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Rarely has any film, let alone an animated one powered by the logic of dream and fantasy, been able to move so successfully -- and so effortlessly -- through so many different kinds of cinematic territory.
This is another masterwork from Pixar, which is leading the charge in modern animation.
A lovely, thoughtful, and yes, uplifting adventure.
Up is a breathtaking ride into the realm of pure imagination.
Easily the summer's, and probably the year's, most enchanting movie, Up is a buoyant delight.
The exhilarating film pays tribute to Buster Keaton's "The Balloonatic" by way of its slapstick, and to Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle" by way of its watercolor palette and traveling domicile.
The Hollywood Reporter
Winsome, touching and arguably the funniest Pixar effort ever, the gorgeously rendered, high-flying adventure is a tidy 90-minute distillation of all the signature touches that came before it.
Some of the comic inventions are inspired: Muntz has a pack of dogs equipped with electronic voice boxes, which means they're talking dogs, only they speak as if they've learned English from a poorly translated Berlitz guide.
Miami Herald
Rousing, exhilarating entertainment.
While their latest achievement can't quite one-up "WALL-E," it offers soaring highs that are bound to enchant viewers of any age.
Has some great movie moments but also boring stretches.
I'm still left, though, with an unshakable sense of Up being rushed and sketchy, a collection of lovely storyboards that coalesced incompletely or not at all.

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