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"DuckTales" Liquid Assets (1989)

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The Beagle Boys tamper with some blueprints regarding a new super-high way for Duckburg, setting it to run right through Scrooge's money bin. The boys plan for the ensuing aftermath to allow them to gain access to Scrooge's assets.

When Scrooge finds out about the super-highway's construction plans, he goes immediately to the mayor, who explains that his hands are tied, since the plans were approved months before (of course, the mayor and the others have no idea of the Beagle's tampering).

Scrooge worries what to do, and decides to hire an accountant to keep track of his fortune when he moves his bin. During the interview process, he finds his duck in the form of the incredibly insistent Fenton Crackshell. While his annoying personality does not adhere him to Scrooge, his ability to accurately count anything gets him the job.

After hiring Fenton, Scrooge is conned into buying land on a mountaintop from B&B Realty, not realizing it's a con by the Beagle Boys, to then drop the bin down into the backyard of Ma Beagle's house.

To complicate matters, Fenton misunderstands Scrooge's comment about keeping his 'liquid assets' safe, and dumps Scrooge's entire fortune into Lake Dobegone (pronounced 'do be gone'). Scrooge and Fenton then set-up survailence at the lake, and are soon joined by Scrooge's nephews.

Launchpad meanwhile, transports the empty bin to the mountaintop, where the Beagle Boys detonate the cliffside, sending the bin down to Ma Beagle's place. However, they are surprised to find it empty. Scrooge manages to get the bin back, by disguising himself as a 'tax assessor,' and Launchpad transports the bin to another mountaintop.

Meanwhile, the Beagle Boys have found out about Scrooge's fortune in the lake, and trick Fenton into letting loose a pack of 'super-termites' on the lake's dam. Fenton further adds to the problem by using a woodpecker call, thinking they'll take care of the termites...but not realizing they'll tear apart the dam. Once the wooded dam bursts, Scrooge's fortune is carried off, along with Fenton.


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