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A waste of film...and your time.
jamesmccormack16 August 2009
Gee, I need to write at least ten lines but can sum it up nicely: THIS MOVIE IS A PIECE JUNK AND NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. What were they producers thinking when they green lighted this mess. It is one of those films that make you feel embarrassed for the cast and want to kill the writers. No redeeming values. No comic value. Lousy acting. I could go on and on. Such is the sorry state of gay cinema. Let's see, the plot device behind this film is a content to determine who can screw and get screwed the most during spring break. As impossible as it many seem, this film makes "Justin Loves Kelly" seem like a work of art. No need to view this film. You have been things to do with your life.
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Disappointment... putting it nicely
camyado28 December 2008
I did love the first movie. It ran with the idea of making a gay version of American Pie and ran with it. The character's became realistic and though it lost me at times it's charm held me till the end.

The second however, was an abomination. The script needed many many more edits before it made it into production. The fact that all of the actors had to be replaced was one of many problems. Their replacements were not completely thought out. Andy's in particular, seemed nothing like his character in the first.

However the premise still had some promise. Taking them all for spring break sounded very hilarious and had plenty of room for laughs and promiscuity. And we were instantly introduced to "Jaspers" our three antagonists. And Griff and Jarrod's budding relationship opened up the idea of sexual monogamy a real issue that many couples face today, a promise for some type of depth to the entire plot.

They failed.

It seemed like all the plot lines had promise even Nico's rather week like with a bad luck Tiki seems to be the set up for some hilarious consequences.

But then the script fails to deliver.

There was not enough prep put into this movie and there was not enough thought given to the final product. And finally the promise of yet another sequel "Gays in Space" sounds atrocious.
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It Tries So Hard, but Mostly Stays Limp
jaybeebrad11 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If ever there were an "A for Effort" moment it would be Another Gay Sequel. Desperate to mix charm and wit with gross-out teen sexploitation style humor, this film unfortunately provides 10 unfunny moments for every 1 truly endearing or hilarious one.

On a shoestring budget the plot seems borrowed from the video game "Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail". A group of four gay teens(ish) head off to Florida for Spring Break and enter a contest to see who can get laid the most.

It's a testament to our changed world that a gay themed sexploitation film can even be made. Unfortunately making gross-out jokes "gay" doesn't make them funny, and so many sight gags and predictable moments occur in this movie that it prevents a real laugh-out-loud experience.

Whether it's "the prettiest boy" ending up with poo on his face from an unclean sex experience or a father and son power-vomiting all over each other because of accidental incest, most of these shallow moments somehow lose their sheen for even the biggest fan of low brow gags.

Saving the film is the character of Nico, the over-the-top femme of the bunch. Actor Jonah Blechman really commits to the role and what could have been an irritating stereotype manages to come off as genuine. There are also some brilliant parody moments including Nico running down the beach in braids a'la Bo Derek in "10", and even a one-off tribute to cult classic Romy & Michele's High School Reunion.

Where the movie really fails in in the attempt to blend boner jokes and toilet gags with genuine plots about monogamy, relationships and discovering one's identity. Could it have been achieved? Yes, but it wasn't.

Shout outs go to RuPaul in a hilarious turn as an androgynous activities directory who seems to exist mostly just to drop cheesy product placements for the movie's sponsors. Other cameos are less entertaining, such as Scott Thompson's reprisal as the not-so-secretly gay dad of one of the boys.

If every genre has to have a bunch of duds in order to find its way to classics, then the gay teen comedy is well on it's way thanks to Another Gay Sequel.
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sad distant echo of the original Another Gay Movie
John Frame25 December 2008
Tonight I sat down to watch the newly arrived "Another Gay Sequel" DVD, expecting it to at least live up to the standard of "Another Gay Movie" (which I had thoroughly enjoyed and can happily recommend). I found myself reaching for the remote to fast forward through too many scenes. The Sequel is really REALLY flaky, extra fluffy and totally pointless. There's nothing at all to be gained by watching it - certainly not any sense of entertainment. I won't even consider watching, let alone buying, a further sequel. Perez Hilton is probably the most annoying aspect of this film, but Ru Paul is hot on his heels for that honour. The basic fault lies in having such an inane script. The bevy of nice looking actors, no matter how naked, had no hope of saving this film.
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Finally a movie that makes a gay go straight
thesar-221 January 2009
'Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild' is quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Ever. Ever. Ever. And here are words I never thought I would type: If this is the true gay lifestyle and if this is the only exposure someone has to the "gays," I'm going to have to agree with the late Jerry Farewell and condemn the lifestyle. This movie was so unfunny, so unpleasant, it was utterly painful to watch and yes, I had to continue to watch just to see each scene that got more disturbing than the last. I can't even give the cast/crew credit for trying, which I normally do; that's like rooting for the terrorists, for, at least they're attempting to make their voices heard. I've despised movies in the past, but rarely will one both make me cringe as well as almost vomit on how bad it is (Side note: don't eat while watching, as I did – seriously and no joke, I almost vomited.) Shameless product (websites) placements, God-awful attempts at spoofs, jokes – OK more accurately, just flat statements (there are no words to describe) – that are seen thousands frames in advance and loss of respect for the once great RuPaul, for he was in the movie long enough to know how incredibly bad of a decision to support these idiots. Perez Hilton runs around mocking religious anti-gays. Fine, we get it and yes, there's other ways to spread tolerance, or even ridiculing those you don't agree with. The only close-to-funny gag (yes singular) was them making fun of the original cast for failing to return due to "not being labeled as gay for doing two gay-themed movies." More likely, they simply read the script and knew they were above this (ah-hem) bottom-dwelling nightmare.
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Comes up short
Dee-man30 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I was a huge fan of Another Gay Movie. While some of the gross-out humor got to me, altogether I thought it was a funny, well-meaning and overall entertaining comedy full of fun homages and great eye-candy. Unfortunately, "Another Gay Sequel" gives us about half the effort and a quarter of the laughs that the previous entry served up.

First of all, replacing the main cast members hurt the film big-time. Now, the original cast's reasons for returning (or probable reasons) are explained in the film's opening, but if you're going to replace the original actors, at least attempt to cast actors who look somewhat like them. Part of Andy's appeal in the first film was that he was dorky looking and kind of generic. Here he's got flaming red hair and a buff body. And while it's kind of hypocritical, it kind of irritates me that Griff's hotness is toned down with a twinkier, even more androgynous actor playing him this time around. Jonah Blechman, thankfully, stayed around and offers up some of the film's funniest lines and moments.

The endearing supporting cast from the original film aren't even here this time. Muffster, Nico's mom and Andy's mom are traded in for the hideously unentertaining "Jaspers" and Perez Hilton, who provides what are perhaps the most annoying 5 minutes of screen-time I've ever sat through. Even the chunk of dialogue he has on the airplane, in which he's playing fairly low-key, made me want to pry my eyes out. It's a shame, because half of the film's budget was probably wasted on having him appear. Also, Andy's dad appears very late and randomly in the movie, making me think that they needed to pad the film with gross-out humor to get the running time up to par.

Thankfully, the movie does have its funny and sincere moments. The exchanges between Nico and Stan (Brent Corrigan) are cute and thoughtful, as is the turmoil between Griff and Jarod in deciding whether or not to open up their relationship. RuPaul provides some hilarious one-liners and random appearances in the movie. And the references and homages in the movie - ranging from "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" to "10" and "Thriller" - kept me sane.

Altogether, "Another Gay Sequel" comes up short in terms of keeping with the tone of the original, and gives us a bunch of new characters (and actors) who, unfortunately, can't capture the campy and hilarious mood that the first film gave to us.
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Crass, gross, juvenile, and ... downright delinquent! And deep? Loved it!
arusj9 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
OK, to be frank, this movie was not ever meant to be the best work of cinematography ever, and perhaps the director and the producer may agree. With that said, let's look at it for what it is: an instant cult movie, grotesque, exaggerated (and sometimes painfully real) look at the gay subculture of today, whether people agree with it, or not. Going to this movie with an open mind is, to say the least, the only way to enjoy it. Having preconceived notions and self righteous imperious attitude will only result in disappointment.

I went to see this movie with my best friend and guru, my yoga instructor. I had seen the movie several times, but after her unbiased and objective views, and talking about it at length, I have come to see this movie under a completely different set of eyes.

It was beautiful that two people loved each other so much that in order to stay with each other, they took the time to define their love, their limits. Amidst all the surrounding debauchery, their love prevailed, even in the most of difficult and extraordinary of circumstances.

It was equally beautiful that the red head (slut) found the true love in the Latin guy, which was very pure and exciting, and proved that just having casual sex is so much superficial and different than the feeling behind true love and the act of love making.

In regard to Niko, the main star, the realization that we all sometimes see a little bit of him within ourselves is very touching. In many ways, we often have a self view of us to be so different from the rest of the world, as if we were aliens in our own planet.

Sure, of course, this movie is crass, gross, juvenile, and almost downright delinquent. But, who cares. If you can't laugh at this movie, the very least I can recommend you seek help.

I liked it.
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Switch your "reality-based" brain off and just enjoy the madness!
rayjaygee12 January 2009
First things first; this is not like the first movie. In the first movie you have crazy scenarios occurring within a plausible/realistic context, and the narrative of the story was clear-set and followed a linear unfurling path. However in the sequel, reality has no business here. There's numerous addresses to the camera, ridiculously naff special effects, references to the fact that this is just a movie, for god's sake there's a mythical sea creature in the story!

You can tell from the very beginning of the movie that the aim is not so much to tell a heartwarming coming-of-age story, but rather to make you laugh as much as possible by presenting crazy over-the-top, sometimes revolting, gags which it does with gusto. In fairness, this had to be their approach to making this movie. If they were going to make this a serious and realistic follow-on to the last movie, how could they have possibly explained away why three of the four main leads look completely different?! No, they had to just forget about reality and just go all out for funny gags. And on this level it worked; I laughed throughout the whole movie. Result!!

The only thing I would criticize is the use of "actors" who can't actually act - I'm talking about you Perez Hilton! I cringed whenever he was on screen. It was like watching the antics of the drunken slut at a party; you just felt embarrassed for him.

Jonah Blechman deserves a paragraph of praise. He definitely stole the show in this movie. From his zany uber-camp performances to his heartfelt monologue; kudos Jonah. I don't think the movie would have been anywhere near as good if he had wimped-out and jumped ship like three other certain actors.

Biggest surprise; Rupaul is actually a really good, natural and convincing actor. We don't see enough of him on this side of the Atlantic.

Look, just watch the movie with the intention of having a laugh. Switch off the nit-picking film-critic part of your brain and you will enjoy this movie.
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Very funny if you liked the 1st one
jess-1052 September 2008
My opinion is: if you loved ANOTHER GAY MOVIE, you'll love ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL. If you hated AGM, you'll hate AGS.

I give the filmmakers kudos for expanding on the 1st story rather than replicating it (unlike in American PIE 2, where the guys kinda became virgins again). I also liked that the movie explored different kinds of gay relationships - single guys, monogamous couples and non-monogamous couples. I thought all options were given equal screen time and presented non-judgmentally.

Lastly, I CANNOT stop singing The "Lady" Bunny song "Gays Gone Wild" - I can't WAIT for that to come out on!
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Don'T Waste Your Time
David B3 January 2009
To say this movie is not only a waste of your time, a waste of time of anyone involved with this "film" and a waste of the energy and anything else associated with this disaster is an understatement...

I did not find one even one scene minorly funny scene, yet found at least a handful which were totally nasty and disgusting...

If this is what passes for humor in the "gay community" today...then let me be an outcast as I cannot find one positive comment to make about this "film" unless you count finally seeing the end of it as a positive...I cannot find one reason why anyone looking at the screenplay for this could conceive why this should have ever been made...were they hoping the mindless sheep would flock (pun intended) to see this film?...I think that whoever heads the studio that made this should be immediately terminated...although this same studio will probably be the next one in line asking for a handout...oops I mean a bailout...oops, I mean a loan so they don't have to file bankruptcy...this studio should go down in flames!
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Cringe-worthy and pointless. A big disappointment
imdb-1736925 February 2010
I've finally got around to watching this movie tonight - albeit with Spanish subtitles - and it truly is ghastly. I, like most of the other reviewers here, really enjoyed the first movie which had life and spark to it. This has none. Yes, there's lots of good looking naked male flesh around but if anyone wants that we all know where to look. The plot is tasteless, and - for me - the scene where Scott Thompson as Mr Wilson (dressed in a dog costume) mistakenly humps his own son, then follows a flurry of vomiting from him, his son and his son's love interest is beyond tasteless. This film is utterly charmless, inane, and I agree that watching paint dry is preferable. I hope that this sequel is just a glitch and a third film in the series will go for charm and not paint all us gays out to be butt-chasing, screaming queens.
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Highly Enjoyable
benc116918 September 2008
This movie, although possibly not as well produced as the first, was highly enjoyable and yes even heartfelt. It is crass, gross and funny as hell. The 3 replacement characters were hot, funny and really played the parts well. Great way of explaining the cast change BTW too!! LOL. RuPaul was funny as Tyrell Tyrell. It was great to see Rico in a perfect over the top performance that only serves him so well. The 3 substitutes were MUCH hotter than the first cast and I feel they were able to bring some heart and soul into what could have been an all out gross-out-fest. If you're looking for an epic Oscar winning movie you'll be disappointed, if you're looking for a good night out and lots of laughs and some gross out moments this movie will more than satisfy!
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I Don't Think I've Ever Been So Offended In My Whole Life.
M W1 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My fiancée went to the movies to see the original & when it came out on DVD I watched it with her. I wasn't put off by the rampant homosexuality some of my favorite movies are pretty gay(Mysterious Skin,Shortbus & Hedwig)no it just wasn't filthy enough. Well part 2 exceeded my filthy expectations in full campy spades. One hour forty minutes of trash cinema that had me unable to look at the screen for most of that running time. This is one of those movies that people will love or hate. There's no middle ground. If you don't mind stepping out of your comfort zone & shutting off your brain Gays Gone Wild is a lot of fun. Anyone else ready for part 3 Gays in Space?
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NewFest 2008: NY LGBT Film Festival (work-in-progress screening)
dramadude0414 June 2008
This movie is AMAZING! I just saw the working premiere last night at NewFest 2008: NY LGBT Film Festival. I was hesitant at first after seeing that the main characters had been changed, but I was surprised by how that change actually was worked into the movie quite well. I won't give anything away, but the changes were explained, and worked. RuPaul and the new Griff (Aaron Michael Davies) as well as the director and creative team were there for a talk back after the film. Since it was still a work in progress, some of the editing, coloring, and sound was off, but other than that, it was the complete movie. It completely surpassed my expectations, especially for a sequel. I can't wait until it comes out in August! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
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TRash as trash can !
Michaer Goetz4 November 2008
Hey Folks,

I've seen the first part which was so-so, funny and trashy and a gay version of American Pie. Whatever, We went to see the preview of the second one, and this was a riot - totally trashy and "bad-tasted" (does that word exist ? Well, it does now :-) ) but a hell of a laugh ! A little bit explicit, very colorful and fast, and overall a great fun to watch. If you like trash. Like a mixture of Psycho Beach Party and Zero Patience. If you hate those ones, You'll hate this one as well. Well, I didn't :-)

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Total crap
canadianguy6212 February 2010
A total piece of s#@t! Save yourself two hours of your life and do something meaningful, like watch paint dry!

I really enjoyed the first one and was anxious to see the sequel. I cannot recall if I laughed once. I certainly squirmed a lot, groaned and shook my head.

I have often heard that it is difficult to get a move from script to the screen; too bad that adage did not hold true in this instance.

Ru Paul and Perez Hilton were absolutely awful! The worst of a bad lot (and that is say a great deal!). Brent Corrigan's butt was very nice to look at, but I can find that on-line, along with the rest of his naked body!

Seriously, save yourself and watch something else.
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Sort Of Disappointing Sequel To An Already Disappointing Sex Comedy.
filmfan218 July 2009
Ho-hum... Like the first movie,if they hadn't put in all the gross out scenes and its over-reliance on "guest star" cameos,as well as a tighter(no pun intended)story,this might have been a better movie instead the disappointing,muddled mess that it is.

Performances from OK(i kinda liked the guys who played Andy & Jarod and Jonah Blechman(?) is a stitch,as always)to the "WTF?".(Perez Hilton,anyone..HELLO!)

The storyline is all over the place,however Again,not a terrible movie but not a winner either.

Stick with the movies it parodies.
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Not as good as the first one!
Pip  29 December 2008
Okay. This one is much worst than the first one.

Of course they couldn't make it as good as the first one...but still..

The first thing that I disliked at first sight, was the actor change. I mean the title says it "the sequel", but of all the 4 boys, just one is the same. Although one of the new guys is similar to the previous, all the others are much different, and they are not so good. I mean it. They are terrible.

The story itself isn't that bad. But there's not that passion from the first one that would make you cry; side perhaps from the mermaid.

I really don't recommend this movie for the folks that saw the first one. It's really disappointing. It still has some funny stuff...but....
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A LITTLE better than the first but that's faint praise
preppy-320 September 2008
The four "lovable" gay guys from "Another Gay Movie" go to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. It seems there's a contest called "Gays Gone Wild" going on there--the object is to be the one to have the most sex partners. Andy (Jake Mosser) is all for it but then falls for handsome Luis (Euriamias Losada). Luis loves him...but won't have sex. Monogamous couple Griff (Aaron Michael Davies) and Jarod (Jimmy Clabots) decide to sleep around--but will their relationship survive? Nico (Jonah Blechman) falls in love with Stan the Merman (Brent Corrigan). Yeah it's stupid but the beach party movies of the 1960s had a mermaid so why not a merman? OK--I HATED the first one. I found it disgusting and horrendously unfunny...but I saw it at a preview and didn't know it was a gross out comedy. This time I KNEW what I was getting into. The humor is still disgusting (unless you find extreme sexual humiliation and bleeding funny) but I was able to deal with it. Still this isn't a GOOD movie by any means.

It's very colorful and the cast is rearing to go. They're all attractive and Clabots and Mosser have beautiful bodies. There's no frontal nudity of them though--just back. The acting is not bad. Mosser overacts dreadfully at first but calms down as the movie progresses and gives out a very affecting performance. Davies and Clabots portray a gay couple realistically and are quite good. Blechman annoys me (WAY too femme) but he was good. Corrigan (whose did gay porn) is quite handsome and charming as a merman. The movie also has a few serious and well-done moments with the guys discussing relationships. Also there are plenty of buff good-looking guys strolling around near naked throughout most of the film. Some great eye candy! However--there's one problem. It's really not that funny. I admit I laughed out loud a few times but not much. Also the gross-out humor is out in full force here--two sequences involving non-stop vomiting and Crazy Glue used as lube are just beyond sick. Also the script wanders all over the place--characters and scenes come up out of nowhere! To make it worse there are parodies of old horror movies thrown into the script seemingly at random. Now I LOVE horror movies and I got the parodies--but they're totally out of place in a gay comedy. My audience sat through them in dead silence.

So, aside from the color, a few good moments, some good acting and plenty of good-looking men this really isn't that good. I can honestly give this only a 2. Seriously--the guys are incredible but the movie is really a chore to sit through sometimes.
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Hit and Miss - But well worth a shot!
cadeland200225 June 2009
I didn't actually really like the first movie 'Another Gay Sequel' at all, and admit for the first 20 mins of this one I was wondering how on earth such a god-awful script made it to the point of actually shooting it as a movie! But I hung in there, and by the end I was a committed fan and own the DVD now.

It's definitely hit and miss with it's jokes, there are some quite lame jokes, some 'could have been so much better with a bit more planning' jokes and definite laugh out loud moments (The films campy villains - the 'Jaspers', Niko's 'Does He?............' with flickering eyes *not sure what film he's parodying but it's hilarious*, Rupaul's incessant product spruiking, Amanda Lapore's 'offer to use her ample bust for flotation devices during some turbulence, and even Perez Hilton provides some laughs as a militant anti gay campaigner (turned to the dark side after being knocked on the head whilst performing oral on a priest in an aeroplane toilet).

Then there are some sweet and touching moments (Niko's speech at the orgy at the end about his struggle to fit in, the love story between Andy and Luis the virgin, even Griff and Jarod's struggles as they explore a monogamous - then open - then back to monogamous relationship.) It's VERY cheap, VERY over the top and incredibly trashy. So leave your standards at the door and just enjoy 90 mins of mindless fun and campy silliness!
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Cheesy, clichéd and unfunny
Gordon-1121 June 2009
This film is about four guys having a crazy holiday in Florida, where they participate a race called "Gays Gone Wild".

The title of "Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!" is very cheesy, which is exactly what this film is about. There is plenty of cheap and dirty humour, with terribly clichéd characters doing terribly clichéd things. There is hardly any credibility in this film even having considered that it is a brain off comedy. Moreover, the "Gays Gone Wild" contest is basically promiscuity, which is grossly irresponsible to promote.

"Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!" is a disappointing comedy, and it is not really that funny either.
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Don't waste two hours of your life watching this drivel
Simon8 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
We loved the first movie (Another Gay Movie), and had read that Another Gay Sequel was 'not as good' and 'trashy'. "Fine," we thought. "So it won't be as good. Sign us up for another fun little gay romp-o-rama anyway."

What a stinking pile of manure this is. I'm having real difficulty believing that Todd Stephens actually had anything to do with this movie. It is not funny at all. In fact, it goes way over the line of the naughty fun of the first film into purely offensive bile. Seriously, this movie made me feel ashamed to be gay.

So the four boys go off to Fort Lauderdale to have as much sex as possible. Great, sounds like fun! Reality: gay men spreading STDs like it's nobody's business, off of their heads on the buzz of hedonism, having dreams about fisting zombies who go so far that hands break through flesh. It's really extremely unpleasant.

And completely unfunny! I mean, how can anybody actually laugh at this drivel? I wet myself with laughter whenever I watch the first movie. This sequel should come with subtitles, telling you when to laugh.

The constant shameless commercials throughout the film (gay porn websites, brands of lube, you get the picture) and the weird misplaced animation sequence of dancing genital crabs are the cherry on the top of just how hideous this film is.

Stephens should have stayed in bed the day he decided to write this film. Maybe he did. Really, don't waste two hours of your life watching this drivel.
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So many negative reviews, give it a chance...are you expecting 'Milk' from a title like this?
daniel1119160418 November 2016
This film is NOT supposed to be taken seriously, that's a given. It's a harmless bash at every gay stereotype you can imagine, it's camp, driven and funny.

Many moments in the film have that extreme cringe factor, but you have chosen to invest time in a movie titled 'Another Gay Movie: Gays Gone Wild' you can hardly expect subtleties like the camera veering off to record a fireplace while sexual activity is implied...

RuPaul and Lady Bunny bring classic drag comedy, while the main cast are easy on the eye and don't appall with their acting skills. The Cameos from Muffster and Nico's Mum are also welcomed with a wide grin.

I would say if you are bored and want to spend an hour and a half amused yet bemused, laughing but not really knowing what at and trying to guess the countless films this one parodies, go for it! Like I said it's harmless!
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Had me chuckling
Laakbaar9 August 2014
Yes, this is gay, silly, dumb, offensive, trashy and pornographic film making -- but I still ended up chuckling for most of the 90 minutes.

This one had decent eye candy, more than its predecessor. Although sexier and grosser, this one was probably not as good as the first one. The plot was unfocused. I'm not sure they should have returned with Jonah Blechman and Scott Thompson in the same roles because their shticks seemed less original the second time around. The sequel also seemed to have more ham and cheese.

This is the first film I've seen with a reverse bell curve on You're either gonna love this one or hate it. I think you should see it, but only if this kind of movie appeals to you. Personally, I wish the director would make more gay comedies. There is a certain coarse honesty and sophistication to these two films, despite it all. And there should be more gay comedies out there.
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Don't even think about it
mrfabulous10252 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie at best is unnecessary. I was hoping this would be similar to the first of this duo. The casting is unfortunate, the plot mindless and the art direction overdone and cheesy. Where the first comedy had some physical chemistry and a few funny jokes, this one has gimmicks (and tired and tragic ones they are). Nothing is original and everything is contrived. I thought The Men Next Door was a horrible movie but this is much worse. There are a number of Gay sacred cows in this movie like Lady Bunny, Colton Ford, Perez Hilton, and that twerp from the Eating Out movies. If this is all these cows are capable of beyond their other specialties, its time to let them start grazing in pastures far away from the mainstream. To say I was disappointed is a huge understatement. Every joke in this piece of crap misfired because of poor execution and being poorly written. I really don't know why Gay people put up with garbage like this just because it is a "Gay Film". Burning the negative and all prints of this film would help preserve the reputation of the first movie. Please don't let there be another one.
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