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Great to see Erin Gray and Tom O'Connor together again!

Author: johnw-291-807292 from United States
12 February 2012

I don't usually write reviews at all, but as a fan of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" which aired in the late 1970's I just had to chime in here. Erin and Tim were charming to see again together. I think their scenes together were pure gold. I only wish there had been more of them.

In particular, when they have the long scene together in the last third of the film as they discuss religion and other aspects of spirituality and immortality I was mesmerized. As long as the scene was I really wanted it to go on longer. It also made the big reveal at the end that much cooler.

And being a sci-fi fan it was a real treat to see Gary Graham from the 'Alien Nation' series a ways back and the Star Trek 'Enterprise' series of just a few years ago.

I do recommend this film, with no reservations whatsoever. Its content goes where very few films do. A big thumbs up!

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Dreams Wake Recommended

Author: graycap from United Kingdom
18 April 2012

I really enjoyed this film. It is gratifying to see a film-maker exploring matters of religion, faith and spirituality. I found the plot both moving and inspirational and the religious theme particularly thought-provoking, even if I did not agree with some of its sentiments, as a dysfunctional middle-class American family finds itself on an unexpected spiritual journey on the slopes of Mount Shasta. The location provides a spectacular physical backdrop to the action, which the film fully exploits. All the cast provide impressive performances, but Erin Gray, in particular, delivers a particularly powerful one as the family's mother in her particular journey of self-awareness. I have no hesitation in recommending this film to others.

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Beautiful, very enlightening, and overwhelming!

Author: celeste1975-267-215752 from United States
17 January 2012

I certainly enjoyed the little mystical messages within the story, and the actors were wonderful too. So many little things touched me, and the beautiful majesty of Mt. Shasta has special meaning for me.

This movie is special and very hard to put into words. It is also not an easy film to get your mind around, and it is not for everyone. You would have to want your entertainment sprinkled with spiritual lessons.

But with so much negative imagery and dark themes in movies today it is refreshing to see a spiritually uplifting film that has such a positive message, great cinematography and a beautiful score.

It was certainly worth the purchase. I whole-heartedly recommend it!

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I loved this movie!

Author: burton_joanna from United States
22 January 2012

This is actually an incredible movie. I have seen several co-called personal growth and/or spiritual movies, but this is one of the best I have ever seen. Plus it has an excellent storyline and the acting is right on!

And even though I say all this it is a very difficult movie to describe. It is full of so many things. The themes are so very moving, and there is a lot to learn here. And what seems obvious isn't really what it seems to be saying. I do feel that you have to be oriented to these types of themes to enjoy it, or to get anything out of it.

And if you really pay attention (or watch it several times) it may change you! Very well done!!

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Are you ready for your wake up call

Author: julieshapiro1977 from United States
17 December 2012

I was really surprised at the message in this movie. In this day of so much negative energy in the movies it is so refreshing to see a film that takes a situation and gives it hope. I love how the film shows a metaphysical approach to the inner child in us and how we can deal with tragedies in the past. Erin Gray is wonderful in this film and from the beginning to the end you can see her transition from a troubled woman to finally dealing with her inner self. I totally love this and have never seen it done so good in a movie before. With this theme approached with a beautiful background of Mt Shasta, an excellent cast, and fantastic score I recommend Dreams Awake for all ages. Truly well done.

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Surprisingly good

Author: Jason Del gado from United States
28 November 2012

Mount Shasta is definitely the main star here. Don't get me wrong. It has a great cast of actors but the biggest spiritual aspect of this movie is the mountain itself. From what I read, Mount Shasta is a well known spot for all kinds of metaphysical activity. I thought what a great idea to make a spiritual movie at a spiritual location. Many experiences have been documented from people all over the world. Some have seen UFOs coming out of the mountain as well as mysterious openings inside the mountain where supposedly inhabitants live. There are vortex energies & portals; mysterious lights that seem to come from inside the mountain. In short, there is a lot of mountain energy going on there. With that said, Erin Gray's main character is caught up not only in the problems of the day but also with some haunted nightmares. She must figure it all out and does so with success. But not without the help with the mountain and an old reappearing man named Ambrose. I don't want to spoil the movie more than that but it has a great pay off at the end. Dreams Awake is full of surprises that may not be seen immediately but by watching it more than a couple of times. Very good movie and worth every minute.

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Great movie to see.

Author: Deanjones1970 from United States
16 November 2012

I bought this movie because of a friends reference and I really enjoyed it. Being a old fan of Buck Rogers it was great to see Erin Gray and Tim o Connor again. Its great to see a movie that you can watch over and over again and each time you see something you missed before. Being a fan of Mt. Shasta and spirituality it was fun to see some of the little stuff people may have missed. This movie also moved me a lot with some of my own experiences being on the mountain. Although this movie is a spiritual movie it doesn't get too preachy about it, it instead lets us use our imagination. Being able to use your imagination rather them something spoon fed helps to enjoy it even more. With all the negative, super violent movies out there it is always refreshing seeing a positive movie like this. Being a big fan of the actors and the movie I would recommend this to my friends.

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A very good movie that adds more each time I see it.

Author: Daniel Maloy from United States
18 January 2012

This is a very well done movie that takes a very sensitive and personal spiritual part of one's life and delicately puts a spotlight on it without overdoing it. I enjoyed every minute of it and the cinematography and acting was very well done. I loved the scenery of beautiful Mt Shasta along with an excellent musical score.

It is a film that although not a masterpiece, has messages within it that are revealed more each time I watch it. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to see a change in today's movies especially in the spiritual genre of cinema or who just want to see positive movies for a change. It does however have places that left me a little wondering where it was fully taking me. But nonetheless - an enjoyable good film.

Obviously it is hard to create an uplifting film that shows the spiritual walk and delicate struggles in a woman's life without being preachy or explaining to the viewer what is being displayed and why the character feels a certain way in the scope of things in the spiritual arena of life. Dreams Awake manages to avoid that approach and lets us imagine it ourselves within ourselves (with some expected help along the way). Some viewers will completely miss the message by looking for an immediate dazzling of the senses or explanations of the events taking place. It is not preachy or spoon-fed in predetermined bite sized portions to keep us along, but it continues at speed by keeping us open to the imagination of its possibilities. Those who get the movie will understand what I mean as explained by the older, wiser character in the film.

In summary I suppose what most will find is that the answers require us to look within and not always keep us directed to what we are supposed to see or to by having someone stop and explain the phenomena around us. Some may not fully grasp that at first but hopefully come to realize it's not so bad to take a look inside at who we really are. In fact it's an initial step that is always necessary in any spiritual walk or belief system. I got it and maybe wished there was a little more when I first saw it. After seeing it more than once though I discovered there is in fact a lot more.

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Wonderful! Thoughtful! Magical!

Author: Desiree Sanger from United States
16 January 2012

This film is absolutely wonderful! But I have to admit I had to watch it several times to 'get it'.

There seems to be magic at work here, because this movie is not what it may seem on the surface. I got subtle new messages each time I watched it.

I read with interest some of the other reviews and while I am not accustomed to critiquing others it seems they did not quite 'get it.' Which I can understand since it took me several viewings (4 I believe) to feel like I was understanding what it was really trying to say.

And yes it certainly does not fall into the normal type of spiritual or new age films that people now call "spiritual cinema." Which makes it special. In fact I'd call it an original.

Definitely you must check this movie out! Especially if you want to go beyond the surface of other spiritual films.

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A great positive movie

Author: allisonsinclair1976 from United States
28 November 2012

I absolutely love this movie. I wish there were more films with a positive spiritual message such as this. It starts out a little slow but once you get into it you get hooked. The scenery is magnificent and the soundtrack is great. I have not seen Erin Gray in a performance in quite awhile. The entire cast did very good job with their parts. Especially Tim O'Connor as the old mysterious sage of the mountain. The inner child message really hit home with me. From my own personal experiences it made so much sense and I believe it will with other people. The movie also gave me some hope about dealing with this deep issue. I don't want to give the movie away but Erin Gray was very believable during the climactic scene. When I first saw this movie I didn't realize there were so many layers involved in it. The more I watched it though, the more I understood these layers. I think that those who don't understand this, maybe have either not given it a chance or are not in touch with their inner selves as much. I recommend this movie for all ages and hope to see more positive movies with a good message in the future.

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