majority of the first hour does little other than explain who the 4 main characters are, which could be done in around 5 minutes if handled correctly!! There is little by way of gore apart from a couple of stabbing scenes and an off-screen pulverisation; which for most of us horror film fans is the ultimate pay off and the reason we sit through the rest of the tiresome background building sections and introductory necessities! The end is a complete formality and would have been better to have just ended on a blank screen and a decent, well-produced sound-byte...most of which are handled atrociously incidentally...

I give it 4 out of 10; one point for each of the deaths and one point for the joyous sight of the end credits appearing. Avoid unless sleepless...this may help!
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The Curse is Reborn
Claudio Carvalho16 November 2009
In Chicago, the boy Jake (Matthew Knight) is interned in a mental institution and his therapist Dr. Sullivan (Shawnee Smith) does not believe that he is haunted by the ghost of the boy Toshio. When Jake is killed in his cell with all his bones broken, Dr. Sullivan decides to investigate further with open-mind. Meanwhile, Lisa (Johanna Braddy), who is the sister of the super Max (Gil McKinney) of Jake's building, steals the key of apartment 305 to have sex with her boyfriend Andy (Beau Mirchoff). When she realizes that the spot is a crime scene, she immediately returns to her apartment, where she lives with Max and their sister Rose (Jadie Hobson). In the meantime, the Japanese Naoko (Emi Ikehata) decides to travel from Tokyo to Chicago to stop the curse of her sister Kayako. She meets Lisa and tells that she needs hers and Rose's help her to stop the fiend of her sister, but Lisa does not accept the offer. When Max is possessed by the evil spirit of Daisuke (Takatsuma Mukai), Lisa visits Naoko but it may be too late to stop the curse.

"The Grudge 3" is better and better than the second movie of the franchise. The screenplay is well-developed and the ghosts are very creepy and scary. Max recalls Jack Nicholson's character in "The Shining" when he is possessed. Lisa is a character quite dumb and her stupid attitude refusing to help Naoko is the weakest part of this good sequel. Now it seems that Naoko has reborn the curse, but I hope the producers stop this franchise. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Grito 3" ("The Scream 3")
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not what I expected
Aidonian16 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
having seen the first two Grudge movies, which I liked, I thought this would be a great addition to it. I was wrong. The movements of Kayako in the first two were strange and scary, but here, in the third film, it is downright funny at times than scary. With the exception when she crawls out of a painting. What we don't see here, like in the first two films, is when she grabs people. In the first two, she grabs people and somehow they become part of the curse as shown in the second movie. Here, Kayako becomes a kind of slasher ghost, which doesn't work at all. Characters; run of the mill, kind of what you expect in horror movies. Nothing noteworthy about it with the exception of Shawnee Smith - who seem to become a regular in horror movies and Marini Sirtis from Star Trek. Other than that, you don't feel anything for these characters. Plot, not that bad, at times they stretched it a bit.I can understand that the sister had a hard time believing Naoko when she told her about the curse, but when she agreed to do the ceremony, she stopped Naoko, because she didn't want her little sister to drink something? Please, her life was at stake, as that of her sister, you would think that she would let it end there. But no, she refused and enter possessed Max who goes after Naoko, killing her in a similar fashion as Kayako. The ending really sucked in my opinion. It's a classic let's bring the villain back once more so it could lead to another sequel. Sure, the other two movies had a similar ending, but those worked for it. Here it clearly doesn't. It was a cop out, a clichéd Hollywood ending for a horror movie.
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More of the same
mdarmocida1 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Slightly better than the Grudge 2 but it's more of the same stuff. If you've seen the Grudge before then don't expect to be surprised. The only good thing is the opening scene and that all three movies are connected (a continuation of the same story). Grudge 3 sets it's fury on the Chicago apartment building where the Grudge2 left off. So if you want to see what happens after the point that the Grudge2 ended then this will give you that closure.The first movie was new, I'm now finding this storyline as old and tiresome.

***SPOILER**** As in all the Grudge movies the door is left open at the end so don't expect complete closure unless there's a Grudge4.
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A good addition to the franchise.
Jan Strydom9 March 2009
Even though its DTV, THE GRUDGE 3 is a good addition to the series, the acting is better than what you'd expect, and the director Toby Wilkins managed to keep it from looking cheap and tacky, and the script, this time provided by Brad Keene, had a few good twist and turns, and was certainly more bloody than the first and the second, that both had scripts provided by Stephen Susco.

The other fact that Toshio and the woman (Pardon me I forgot how to spell her name) have been re cast does not hinder the film one bit, Overall, its definitely a good sequel, and could have gone theatrical, considering that there are worst films that did go theatrical, need I mention THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 or BUG (especially BUG).

6 out of 10
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Scary enough like 1 and 2
hesami31 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i see movie now and like it as much as 1 and 2. the story of the grudge is great for scary movie and all elements are well designed. i am happy that we will see grudge 4 as soon as possible, because grudge will never done. the first part of movie isn't scary until the boy comes back in a new house and want to kill all the persons that live there. the dead boy and woman are very well designed and scary enough. and at the end part of movie the horror reaches to maximum value!! but all sections in this movie wasn't great and some parts could be better. i think every one that love grudge 1 and 2, must see this for another joy of horror. have a good night with this movie ;)
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Good movie to scare kids
solpico-122 February 2009
first of all I enjoyed Ju-on so much! the culture shock like Ring touched my Manliness..

Man! I and my friends watched this film while drinking, i thought we're watching some kind of a comedy film like "scary movie", it's really hilarious! i dunno why the director did that.. if i we're being chased by a semi-ghost I AM REALLY GOING TO PUNCH IT! why did the actors act that way?? it's a no choice crawling at the corner of the room? I'm not saying it's bad but it worth a while.. Its, funny, don't watch it seriously, good for kids, even though there's a bloody scene, good movie for non critics..
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The Grudge 3 is a 3 out of 10
mm-399 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Grudge 3 is a 3 out of 10. What did not work! The Grudge 3 played all the story lines out in the first 2. The story lines where dull, as seen it done it before. Being chased by spooky spirits over and over again! Flat movie characters. None of the characters are interesting. Build up dialogue is cumbersome creating no interest in the characters. Zero character development. The slow burn directing of the first two stories did not develop. The Grudge 3 jumps from sub story to sub story without any connection of story with the viewer. The Grudge 3 has this guy who is a jerk spells out that he will be a victim.. There was no ending to the story or explanation. Just crap happens and the cycle continues. 3 out of 10, only because there was some good special effects and a couple of scares. The Grudge makers ran with the money on this film. The only scare was actually watching part 3.
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