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A powerful new documentary that addresses the issue of "hypocritical" male politicians.
The movie excoriates the hypocrisy of self-hating gay lawmakers (several of whom it outs), yet it also explores the burden of the public closet.
This film is a muckraking provocation whose time has come.
Outrage succeeds as activism, but it excels as a window into certain political psyches.
Despite its title, Outrage is calm, riveting, and provocative.
Miami Herald
Even in the 21st century, public discussions of homosexuality still make a lot of people awfully jittery. With passion and candor, Outrage argues that everyone needs to just get over it.
The Hollywood Reporter
Proves to be an engrossing and entertaining polemic that successfully walks a fine line between thoughtful debate and, well, juicy gossip.
The film's pretty good about saying why so much in the culture encourages a political life in the closet, either tacitly or directly. But even The Advocate had a problem with calling it a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy.
Some of the accusations feel more sordid than satisfying.
What is Dick's excuse for outing one cable news anchor but not a rival counterpart who is far better known? The anchor isn't antigay, but Dick likes the other network's politics better. Hypocrisy? Your call.
The average viewer will be satisfied with the product, even if the film offers hardly any new information. The doc buff will witness a film that can't surface above the steady nonfiction output at the art house.

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