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off to a poor start, too much, too little
RavenGlamDVDCollector6 August 2016
So this is how they kick it off? Clearly, it's a SEX & THE CITY clone, but with far less likable characters. That was my first impression of the main cast. I have now watched it twice, and I liked it a little bit better the second time around. But that Lucy Liu, they needed to dump her. What were they thinking? She would be the leader of the pack (of the actresses)? 'cause she was in CHARLIE'S ANGELS lotsa lotsa years before this? Shame, she was a poor choice back then as well, acceptable only because that Drew Barrymore was so blatantly wrong that one could overlook the other glaring mistake...

Besides looking entirely out of place, Lucy Liu cannot act to save her life. She obviously never could, and she is the rotten egg in this mix that bedevils the cake very early on, making it fall flat.

I was at first hugely, hugely disappointed by Miranda Otto, hell, not that long ago watched HUMAN NATURE, okay, this is half a decade later, time ravages us all, and, yes, she can act, oh yes. Watching the second time around, I had more of an appreciation of her value to the storyline.

Bonnie Somerville is the main surprise here. These boardroom ladies aren't really likable, but she shows her vulnerability, she's a klutz and a goof every now and then, especially like her dizzy look after getting kissed by the other woman, that is what makes a character likable. Cold rich witch bitches don't cut it with me, especially not if they're ice-cold and steel-hard.

As for the smaller parts, no problem there: Excellent choice, Anna Camp as the blonde babysitter princess, and Addison Timlin was another total scene-stealer as freaked-out Em in her first appearance where she surprised Mom and Dad walking in on their romantic get-together. Unfortunately she got bland later on, but there is hope there, she's a reason to come back for ep. 2, small as her part may be.

In the end though, you gotta come up with something better. The main cast has gotta shine, shine, shine. They gotta be lovable. You gotta wanna root for them. This lot, excepting Bonnie Somerville, me, not so much.
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