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  • After taking promicin, an old lady named Audrey Parker develops the ability to astral project from her body. When she's murdered, her spirit tries to reach Tom and Diana to help them find her killer. Shawn decides to re-open the 4400 center and start healing again despite the government's warnings. Ben and Maia come to Seattle to visit Diana. Cassie leads Kyle to some interesting information.


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  • Audrey Parker, 74, lives alone in a nice house surrounded by memories from her youth. Although she's led an exciting life, Audrey feels unfulfilled. As a young woman she only cared about the superficial things life had to offer. Now, in the twilight of her life, Audrey finds herself missing the company of other people. The only person Audrey sees on a regular basis is her nurse, Hanna, who only comes in a few times a week to administer medication.

    We soon learn that Audrey took promicin and developed the ability to astral project. Audrey can send the projection (a younger version on herself) anywhere she wants. But no can see or hear her. Audrey uses the ability to follow the lives of complete strangers. To watch them experience all the things she missed out on.

    Audrey writes a regular blog about her experiences and posts it anonymously. However, promicin use is still a crime and the blog soon gets the attention of NTAC.

    Tom and Diana show up at the library where Audrey works. They traced the blog to one of the library's computers. But Audrey is able to hold off their suspicions.

    Tom and Diana soon discover the truth. But when they go to arrest Audrey they find her dead. The medical examiner thinks Audrey accidentally overdosed on her medication. But we soon learn that the astral projection of Audrey is still alive. And Audrey knows she didn't kill herself. She was murdered.

    Audrey discovers that she can communicate with Tom and Diana through different electronic devices. But every time she does, her projection fades a little bit. Audrey soon learns that she is going to fade away completely no matter what. So she doesn't have much time find her killer.

    Audrey eventually leads Tom and Diana to her murderer who turns out to be Lucas, Hanna's son. Lucas, without his mother's knowledge, gave Audrey an overdose so she wouldn't wake up while he was robbing her. His intention was never murder.

    In other events, Shawn enlists Heather Tobey to help him reopen the 4400 Center and his healing foundation. The government tries to shut Shawn down, but Tom helps his nephew keep the center open. And Meghan Doyle brings her father to Shawn to be healed.

    Meanwhile, Kyle, under Cassie's instruction, steals the book written by the white light cult. Cassie then tells Kyle to meet her at an intersection at 2AM. Kyle shows up only to witness a car accident. He rushes over to the overturned van to find Isabelle Tyler. She was being transferred to another prison.

    Meanwhile, Ben and Maia come to Seattle to visit Diana.

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