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A nice version
TheLittleSongbird16 June 2012
I do like Jetlag's output in general, they are cute, entertaining animations that may have limitations(some same, some different) but even at their worst they are watchable. As far as Jetlag animations go I do prefer Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Magic Gift of the Snowman and Heidi but found myself disappointed for example in Alice in Wonderland. But this Snow White is still a nice version. Though it does have a couple of debits, for example I never could stand the Prince, definitely the most embarrassingly ridiculous male heroic character of the Jetlag canon and his corny dialogue provides some unintentional humour. The animation is a mixed bag for me, the facial expressions are much better than in Alice in Wonderland and there are some vibrant moments, but there are also instances where the colours could be seen as too warm and occasionally perhaps a little crude. However, the story is closer to the fairytale than Disney's(which is one of my all time favourites and I do admit I prefer it), including all of the Queen's attempts to kill Snow White, and is very charming. There is some lovely messaging such as to do with love and dreams, and the songs are sweet and catchy, my favourites being A Little Bit of Magic. The dwarfs are adorable and zany, Snow White in a way is kinder and more sympathetic than Disney's and the Queen is beautiful and imposing, even scary in her three guises. The voice acting is solid enough. Overall, I like this version, not my favourite by all means but a worthy entry in an entertaining series of low-budget animations. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Relaxing Sunday movie
Gemma Vance29 May 2015
I use to adore this version of snow white whilst i was younger on video,so recently watched it again at an older age. It follows the same storyline of Disney's version of snow white, however has differences (such as the dwarfs names and the queen attempts to kill her in various, but child friendly,ways), therefore its not a complete copy of it. What i like about the movie is that its such a sweet film, so its perfect to watch as an easy going movie and only lasts 45 minutes so you don't become bored easily. Overall i like it, although it doesn't meet the standards of Disney's version, and i would watch it again. I would also say its perfect if your looking for a family movie to watch on a Sunday, or rainy day.
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Not Worth It
Critica 7 (hc-18804)5 September 2017
This isn't horrible as direct-to-video ripoffs go, but it's still a direct-to-video rip-off. As expected, it suffers from lackluster production values, a story that can't last a full hour, and one-note characters. If I were you, I'd skip this one. Just rent the Disney movie instead.
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darkghost340012 February 2016
This film is a solid adaptation of Snow White. The film is easily engaging and entertaining, with good organization. The best part of the film is easily the Evil Queen. She is properly terrifying, manipulative and entertaining. The staging of her excessive vanity was a nice touch, as was the thing of her disguises. The other characters in general, like Snow White and the seven dwarfs (whoops, an accidental title drop), worked well with the plot, although it is the Queen who steals the show. My only complaint was the prince. His attitude seems very contrived and his dialogs are very forced and hard to take seriously, with that exaggerated cheesiness.

The music is good, both the incidental score and the three notable ones. The voice acting is also good in general. My complaint is with the Huntsman, who sounded a bit overacted when he spared Snow. In animation, it is passable. Hardly a rival for Disney, but it allows the enjoyment of the show. The drawings do not look boring, flat or annoying at all, despite Jetlag Productions' limitations.

All in all, a very enjoyable version.
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